HC3031 Trends in Global Business Environment Assignment Answers

HC3031 Trends in Global Business Environment Assignment Answers
September 29, 2020

HC3031 Trends in Global Business Environment Assignment Answers

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Be it a topic as that of the importance of organisational structure for the growth of the company or business process automation or leaders in the contemporary organisation, our subject matter experts of this subject are well-versed with all the topics that come under HC3031 assessment. This is the major reason that they can help you out quite well by offering perfect HC3031 Trends in Global Business Environment Assignment Sample. In this blog, I have discussed some of the major topics that are mostly asked in this particular assessment. So, let’s begin.

How Important Is An Organisational Structure For A Company To Prosper?

An organisational structure is very vital in a company to let the working go smoothly and more effortlessly. With effective and practical organisation structure in place, the day-to-day workings get the smooth sail. Below are some of the added benefits of having a superb organisational structure for a company to prosper and climb the ladder of success. Check out:

  • An organisational structure helps in enhancing communiqué

The first and foremost pros of having effective organisational structure help in providing seamless communication. In addition to this, inter-departmental communication occurs without lag. Moreover, when the employees at the lower level get the feeling of being heard, they get motivated and also contribute more. 

  • Organisational structure helps in employing improved and quicker decision making

There is no denying the fact that improved and enhanced communication helps in offering a clearer and quicker decision making. Huge information is needed when the management of a company needs to make some significant decisions. Therefore, it can easily happen if in case the company is boasted of an uninterrupted flow of communication across the varied hierarchy present in the organisation. 

  • Better Customer Service

Last but not least, once an effective organisational structure is employed, employees are more productive and hence, there will be better customer service given. 

What is business process automation (BPA)?

Business process automation, or also known as BPA, is a procedure that helps in automating the day-to-day time taking processes with the help of software technologies. Business Process Automation helps in freeing the human resources so that they can be delegated the tasks which need more human engagement, increasing the efficiency of that resource. To get this clear, a simple example of the same can be an online portal which registers the attendance of the employees of an organisation as well as their leaves. Imagine how much time consuming it would be if attendance or leaves are recorded manually, especially a firm where there is an array of employees. By automating the same process would result in minimising the pressure on the human resource team of the company. 

What are the benefits of Business Process Automation?

Below are the five major benefits of business process automation:

  •  Helps in allocating jobs in a better manner

Getting business process automation in a company helps in allocating jobs in a better and organised manner. It actually helps in freeing up the human resource on doing tasks repeatedly and/or tasks that don’t need much human intervention. In addition to this, BPA also helps in permitting your resources to concentrate more on innovation and creative tasks.

  • Helps in reducing the cost

Of course, it is common sense that once BPA is deployed in an organisation, it means that more people will be available for other resourceful tasks. It is also to be noticed that this helps in getting the same level of output, reducing human resources, thereby reducing the cost as well.

  • Helps in minimising the error caused by humans

Sometimes it becomes difficult to get rid of human errors no matter how proficient your team is. So, after employing automation, it helps in minimising the probabilities of mistakes in the business procedure.

  • A superb way of teamwork

It often turns out to be pretty much difficult to monitor each and every team member for an apt flow of information. If in case the procedures are automated, keeping track of the project process, updating the different teams, setting goals and deadlines become a lot easier.

  • Profounder understandings into the business procedures

By computationally handling the information of a company, one can assess and dig deeper into the data. Systematizing the procedures of a business, therefore, helps in offering a way to gain deeper insights into varied factors of the organisation. 

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