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Equal Opportunities Case Study

The world of equal opportunity and employment is a dream which is yet to be achieved. Organizations worldwide are always under scrutiny for policies and legislation promoting equal opportunities and employment. For students studying in Australia and other western countries, the effective implementation of equal opportunities is a critical social issue that demands intensive research approaches. In this blog, an attempt will be made to familiarize students with equal opportunities case studies, in this context, in Australia.

About Australian legislations, the prohibition of discrimination on sex, pregnancy, marital status and sexual harassment has made it beneficial for the country to prosper (Burgess et al., 2005). When it comes to equal employment, Strachan et al. (2007) have argued that measures that promote women's employment opportunities help businesses be profitable. Further, industries and organizations have been held accountable to promote gender equity. A big contributor to this is the effective and stringent legislative policies that have been adopted since 1975. Moreover, international movements like United Nations and International Labor Organizations Conventions gave birth to a period of legislative change which redressed systemic discrimination of women in the workplace (Lake, 1999).

Students studying in Australia need to understand the historical grounding of equal employment, which made this country one of the most egalitarian societies. To gain a deeper understanding of this context, following equal opportunity case study services is advised. Our team comprises experts who have been following equal employment opportunity case study services for students across the world. With our dedicated services, you can access thousands of case study help schemes and browse through any form of academic help.

What are the Crucial Elements of an equal opportunity case study?

Organizational and institutional case studies are imperative to recognize the implications of the state on its people. Kraus (2003) has further stated that legislative intentions, societal frameworks and state negotiations in equal opportunities reflect and formulate the basis of an equal community. While writing an equal opportunity case study, some crucial elements to keep in mind are:-

Stating the Purpose – It is necessary to mention the purpose of the study in paradigms of societal, political, economical and historical lenses. Greener et al. (2013) stated that equal employment and opportunity must be reviewed concerning pay equity, non-discrimination of genders, affirmative action, and equal opportunity, including work and family policies and managing diversity approaches. These approaches must be further analyzed under changing labour conditions and social trends.

Literature Review - An impressionable case study requires in-depth knowledge about its pre-existing knowledge. The established studies and relevant cases similar to the patient’s issues must correspond as empirical knowledge. This can be further enhanced through supplementary and additional primary and secondary sources. The importance of a literature review in any case study implies the student’s mastery in that inquiry.

Findings – The information collected from organizations and industries must be compared and contrasted with the range of policies from which they had originally emerged concerning outcomes for women in the workplace.

Practical implications – In this section, it is important to recognize similar patterns of approaches, which is common in other places. While this paper deals with Australia, the diversity of approaches is common to other Western countries. As organizations choose among various approaches in implementing equal opportunity programs, the outcomes for women will vary.

Originality/value – The end of the case study must contain a hypothesis that it can prove/disprove. Further, additional practical measures should be mentioned in case of any deviance in equal employment legislative policies.

The elements mentioned above are crucial to your case study and, more importantly, your presentation. For students who feel that writing in-depth and well-researched case studies requires dedicated work and cannot cope with the workload, case study help services provide expert academic guidance for all your queries.

Equal Employment Opportunities Act 1987

What were the various policy approaches to equal employment?

In the case of Australia, Herwitz (2004) presented a chronological overview of policy approaches that were imperative for equal opportunity/employment. Australia's neo-liberal approach post-1990s and the global 'free-market' prioritized individualistic needs and demands in the workforce. In contrast, there have been sharp disagreements with these claims. Hancook (2006) later argued that in procuring 'ideal business models', the state deviated from its role of encouraging anti-discrimination policies by promoting an 'individual, organizational approach'. However, the claims of Hancook can be considered as both the Australian state and industries created several legislations and policies on equal employment. Some of these legislative changes include:-

  1. Equal Pay - Initiated by trade movements, the equal pay phenomenon gained popularity after the second world war. Through intensive movements led by women working in factory outlets, the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) was one of the first organizations to push for equal pay (Henry, 2007). This generated several legislative acts that started the equal employment movement.
  2. Anti-discrimination legislation - The Australian Sex Discrimination Act 1984 made it unlawful to discriminate on sex, marital status or pregnancy and prohibits sexual harassment. This legislation enhanced the equal community atmosphere, which gradually extended to work and family spheres.
  3. Equal employment opportunity legislation - The Affirmative Action (Equal Opportunity for Women) Act 1986 was the principal law in this area which later transcended to the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Act 1999 (EOWW Act). The overall goals of the two acts were similar in some way: to promote the principle that employment for women should be dealt with based on merit, to promote the elimination of discrimination and provision of equal opportunity for women, and to foster workplace consultation between employers and employees on these issues (EOWW Act Section 2A).

Thus, it can be said that the process of equal employment in Australia was a long and continuously evolving one. Students can further take the guidance of our expert equal opportunities case study services to familiarize themselves in detail about this topic. Our case study help services provide quality research, and we also follow academic guidelines to help students in the best possible way.

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Equal Employment Opportunity Case Study

Equal Employment Opportunity Case Study Legal

Equal Employment Opportunity Case Study References

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