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Healthcare Data for Decision-Making - Question 1

a. Use row percentage to describe the relationship between breastfeeding status and gender and write 3-4 sentences summarising your findings including public health implications of the findings with one recommendation. (4 marks)

The relationship between breastfeeding and gender is equally proportional in that the rate of boy and girl child to breast feeding is slightly different and is not easy to identify. Bottle feeding is found to be more in both genders than any other form of breastfeeding. I would like to recommend that the best form of breastfeeding is exclusive where children will bond with their mothers and will have boosted immunity.

b. Use appropriate statistics, to describe measures and variability of the distributions of mother’s age in years, child’s age in months and body mass index (bmi) – write the answer in your own words) (2 marks)

From the data collected, it is appropriate to describe the distribution of mother’s years and child’s age and body mass index as not balanced as we can see a mother of 19 years with a BMI of 38 suggesting obesity at a younger age compared to elderly mothers.

c. Use scatterplot to describe the relationship between mother’s age in years and bmi and report your correlation coefficient (r ) (2 marks)

the correlation coefficient r is found to be 1 as if there is any positive increase in either of the variables be it mother’s age or the BMI, it will also cause and increase in the other variable as best illustrated by the diagram below.

d. Use pie chart to describe the proportion of marital status among breastfeeding mothers. (1 marks).

Healthcare Data for Decision-Making - Question 2

i) Crude death rate in each population

Total resident deaths *100000

Total population

Population A

(45/5000)*100000 = 900

For population A, the crude death rate is 900

Population B

(29/5000) * 100000 = 580

For population B the crude death rate is 580

ii) Age specific death rate for each population

Population A

Less than 15 years

(3/1500) * 100000 = 200

15-44 years

(12/2000) * 100000 = 600

Greater or equal to 45years

(30/1500) * 100000 = 2000

Population B

Less than 15 years

(4/2000) * 100000 = 200

15-44 years

(15/2500) * 100000 = 600

Greater or equal to 45years

(10/500) * 100000 = 2000

iii) There is difference in crude death rate even though the age adjusted rates are identical due to the fact that the populations are from different geographical area and there are factors that can lead to these differences including environmental factors. Climate is one of the many examples of environmental factors that can influence the life expectancy of a specify population.

Healthcare Data for Decision-Making - Question 3

i) There is a difference in the EBF rates in the ECOWAS countries in west Africa and this can be best explained by the lack of information, a study conducted regarding the EBF rates showed that most of the reduced EBF rates are seen mostly in mothers who lack secondary education and those who have less than 2 or no antenatal visits.

ii) Educating the masses. This is the most effective measure recommended to those countries with very low rates of EBF in order to increase their rates within five years. Information is the key to this issue in that mothers will be able to know what is best for their children and what is required for them to ensure this.

Reference for Healthcare Data for Decision-Making

Agho, K.E., Ezeh, O.K., Ghimire, P.R., Uchechukwu, O.L., Stevens, G.J., Tannous, W.K., Fleming, C., Ogbo, F.A. and on behalf of GLOMACH. 2019. Exclusive Breastfeeding Rates and Associated Factors in 13 “Economic Community of West African States” (ECOWAS) Countries. Nutrients, 11(12), p.3007.

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