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Why is studying Homeostasis so important?

Homeostasis is the tendency of an organism to modulate its internal body functions, even if the external environmental conditions vary. This process helps stabilize the internal body conditions and functions such as fluid balance, maintenance of pH of the body fluids, and maintenance of body temperature. One such example of Homeostasis is that our bodies don't get inflated like a balloon despite drinking tons of water.

Homeostasis is regarded as one of the most critical processes of the body since it helps predict the body's reaction towards a specific type of stress. For instance, if the outside temperature is extremely low, the body will maintain the temperature within the physiological range (36.1?-37.2?) by elevating the metabolic rate and inducing shivering. Thus, hemostasis is very important for modulating the body's equilibrium, and without it, our body will stop working altogether. 

University Prevalence for Homeostatic related courses:

Homeostasis is a unique field. The borders of this field are exceedingly vast and ill-defined. Owing to the importance of studying Homeostasis, several universities worldwide have included Homeostasis in their course structures. Some of the well-known universities that offer homeostasis-related courses are Maastricht University (Netherlands), University of Cambridge (England), University of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), and University of Saskatchewan (Canada). The University of Cambridge has a global ranking of 3, and it offers the Homeostasis course by the name HOM. The Maastricht University has a global ranking of 127, and it offers Homeostatic Principle Course. The global ranking of the University of Pittsburgh is 163, and it offers Body Fluid Homeostasis: Cardiovascular course. The global ranking of the University of Saskatchewan is 510, and it offers Human Physiology Reproduction Growth and Energy Homeostasis Course.

Critical elements of Homeostasis course:

Some of the critical elements of Homeostasis and related courses are as follows:

  1. To understand the human cellular organization, kidney functioning, skeletal and muscular functioning, cardiovascular functioning, gastrointestinal fluid description, and neuronal endocrine modulation.
  2. To develop an understanding of the primary principles of hemostasis that mediate an individual's overall health.
  3. To understand the basic experimental designs, experimental techniques, data analysis and interpretation techniques, and types of controls used in the experiments.
  4. To develop professional skills such as teamwork and time management skills while working on a scientific issue.

A Brief About Homeostasis

"Homeostasis" is derived from the Greek language, which means "staying stable or the same." Homeostasis encompasses the regulation of all those processes required for life-sustenance by adapting to dynamic environmental conditions. Hence, Homeostasis is regarded as a self-regulatory mechanism that helps in modulating a balanced, steady-state, and harmonic internal body condition. Homeostasis is not a static process. Instead, it is a dynamic process that alters the internal bodily conditions to counter harsh external conditions. It explains the intricate interaction among several feedback mechanisms under the control of higher control centers (mainly localized in the brain). These feedback and control mechanisms help maintain Homeostasis within a narrow range that further helps an organism adapt to the varying environmental conditions. In short, having a poor understanding of this concept may cause difficulty comprehending the bodily functions of health and diseases. Any disruption in the homeostatic mechanisms of the body results in disease development, and thereby, any medication or treatment would be effective if it is targeted to improve these physiological conditions.

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