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Decision Making

Decision making is a concept used by various households in the society to make certain choices and paths, to understand and comprehend judgments, and lastly to arrive at outcomes that ascertain the behavior and attitudes. It is a skill that requires a lot of effort and utmost dedication towards it (Family Jrank, 2020). In families, it acts as a way of communicating with each other of sharing thoughts, ideas, views, etc.

In small household units and middle-class families, it is generally seen that the power of decision making for the entire family resides in the hands of the elderly. However, in this modern contemporary era of technology children are also playing a huge part in the decision-making process. It was found in an examination that there exists a nexus between saw level of youngster's contribution in purchasing dynamic and some chose segment, socio-social and monetary elements (Philomena, 2015). Likewise, where people still have orthodox ideas going on the males of the house take upon the decisions for the whole family, and females do not play a part in it (Kim, Gutter and Spangler, 2017). This also depicts the patriarchal structure and male chauvinist society that everyone lives in. 

Sometimes the decisions are taken in the families on a democratic basis by knowing the opinions and views of each and every family member. For example, deciding to go to which place for a vacation. While at other times it is taken with respect of authority (Robert and Kay, 2016). This happens mostly in the case of parents on to their children. For instance, deciding on the school where their child will go for education.

In our culture, it is very often taken by our elders, including parents, grandparents, and other elderly people in the family. But the decision-making process is not rigid and it is in these recent times are dynamic and quite flexible. Even if it is taken by our elderly in our culture, we have a voice of our own to express our views and opinions. In this modern technological society, the law gives every person a right to speak and people in these are broad-minded and they take into account the other person’s views and thoughts.

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