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Social Science Assignment Sample

'There is only one social science, and we are its practitioners.'- George Stigler.

The study of social science aims to describe, explain and predict social events based on established scientific evidence. Breits (2017) claims that social science is a constructivist project drawn from multitudes of inquires like psychology, philosophy, economics, education, and other fields to elucidate the outcomes of social phenomena collectively. Social work theories help social workers and analysts to understand social events, create interventions, predict the results and evaluate outcomes. Moreover, Claire (2019) states the importance of this theory as a continuously evolving process that occurs over imagined notions of space and time. The new evidence produced in this process is inevitably produced with the changing time. Anderson et al. (2019) have further highlighted the importance of social work theory in reminding social workers to eliminate personal assumptions through pre-conceived beliefs. They further encourage social workers to apply evidence-based theories to investigate issues that drive their practice forwards.

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What are the Important Social Science Theories?

Over the years, social work theories have evolved and changed with contemporary cultural, social, and political contexts. Applying certain relevant social science theories towards addressing fundamental social issues can be studied and interpreted at hand (Somers, 2013). However, a journal by Cambridge Report claims that conceived knowledge of multiple theories and their usage can be holistically applied to design multifaceted interventions.

Below are some important social science theories, which include some of the most widely referenced theories used in social work:

  1. Social learning theory- Developed by psychologist Albert Bandura, this theory states that learning occurs by observing others and modelling their behaviour. The individual pays close attention to an experience/situation where the behaviour can be repeated and must be motivated to repeat the behaviour.
  2. Systems theory proposes that people are products of complex systems and are intertwined with established conditions rather than individuals that act in isolation. It further illustrates that behaviour is influenced by various cause-effects that work together as a system. The factors comprise family, friends, social settings, religious structure, economic class and home environment, influencing how individuals act and think. This theory treats eating disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, school trauma and risky behaviour.
  3. Psychosocial development theory- Introduced by German psychoanalyst Erik Erikson, he propounded that personality developed in stages. Further, he created an eight-stage theory of psychosocial development which people pass through in life:

          - Trust versus mistrust

          - Autonomy versus shame and doubt

          - Initiative versus guilt

          - Industry versus inferiority

          - Identity versus confusion

          - Intimacy versus isolation

          - Generativity versus stagnation

          - Integrity versus despair

This theory can influence social workers to understand better the challenges their clients are experiencing during certain stages of psychosocial development.

  1. Psychodynamic theory- Introduced by the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, proposed that humans are biologically driven to seek gratification. It states that people develop processes outside of conscious awareness, origins in childhood experiences. It influences everyday behaviour, leading to sinful actions like aggression, sex and self-preservation. In social work processes, psychodynamic theory can help towards explaining the internal processes that individuals utilize to guide their behaviour. It distinguishes conscious from unconscious actions, which play a major role in influencing client behaviour.
  2. Social exchange theory- This theory originated with Austrian sociologist George Homans. It states that relationships are based on cost-benefit analysis where each individual seeks to maximize their benefits and expects to reciprocate the benefits they have received. It claims the importance of possessing a greater personal resource base to have greater power over the other.
  3. Rational choice theory – This phenomenon helps explain why people make their choices, with people weighing their risks, costs, and benefits. It establishes that all choices are rational because people calculate costs and benefits before making any decision.

Social Action Theory

What are the Important Practice Models in Social Work?

Practice models are evidence-based theories that are put into practice. Social workers are responsible for applying these models to guide their interventions. Some of the important practice models are:

  1. Cognitive-behavioural therapy
  2. Crisis intervention model
  3. Narrative therapy
  4. Problem-solving model
  5. Solution-focused therapy
  6. Task-centred practice

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Social Science Assignment

Social Science Assignments

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