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NSG3102 Family Centred Care Assignment Solution

NSG3102 Family Centred Care Assignment Solution
August 13, 2020

NSG3102 Family Centred Care Assignment Solution

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Nursing assignments can be nerve-wracking if you are assigned with topics concerned to family-centred care. Family-centred care assignments require in-depth knowledge of decision-making and care planning for patients’ well-being. Along with this, you should follow the right approach and university guidelines to prepare a wonderful and errorless NSG3102 Family Centred Care Assignment Solution.

Taking nursing assignment help provides a chance to get assisted by subject-matter experts who are highly-qualified and experienced in writing NSG3102 assessment. Therefore, if you are stuck and find yourself in such a situation, then avail help from Online Assignment Expert to get NSG3102: Family Centred Care assignment solution.

Perquisites for NSG3102 Nursing Assessment

Writing NSG3102 nursing assessment is a case study based assignment. In this assessment, you are required to answer a few questions that are described below.

NSG3102 nursing assessment question

In order to provide NSG3102 Assessment Answer for the above questions, it is necessary to refer to Joel case study. Mr. Joel is an eight years old boy who is diagnosed with neuroblastoma and he has been hospitalized for treatment several times because of his complex condition. More details related to Joel are explained below in the below-given case study sample.

NSG3102 nursing case study assessment answer

As per the nursing assignment help experts, you are asked to prepare a 2000-words essay. In 2000 words essay, you must answer the questions clearly.

Skills that can help in Writing NSG3102 Family Centred Care Assignment Solution

Writing NSG3102 Family Centred Care assignment solutions for an Australian university cannot be easy for many students. Thus, online assignment experts have explained a few necessary skills that can help you in completing the task on time.

  • Develop a care plan for a patient (Joel) based on the assessments issues and problems. Determine the admission process and proper culture, age, mental state and physical ability.
  • List and manage workload to make sure that the client care is performed timely.
  • Find out the dilemmas and ethical issues within the real and simulated clinical environment.
  • Apply these ethical principles and theories by using appropriate ethical reasoning methods.
  • Able to determine the nurses’ legal responsibilities in both the real and simulated client-care situations.
  • Formulate and apply approaches to basic nursing care and client assessment.

Basic Knowledge Required for NSG3102 Assessment Answer

As per our nursing assignment help professionals, writing NSG3102 assessment answers need knowledge of following terms such as Neuroblastoma, Neuroblastoma treatments for children, etc. Let’s understand these terms in detail.

Define the term “Neuroblastoma”

Neuroblastoma is a type of cancer that takes place in small glands just above the adrenal glands. Neuroblastoma can develop in the chest, stomach, pelvis, neck, and bones. Children who are aged 5 or above are mostly affected with Neuroblastoma. Its most common symptoms include fatigue, fever, and loss of appetite. Children affected with Neuroblastoma generally experience pain in bones or abdomen, dark circles or eye bulging around the eyes, etc.

Diagnosis and Treatment Methods for Neuroblastoma Cancer Explained by Our Experts

According to our nursing assignment help experts, the procedures and tests used for neuroblastoma diagnosis are:

  • Physical exam: The child’s doctor might conduct a physical exam to identify the symptoms and signs. They can ask you a few questions about the child’s behaviours and habits.
  • Blood and urine tests: The child’s parents can be asked to undergo a blood test and/ or urine test to find the cause of symptoms and signs. You should know that urine tests are mainly conducted to know the level of certain chemicals resulted from the neuroblastoma cells.
  • Imaging tests: This test generally divulges a mass that can point out a tumor. This test mainly includes an ultrasound, X-ray, computerized tomography (CT) scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) scan.
  • Remove tissue samples for testing: In case, if the mass is found then the doctor might ask to remove tissue samples for a biopsy which is also known as laboratory testing. Tissue sample tests can disclose the cell types involved in the tumor and cancer cells genetic characteristics. This process is very much helpful for the treatment plan.
  • Removing a bone marrow samples for testing: This form of testing is performed to know if neuroblastoma is spread to the bone marrow. Child’s doctor inserts a needle in the lower back or hipbone to extract the marrow.


The child’s doctors choose treatment plans on the basis of multiple factors which are affecting the child’s prognosis. Few factors may be as – the stage of cancer, child’s age, type of cancer cells, and abnormalities in genes and chromosomes.

Such information is used by the child’s doctor to classify cancer in the form of low risk, medium risk, and high risk. Based on these, treatment is provided. Few main treatment types are explained below by the experts providing help in writing NSG3102 Family Centred Care Assignment Solution.

  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Bone marrow transplant
  • Immunotherapy
  • Newer treatments

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