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PHY2011 Case Study

Pharmacology is the study of medical science that helps understand the effects of drugs on the human body. As a student of Pharmacology at Australia University, you will study how a particular drug will target receptors in human tissues and many more. On the other hand, Physiology is a discipline of biology that helps understand living things like cells, tissues and organs in the whole body.

When students pursue these courses in Australia, especially Monash University, they have to study the Phy2011 code, which means Neuroscience of communication, sensory and control systems. Many times professors give you neuroscience case studies as a part of their assignment. Many don't know where they will collect authentic sources of information. Maybe some of you do not want to make an assignment/case study for various reasons. What will you do in that case? Relax! assignment help will guide you through your case study. We have already made thousands of medical-related case studies for many students in an Australian university. Now I will throw some light on the Phy2011 Case Study.

Experts of Neuroscience Case Studies Give an Overview on Phy2011

As discussed above, phy2011 is related to the Neuroscience of communication, sensory and control systems in Monash University. In this unit, we will study how our body cells communicate. We will study their slow and fast response how our body uses this system to understand this world through our senses and hormones and how they respond.

After this unit, we will understand the human body from a broader perspective. That's why it is difficult to prepare.Science assignment help need quality research authentic scientific information to make their point valid. It takes a lot of time to research and finds such information.

Topics you Must Cover in PHY2011 Case Study

In this journey, you will study cell structure, communication between cells, sensory system, etc. Let's have a quick discussion on every topic.

1. Cell Structure

Cells are in different shapes, types and sizes present in every living body. For an easy understanding. We will write the generalised cell. It includes all features of cell types. It consists of three parts:

  • Cell membrane

There are millions of cells in living bodies. A cell membrane encloses every cell in that particular body. We also call plasma membranes sometimes. It separates the outside material of the cell (Extracellular) from the inside material of the cell (intracellular). It also controls the movement of materials out and into the cell. The materials inside the cell must have access to the plasma membrane (cell membrane) to exchange information.

 The Cell membrane is made up of phospholipid molecules. It also contains proteins that provide structural support for passages of material. There are different types of a cell membranes in the body's different cells.

  • Nucleus and Nucleolus

We call the Nucleus the control centre of the cell because it contains the genetic material, which is the code for the functions of the cell. In biology, Nucleus is a large, membrane-bounded organelle that contains the genetic material in DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid). This genetic material is organised into a structure we call a chromosome. 

On the other hand, the Nucleolus is the area inside the cell nucleus containing ribosomal (RNA) and proteins. It is the area where ribosomes are made. It is a cell organelle that helps in linking amino acids to form proteins. Nucleolus also plays an important role in the transcription and processing of RNA.

  • Cytoplasm & cytoplasmic organelles

The cytoplasm is the liquid that fills the cells. This liquid is composed of water, salts, and various other molecules. In a funny term, cyto means cell and plasm mean stuff, so basically, it is cell-stuff. 

On the other hand, cytoplasmic organelles are the organs that are suspended in the cytoplasm. Each organelle has a specific role in the cells. Examples of cytoplasmic organelles are ribosomes, mitochondrion, lysosomes etc.

In Neuroscience case studies, we need to study these topics deeply.

2. Nerve organisation and its function

In the body, nerve organisation is the network of cells (Neurons) that coordinate and transmit information/signals to the different parts of the body. How they send this vital information:

  • Neurons send signals along with thin fibres called axons and communicate with other cells by releasing a special type of chemicals called neurotransmitters.
  • The human body's nervous system contains central and peripheral nervous systems.

This is the most important/basic part of the phy2011 case study.

3. Communication System

Here we study the knowledge that helps understand the fast and slow inter-cell communication systems. Once a signalling molecule of one particular cell is bound to the receptor of another cell, a signalling process happens. It is not complete. It would help if you studied research deeply, and it takes so much time to understand the biological process. 

4. Sensory Information 

Here, we study the system of touch, pain, hearing, vision taste that detect the world and how the brain reacts with that information.

5. Control and Response System

In control and response, we will study deeply our hormone systems and how our bodies react by the action of internal organs. Here the nervous system, neurons, hormones will work together.

PHY2011 Case Study Experts Share the Learning Outcomes of the Unit

As we discussed above, what are the topics of the phy2011 unit code? We have to show in our phy2011 case study what will be the learning outcomes after completing this unit:

  • After successful completion, you can collect, interpret, and analyse experimental data of biological data.
  • After completion, students can perform biomedical calculations used in the research.
  • Students can easily identify the structures of the sensory, muscular, nervous, and endocrine systems.
  • By applying the knowledge of Physiological systems, the student can determine how to respond to changes in physiological states like exercise or living in cold conditions.
  • Easy to explain how physiological systems function to communicate and analyse under normal conditions.

These are some areas you can mention in your Phy2011 case study. Yes, there is more, but for that, you need to research more deeply, and it will take a lot of time. In that case, you can take help from case study experts. I know a platform that will guide you through this.

Why Choose Online Assignment Expert for Help With Neuroscience Case Studies?

Case studies are hard to make, especially for students who do not have ideas regarding topics, do not want to research, and have less time to think and represent the idea. In Australia, there are a lot of international students as well. They do not have time to research so deeply because they do day/night jobs to afford their studies. If that is the case, you need case study help for sure.

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