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For our day to day life, pharmacology is very important. This is used widely in medical science. So it is very important that students are well aware of the value of drugs. Pharmacology defines the study of drugs and their use in medicine. The negative consequences of the drugs are not harmful to the individual as well for their families and friends. All across the world, with time number of drugs addicts are increasing tremendously at a faster rate. But on the other hand, if drugs have negative consequences, they also have various positive consequences. So due to this, a specified course is added to the University/College curriculum. During that, students got many assignments and projects. They had to show their knowledge of the subject to their professors so they could fetch good grades. But this subject is very difficult, to learn all the drugs, their composition, their pathway etc. students find themselves under stress sometimes. So if you are one of them, don't hesitate to connect with the BRD202 assignment expert. They are available to guide you along the way.

Assignments are like a nightmare for university students. They get stressed when they hear about the assignments and projects as a task from their professors. But they need to exhibit their best in that to score good grades. While writing assignments, students need to follow the guidelines given by their professors for proper completion. During the academic curriculum, the student assignments always carried a heavy weight. Assignments are introduced by the authorities to check the knowledge and skills of the students. Students constantly lookouts for Drugs in society assignment help, anyone who can guide them over the mistakes they need to avoid while writing academic assignments. BRD202 assignment expert provides proper guidance to the students along the way. Nowadays, the grades of the students also depend on the assignments. In the starting, it may just be a part of your curriculum, but your grades depend on it over time. Every student wants to excel in their class by gaining good grades. But lack of assistance creates extra pressure on the head of the students. If you are stuck with the assignment, you can take the Drugs in society assignment help if you are stuck with the assignment.

Factors Contributing to Addiction Genetics

Drugs in Society Assignment Help: An Overview

The course offered by Edith Cowan University in medical sciences contains a unit named Drugs in Society. In this Unit, students will study the basic concepts involved in the pharmacology of various drugs, including those constantly used or abused nowadays in society. Little biological knowledge is required to understand the general mechanism of the drugs because it is explained by the teachers in such a good way.

To understand the beneficial and harmful effects of the drugs, sufficient detail will be included in the course so the student can have that confidence in the Unit after the course completion. In this course, various main topics related to the drugs are involved, including the effects of the drugs on the nervous system and the drug metabolism. The study of drug addiction will be the most critical aspect of the course. This will focus on the psychology and current use of illicit drugs and the genetic basis of drug dependence. To enhance the supporting performance, lectures will also encompass the current use of the drugs.

BRD202 Assignment Expert Explain the Learning Outcomes

  • Students will elaborate on the principles of drug action and drug metabolism.
  • They will be able to explain the benefits and dangers of the drugs and their psychological effects.
  • Capable of identifying the common over the counter drugs and illegal drugs, can efficiently explain their physiological effects.
  • In sports, they can explain the use and abuse of drugs.
  • Capable of understanding genetic differences that affect the ability of the individuals to metabolize the drugs.

Some of the Interventions Taken to Reduce the Drug Abuse

  • Syringes and needle programs This program is more associated with harm reduction strategies than strategies and interventions. This is one of the defining practices of harm reduction, often called syringe exchange, distributing the equipment for injecting drugs. Please don't go with the name of the program. It does not mean that it only provides syringes and needles. It goes beyond that. Disposable liquid bags, tiny glasses for blending medications, cotton for purifying the liquid, tourniquets for locating veins, skin cleansing wipes, and wound dressing are all essential components that come with the rig that is implanted in your arm. Kits to minimize the hazards of snorting cocaine or methamphetamine, as well as inhaling powdery drugs, are frequently supplied. At the same time, 50% of syringe exchange ensures that users have the supplies they require to be secured, the other half, and as vital, is providing safer training, infection testing, counselling, and therapeutic connections (Healthline, 2017).
  • Motivational Interviewing This is considered a directive method for improving the intrinsic motivation to change by resolving and exploring ambivalence. Overcoming a drug use problem requires a great deal of motivation. Therapies can help those who are struggling with abuse. At the end of the day, it is up to individuals to make adjustments and persevere in their struggle for recovery. Motivational interviewing is a team approach developed to assist persons with substance abuse problems in overcoming their fear of stopping alcohol and other drugs and achieving long-term recovery. If someone has tried and failed to get assistance for a drug use issue, or if the person is not sure and they want to quit, a MI intervention may be the best option for them (Strike and Watson, 2019).
  • Other replacement therapies and methadone This is considered a replacement therapy for opioids, one of the most researched and widely used therapy. The people who use heroin or other opiates control their lives. This one is used as part of the treatment for them. Methadone is just like a synthetic opioid, and it has the capability to provide a more controllable form of addiction by substituting heroin and other opioids. This synthetic opioid is termed an agonist, which is a compound that produces a complete pharmacological response by binding to a receptor within the nervous system (Strike and Watson, 2019).
  • Consumption places that are supervised Supervised intake locations have emerged as one of the most effective harm reduction approaches for fighting the overdose issue. If anybody begins to exhibit indications of an overdose, people have been trained to administer naloxone can save a life and intervene quickly (Healthline, 2017).

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