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Design Thinking


International business machines (IBM).

Mass Mutual..




Design thinking is a process that gives practical and useful solutions or ideas to improve the results for the future. By implementing design thinking, it opens a way for the successful business. Design thinking includes imagination but a clear thought and creativity. It is a skill, through which a person can increase the knowledge of their judgment (Hegeman 2008). Data collection and analysis has been used to understand the diverse culture in the form of notes, group talks, discussions, interviews, presentations, video, and audio conferencing, etc. The main goal of design thinking is to rephrase the problem and to solve it by executing various goals. Human-centered design is a part of design processes. It is an important factor to introduce business models in Start-up processes (Wirtz 2011).

The design which is consolidated by human principles gives a strategic thought to the process, strong practical observations help you the process to execute uninterrupted, field studies could be the best option to start with, humans are not machines and mistake can be committed to the involvement of quality process to rectify the error or the approach that how it could have been prevented and the same can be addressed (Lindblom 1959; Linblom 1979). In-depth issues of people, lack of understanding and the complex structure can be eased by an understanding of the utilization of available technology, the hardcore, and toxic work structure and culture harden the issues, Improper training or interruption in making the technology available to the people but the transition amongst them heads towards continual interruptions.

The present mechanism is highly people-centric and technologies are undoubtedly build to reduce human effort and ease the process and hence the operating devices are technology-centered, and the people are only asked to fill the part, robotic work is another example where people are only needed to fill the part, take a note of all the people who are involved in the process and the means of technology is to make things easier for the people who are answerable to many, the work of the development of the artificial intelligence is another example of technology that it is people-centered (Easterly 2013). Automobile industry could be the best example where the cars or the vehicles are designed by the ease of the driver that any average trained person can drive depending on the driving requirement adequate training can be pass on, here no just the one who drives but even the other member who don’t drive but can feel the essence, engine mechanism is designed keeping the technician, electrician, spare part seller and all the other parts who help to let the model sustain and functionality of the vehicle to keep going, expert technicians are always needed who can understand the issue and resolve it and not butter up.

Human-centered design is a part of the design process. It is an important factor to introduce the business models in startup processes (Wirtz 2011). Design thinking has transformed the business by generating new ideas and solutions. We will understand some of the examples where design thinking methodology was implemented successfully.

International Business Machines (IBM)

IBM Design thinking is a form of an innovative lab through which the company gets a detailed version of ideas and solutions that can help to create better business opportunities. For example, 30 studio spaces have been executed by IBM for the team of people who can work for design-thinking and generate various ideas. The principle of International Business Machine’s design thinking is to measure success and stay connected. It played a central role in IBM’s Blue Mix project. IBM Blue mix which was rebranded and renamed as IBM cloud in 2017 is a cloud platform developed by IBM, which supports several programming languages to take the business and the success of IBM to the next level (IBM 2018).

Mass Mutual

The insurance mass mutual works in the life insurance sector especially for young adults. As per the design of action, it ties up with design firm IDEO to create a program to convince people under 40 to purchase Life insurance. This design thinking program also called the “Society of grownups”. It also works online to provide classes with digital and financial investment (Design thinking case study 2020).


It offers the most effective design thinking model to create power within the enterprise. It introduced design thinking to create innovative opportunities for the employees which can work for problem-solving. It has around 170,000 employees and to motivate and empower everyone many client workshops have been introduced for them. It is revealed that by implementing this design thinking, Infosys trained 36,000 employees and 500 executives on design thinking models and principles (Limited 2020).

Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovative ideas that can integrate and judge the needs of people and their possibility to grow with technology which can lead to better success of Business (Brown 2008). A designer can use design thinking methodology to design and transforms the ideas and ways by which the products, services, and strategy of the organization implemented. Through this approach, it can be seen that human talent and technology can work simultaneously to provide consumers with a better world and economically cheap services. Creative tools can help new designers to overcome certain challenges and barriers to apply design thinking methodology within the organization. The five steps of the Design model are described below:

  1. Empathy- The first step to introduce a successful design thinking process is empathy. To provide better services to customers, it is very important to discover what they want. What are their expectations in the product available in the market? In this face, it is very important to understand and observe customer's thoughts by taking reviews, online forms, what are their reviews and thoughts for the available market products. To understand the needs of the customer is the first step to acquire according to the design thinking model.
  2. Problem-solving- The second stage of the design thinking process is problem-solving wherein it is very important to discover all the problems of the customers and to provide them with the solutions. For that, it is very important to make a chart of the common problems between the customers. It means there is some issue going on with the products. They should observe what is common in them. As problem-solving is an important part of the brand making it is also important to overcome and to minimize the challenges and the problems faced by the customers and to provide them comfortable and easy solutions. It is very important to communicate with the user as communication will make them understand that they are valuable for the company and the company is always there to help them. Problem statement and solving is the major role to have success you cannot gain new customers by losing the old ones.
  3. Creation - The third stage is all about generating new and creative ideas. You already know what problem the customer is facing, so now this is the time to give them the solutions. Here, the company have to think outside the box to provide possible solutions to the customers. Here, by resolving the queries and providing solutions you can create new prototypes for the customers.
  4. Prototype- In this stage of the Design thinking methodology, it is the time to convert the ideas into prototypes. It is a type of a paper model or digital representation. This is a crucial stage that allows you to collect all the possible feedback before you develop or reconstruct your product.
  5. Test- The fifth step is dedicated to the testing of the product. During this phase, you’ll observe many users who can be targeted users, representative users, or users active in interacting. After testing you can go ahead and make the necessary changes. Design thinking is a new strategic factor implement by companies in recent years and evolving since the 1960s.

Conclusion on Business Model Management

Design thinking relies and depends on the human ability to recognize the factors or patterns to generate new innovative and creative ideas. It is the form with a positive approach to help the organization as well as the customers. It is not only helpful for the organization but works as a problem-solving tool for the customers as well. Many companies are implementing research design methodology within the company to generate their business while having customer satisfaction simultaneously.

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