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Table of Contents

Activity 1

Part 2 – Analysis

Activity 2

Part 3 – Decision options

Activity 3

Activity 4

Activity 5

Part 4 – Recommendation/action taken

Activity 6

Activity 7

Activity 8

Activity 9


Manage Knowledge and Information - Activity 1

Part 2 – Analysis

The following table provides the identification of key factors for analysis, results, and implication for identifying the development of works,




Evaluation of several platforms compatible with integrated information system

A number of platforms like CRM, ERP, Cloud, and MySQL database platforms are identified for the implication at Coffeeville. Out of these, CRM implication has been selected for the analysis.

The implication of CRM involves proper designing, implementing, developing, and monitoring of CRM system.

Contacting several vendors for the implication of selected platform

Several vendors are evaluated in terms of pricing, functions, users, and storage for the successful selection of vendor

Zoho has provided the effective implication of the activities that align with the consideration of the improved working management.

Developing an integrated backup of the data

Cloud based data backup is helpful for implementing the new CRM software

AWS cloud vendor can be approached for setting a virtual sever storage at Coffeeville for implementing the data backup.

From the table it has been seen that several platforms have been compatible with the integrated system and it has been analysed. Hence, the results from the above analysis provides that there are a several platforms like CRM, MYSQL, ERP which should be implemented in the Coffeeville organization. In addition, the implication of CRM will be needed an appropriate design for the monitoring and mentoring of CRM software. Hence, the organization will be able to contact with their vendors through the help of these software such a cloud software like ZOHO, ERP and many others. This software will be required the pricing, functions and successful selection of the selected vendors. Hence, the overall solution will provide the filter in the software which will allow the organization to select their vendors with the help of these filters. Moreover, ZOHO has been provided their platform for the implementation of the integrated software in the organization. Besides, the analysis here has been shown that the developing of a recovery plan for data security. Here, the information that have been provided in the table mentioned that there will be cloud software which will be able to recover the data. Hence, there wll be AWS which has been known as one of the most efficient cloud platforms for data recovery.

Manage Knowledge and Information - Activity 2

Part 3 – Decision options

Option 1: Implementation of CRM

Positive Outcomes

Management of customer information and development is the primary benefit for the implementation.

Integration of activities is common benefit for implementation CRM

Improved Scalability of activities can enable the features

Negative Outcomes

Loss of records for the CRM system is a major factor that can impact the smooth operations of CRM

Overhead analysis can help in developing the issues for smart analysis

Requirement of training is a common issue in implementation

Option 2: Implementation of ERP

Positive Outcomes

Optimisation of the business process can result in easing the works

Accurate information processing and development

Elimination of the unnecessary issue alignment

Negative Outcomes

ERP implementation is expensive in nature for the users

Change of staff is a common issue in the implication of works

Resistance from the employees is a major issue in ERP implementation

Option 3: Implementation of SCM

Positive Outcomes

Cost efficient management process

Problem areas are identified for the users

Customer Delight is a major factor

Negative Outcomes

Lack of the organisation among departments

Complicated working operations

Required skilled and trained staff

The implementations of CRM software have both positive and negative outcomes where the customer and staff information can easily be accessible by the software. Here, the following software has been providing a large amount of integrity and there will be a few disadvantages also such as losing of data. In addition, there will be ERP implementation where the positive side of this will be optimisation and implementation of the software. Here, the changing of staff management can be an issue for the ERP software. In the SCM software, the cost efficiency can be a huge advantage here and the problem areas can be easily identified where there will be a huge disadvantage as there will be a skill and trained staff will be needed for the implementation of this software.

Manage Knowledge and Information - Activity 3

  1. service policy: The care of customers is known as the higher priority for Coffeeville. In this organization’s customers are the first importance
  2. Customer complaints: The complaints that are coming from the customer end need to be prioritized. The manager should be informed about the complaints. The offending items should be removed if the complaints are coming about the product quality and service.

Management policy: The managers are responsible for the training and tools for positive wok culture. The managers will provide rewards to the employees for their effective works

Teamwork: The goals that are provided which should be based on the teamwork. In addition, the co-operations of employees should be achieved in this organization

Communication: The communications among the staffs and employees should be well and up to date as per the activities.

Equal policy: The following organization believes in equal opportunity for all the employees. The equal opportunity policy is being maintained strictly


  1. For complaints: The first step for the complaints the specific person needs to write a detail of the incident with the mention of the following behavior. After the written submission to the manager the manager is responsible for taking any actions against the guilty person.
  2. receiving complaints: After the manager receives the complaints a set of procedures will take place such as listening the complaint, knowing the brief of the story, taking down notes and an investigation will take place according to the complaints.
  3. Investigation: A interview will be going on with both the persons and separately one by one. After that the details will be listened and an appropriate action will be taken against the complaint.

Manage Knowledge and Information - Activity 4

Part 4 – Recommendation/action taken






<<name of the member>>>


<<name of the member>>>


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<<name of the member>>>


CRM Information System Implementation

Step 1

Needs Identification

Step 2

Research Vendors

Step 3

Install good businesses practices

Step 4

Assess the system’s benefits for your company

Step 5

Identify the areas for organisation

Step 6

Develop a realistic budget

Step 7

Estimate System Operation

Step 8

Additional phases for rollout

Step 9

System to interact with other software

Step 10

Implement the CRM system

Manage Knowledge and Information - Activity 5

Two participants will be selected for the role of manager of Coffeeville

Manage Knowledge and Information - Activity 6

The presentation will take place after the report has been submitted

Manage Knowledge and Information - Activity 7

The role-play has been given below:

Emma: Hi sir

Manager: Hello

Emma: Sir I have a few recommendations for your organizations

Manager: yes sure. Go ahead

Emma: To improve your business you need to appoint a research specialist who will be responsible for analyzing the market.

Manager: That’s good.

Rufus: A operational management will be held for the inspection of operations and the internal activities in your organization

Manager: That’s really good

Manage Knowledge and Information - Activity 8

9.1 The information that have been collected from market research that will indicate the customer feedback, sales growth, product quality.

9.2 A group of economic indicator team will be selected for analyzing the market environment with business growth and market research. The aim of the team is to focus on the reputation of the organization with the service quality, calculating the sales growth and analyze the issues that have been faced by the organizations. In addition, the expenses will be adjusted such as payroll and other costs. Another duty of this team is to combine the expenses with the current financial year and adjust the value as much as possible.

A group of sales specialists are appointed for the calculation of sales growth and selling prices of the products. The aim of the team is reducing the overall expenses as per the total income, increasing the items, match the price with the close competitors.

9.3 a. The manager and the supervisor have the authority to take any specific actions as per business issue and management issue. The manager is responsible to make any strategic changes and policy changes for the organization and the selected person has the final word according to the rule.

  1. The manager and supervisor are the most powerful person within the organization as they are the right person who have the responsibility to make changes and take any business related plans.
  2. They both have the legal authority as they are the high prioritized person as per organization rules.

9.4 There are a number of policies that should be considered for a decision-making ability. In these policies equal opportunities, customer services, teamwork, co-operations, communications and a few more. However, the procedures are how the work should be taken and how every actions of work would be proceeding.

9.5 The recommendations that have made are: doing nothing, reducing the prices and providing packaged meals with meal delivery process.

9.6 The planning timeline has been given below:



Decision stages

Competition date

Sales growth are running low as compared with previous year

A lot of financial crisis has been taking place and the data are showing the rapidly low growth

A team of economic experts need to be hired and technologies will be used for measuring sales growth

3-4 months

The customer reviews are running in negative

The customers are giving negative feedback as they are not that much attracted with the quality

The quality services will need to be improved and a set of automation tools will be used for measuring customer feedback and informing the authority as well

4 months

The competitor is providing the same product with a low range

The customers are complaining about the product expenses and comparing with the competition

The management will appoint someone for market research

4 months

9.7 The three examples of emerging technologies that are responsible for the organizational information management. The technologies are listed below:

  1. Artificial Intelligence: This is one of the most popular technology that has been increasing the business productivity. With the help of AI implementation, the organization can able to manage the changes. There are a variety of AI technologies that may be implemented such as chatbot, automated systems, big data analysis of market.
  2. Robotics: it is also popular in now a day. It is known as an automated system. This technology is responsible for the fast and efficient business growth. The robotics have been changing the business world. A bunch of automated machines have been introduced for the effective performance of the business. In addition, these automation tools are responsible for providing higher productivity as the robots are unable to have tiredness. There are a few organizations that have already implemented robotics in various sectors in their business. In addition, the implementation of robotics can be a significant role in today’s business as these robots are capable of doing multitask. The database and the records of the customers can be managing by automation robots. However, the usage of robots is mainly affecting agriculture field and various food beverage companies. The robots are maintaining the database of customers as well they are capable of performing various field operations within a few times.
  3. IoT: this is responsible for the improvement of data marketing, increasing sales, decreasing costs and the report. In addition, this technology has been included with physical device network, automobiles, sensors, software, actuators and a few more tools. However, this is responsible for providing a platform for the opportunities so that the devices that has been using can be connected with the technology of big data. The technology has been created a specific eco system which is responsible for the link with a lot of systems and providing a smart task.

9.8 The methods are:

  1. Linear programming: Linear programming is a mathematical method which is responsible for determining the outcome and solution with the help of a few parameters. However, this has been used as computer modeling applications for finding the resources such as money, manpower, energy, machine resources, space and a few more variables. In addition, the positive outcome that are needed may be calculated as maximum profit.
  2. Dynamic programming: Dynamic programming is known as the technique which is responsible for solving self-learning problems. This is used in the fields of comics, operation research. In addition, Artificial Intelligence can be known as the core application. This is a set of algorithms which has been used in optimal policies.
  3. Transportation methodology: This model is known as the concept where movement of a thing is needed without any changes. This policy has been included with supply origins, destination and shipping cost. In addition, the transportation methodology refers to optimized plan where minimum cost will be measured.

9.9 The suggested information systems are:

  1. process control: This is an automated system that is included with industrial instrumentation, electronic system, interdisciplinary control which is responsible for the automation of manufacturing parameter. These manufacturing parameters are pressure, temperature, pH, mixing ratios and a few more. However, this process control is compatible with health sector as this system is included with healthy related issues.
  2. Inventory control: This information system is responsible for inventory tasks that have been included with shipping, purchasing of products, receiving of products, warehouse, turnover of business, tracking, tracking that has been followed by reordering. The current business organizations have been implemented inventory management which is responsible for inventory tracking. The inventory systems are generally computerized as an automation system need to implemented for the record and storage of items. However, the inventory management is on its way to make a change in both retail sales and medical sectors. As the system is generally running on automation so it is way to manage all these activities automatically.

9.10 The information systems are generally responsible for the collection, procession and storage of data in the organization. The organizations are currently using information system for the interactions with their customers, business operations, monitoring the market research. These information systems have been using by many companies as this is the most popular process for the information gathering. However, there has been a few risk management plans are there such as details of loss events, tracking accountability, allowing progress, assurance activities and a few more.

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