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Screen Technology and How It Effects the Brain

Since the advances in technology, individuals’ dependence on-screen technologies have become so widespread that it has infested many facets of life, such as schooling and entertainment. There have been numerous arguments between the scholars, as there are some who say that there is a positive effect of the screen technology on cognitive ability, while many other scholars have refuted this idea. Neuroplasticity is the idea that the brain is adaptable and thus adapts to its environmental settings and experiences even after having an illness, injuries, or after becoming old (Doidge 2010). The brain can restructure itself by creating new neuronal connections throughout one's life. Neuroplasticity helps neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to brace for damage and illness and to modify their functions in reaction to different circumstances or variations in their environmental settings (Greenfield, 2020). This article would discuss the positive and negative impact of screen technologies on cognitive development.

At first, the beneficial impact of screen technologies on cognitive function and Brain Plasticity will be looked upon. Cognitive function is the mechanism that includes neural impulses, and Video gaming has been argued to be a method of enhancing it. It is claimed that computer and video games are very helpful if one wishes to improve cognitive growth irrespective of the age of the people in the society. Thus, it is one of the several beneficial outcomes of screen technologies. Cognitive function is attributed to how the brain enhances the capacity to perceive, learn, and comprehend items.

It is seen as the growth of expertise, acquiring information, and the capacity to resolve issues. The video game enhances brain plasticity as the neuronal simulator is improved while playing (Anguera et al. 2013). This also implies that video games assist with the growth and evaluation of cognitive skills during an individual's lifespan. Older people tend to forget items, but with the aid of screen technologies, they can properly monitor their cognitive ability. That is because video games make it easier for older minds to become more flexible and help them in properly understanding and communicating with the dynamic world surrounding them in a comprehensible manner.

While it is known that the overwhelming number of citizens in the modern world are utilizing mobile processing devices, it is not given the importance of being significant in their life. In the evolved time of equipment and interchange, people of all ages in their regular lives go through various forms of contraption in the forms of machines. One important aspect made possible by on-screen technology is multitasking which has been improved by gaming (Abbott 2013). To make that happen, brain functions are increased. It is important to understand the result and to make the best of the tests for obtaining a superior way of life. Many businesses have found that motivating their workers to be interested in video games is very helpful when the customers of software are included. It, therefore, allows them to broaden their minds to the potential to perform several activities i.e. multitasking. The training that they are obtaining should be incorporated into the everyday quality of their lives.

Screen Technologies have also been found to have negative impacts on the cognitive performance of the people. One of the adverse consequences of screen technology is the rewiring of the brain. The brain gets damaged more from people who are more interested in mobile technologies than from the younger ones (Carr 2010). An example of the impact of utilizing hypertext is one of the several adverse results induced by the growth in the use of screen technology. This influences the cognitive growth of individuals. The creative minds of the people are yet to adapt completely to the innovations of the 21st century. For example, approved medications such as Ritalin and Prozac are considered to be helpful, while others such as cocaine and heroin are considered illegal and malicious substances.

Devices using screen technology and prescription medicines both influence the micro-cellular composition and intricate organic anatomy in human brains. They also influence the attributes, behavior, and character of the individuals. To put it simply, the modern environment has been able to suit human existence. Brain function is influenced in such a manner that people are continually engaged and are actively utilizing screen technologies. The harm is observed when choices have to be made and different challenges have to be adjusted because people are not able to communicate with others.

The theory of brain plasticity is mostly about proving that the brain is an organ that will evolve in form and work effectively. Understanding this renders it different from robots and computers. Such revolutionary discovery, termed neuroplasticity, appears to be the most important progressive move in neuroscience as scholars have historically depicted the cerebrum's vital survival processes, which aims to reverse the hundred-year-old thinking that the brain is rigid and permanent. Neuro-plasticity is not only an option for those with mental restraint, or what was considered to be severe neurological damage, but it expands the knowledge of the people for having a better understanding about the brain and the versatility of human nature.

It was believed that the brain was excessively developed to its advantage. And while developing, it turned out to be so mind-boggling that it lacked the potential to repair itself and regain damaged power for rescuing itself (Doidge 2010). That is not correct because people are as they are, and their very sophistication may be a source of extraordinary repair. Screen technology has been influential in ensuring that cognitive growth is reflected in the development of the brain's abilities.

It can be concluded that various scientific work has been done and is focused on cognitive growth. It includes the means of acquiring information, expertise, and the ability for solving problems. It is important to learn the impact of Screen technologies on cognitive growth. This aims to explain the positive and negative effects of Screen technology on cognitive function, which further explores the idea of brain plasticity and cognitive growth concerning the use of screen technology.


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