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Do You Think Unemployment Benefits Will Be Conditional - Ie Based on What a Person Does or How Do They Behave?

Unemployment benefits should be unconditional. We need to create incentives for all who are unable to find jobs and should not be based on how the person behaves. The criteria established for unemployment benefits all create a structure of income inequality among recipients.

The conditional aspect of unemployment benefits will assume self-interest as the motive rather than support welfare policies for poor citizens. The prime goal for unemployment benefit is increasing support and prevent social exclusion among the working-age population (IZA, 2018). The downsizing of employees in the labor market creates a definite impact on the unemployed population. The welfare distribution index creates a social affinity for deserving and gratefulness as conditionality in unemployment benefit conditionality. Conversely, unemployed funds it hard to earn deservingness hence government structure on the redistributive model will support the functional requirements of the population (Carriero, 2019). The conditionality on attitude, identity, and support create dilution on social solidarity. The impact of conduct as a cofounding relationship will create an inequality structure on identity the creation that put forward the notion of unemployability benefit for all.

The benefits of unconditional unemployment benefits placed in-country support in Nabia and Uganda creates incentive and strengthen the recipient's sense of autonomy and eliminate stigma effects (IZA, 2018). The labor supply and financial support improve occupational support in emerging countries. The income inequality will conceal ethnic diversity and foster unemployed youth as the racial divide will create opposition among citizens on welfare benefits. Unconditional income dispersion will curb negative attitudes and external factors such as ethnic composition in European countries' positive trend as healthcare arrangements in the UK (Carriero, 2019).

The arguments proposed and the recent success of the application of unconditionality and social inclusion and dispersion of income shows unemployment benefit should be conditional

Reference for Welfare Conditionality and Social Marginality

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Do You Think Welfare Should only Be Provided to People Who Are in Need? or Should Welfare Aim to Promote Emotional and Social Well Being

Welfare should aim to promote emotional and social well-being. It is to be addressed that the welfare system and distribution support need has changed. Support to different demographics by social security, providing community support will promote emotional and social well being. Distorted development manifested in poverty low health status. Creating welfare development schemes social wellbeing will uplift the local position in society. The adequate health system, the social system has developed human and social capital. The welfare aimed at the social web being will create economic upliftment as opposed to the social group, and ethnic composition for the poverty group. According to Fletcher (2018), the poor are dependent on welfare and attribute state engagements for societal isolation and entitlement for sanction. Welfare structured to bottom pyramid reflects the echoic prosperity and state development. The development of economic force will bridge the income inequality and social growth as opposed to welfare attributes to a particular group. Welfare aimed at the social well being provide support in business development and social progression by welfare fostered as incremental support as an enhancement to only economic growth (Arvacik, 2018).

 Social advancement, financial security are the stimulus for participation, financial security by job creation, and central aches for community engagement as an overall development process. A welfare state aimed at family benefits and personal service will improve the health and well-being of the state. Government measures and responsibility will strive for quality of life and enhance the fabric around the society (Arvacik, 2018). Developing an emotional program, redistribution forces for emotional well being will guard adverse social risk. 

A country with a multidimensional approach has created welfare in the state. Social integration, integration through wellness measures will activate service and prosperity among the vulnerable state. Development of human rights and large scale social need assessment as key projects should be welfare aim and development. An adequate health system, the social system has developed human and social capital that will consummate social security and emotional well-being as the primary aim. Social welfare and emotional well-being parallel will be collective action, the welfare aimed at social well being will create a development structure for social group and reform through child support, community engagement, and health infrastructure development. The above arguments effectively state that welfare should aim to promote emotional and social well being as opposed to welfare only to the needy. 

Reference for Welfare Conditionality and Social Marginality

Fletcher (2018). Welfare conditionality and social marginality: The folly of the tutelary state?. https://doi.org/10.1177/0261018317753088

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