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Professional Project

Table of Contents


Research objectives.

Research questions.

Literature review..

Research Methodology.

Reference List

Introduction to Impact of Mobile-Based Shopping in Online Purchase and Shopping Experience

The advent of smartphones with mobile technology has evolved over the years. Mobile commerce enables transactions through mobile devices. The phenomenon of mobile features has impacted e-commerce in improving the focus through the mobile based purchase. In the present day, scenario shopping based on communication technologies and internet penetration has increased up to a great extent.

Research objectives

  • To determine the impact of mobile application on shopping preference
  • To undertake a comparison of shopping experience on channel tools
  • To analyze the trend in mobile-based shopping and consumer attitude

Research Questions

The purpose of this study is to investigate consumer motivation and shopping behavior in shopping experience for mobile consumers. To develop an understanding of consumer experience in offline retail and mobile app-based purchase and how it creates value for the consumer. The demographics impact the online shopping experience with the rise in internet knowledge, availability of product catalog (National Institute of Marketing Decision, 2019)

Q1- To what extend the mobile app-based purchase has impacted the consumer shopping experience?

Q2- What are the key drivers in consumer shopping behavior?

Q3- To what extend does m-commerce contributes to online shopping preference in Australia?

Literature Review of Impact of Mobile-Based Shopping in Online Purchase and Shopping Experience

Mobile devices are used for communicating in the cognition process and are routinely used for serein and surfing through the internet. The smartphone has seen a strident upsurge in the sales related to purchase through a mobile application for a shopping experience that has moved from click and pay (Damle, 2016). Companies are using expansion opportunities through building infrastructure around product based data. The retail shopping experience has transformed through mobile applications and companies have opened digital design for customer outreach in the shopping experience. The online offers are easy to purchase and has become common with viewing experience on virtual try and buy. The modes of communication have been broadly divided into brick and mortar and online purchases (Damle, 2016). The digital media has impacted the store sale and shopping pattern through m-commerce and e-commerce. Smartphones have witnessed the exponential growth and have become more convenient with web purchase through the various channel using push marketing with the mobile application to attract customers (Pantano, 2016). The shopper convenience and increase in use functionality have increased shopping patterns with overall purchase with digital users higher than one tie store purchase. The user interface has created through design pattern, faster delivery, and pay later platform has aided consumer shopping experience. According to Saprikis (2018), the shift from brick and mortar and desktop to mobile purchase has expanded and retailers to have emerged with a hybrid model for increasing relevance in the market and staying top of the mind in a consumer purchase. The store-based purchase has physicality associated with a tangible experience that has remained with the evolution of digital media too. The market place has sustained physical retail has shown a rapid increase in urban consumption of products and content availability and shift of retailers to mobile applications for sale worldwide. The consumer experience while shopping is a value driver as it offers quality service, collection, and viewable options and saving time (Wang, 2015). The portable mobile device has limitations towards size and functionality alter purchase patron for consumers by the limit in size and functionality through the mobile device. Today majority of the user combine shopping through internet access through mobile with product search on comparative pricing. Despite consumer purchase via physical store online shopping has increased with consumers moving to save time. Nigam (2018) identified that shopping enjoyment incases through digital purchase and can predict a re-purchase over online medium. The mobile purchase has been determined by the customer involvement with the product for positive customer experience. The participant observation by data collection implies observation and participation in activities and perception in general. The shopping expense with usefulness and ease influence the attitude with technology advancement in product reach and logistics control (Nigam, 2018). Readily available data through mobile applications integrated with social media create individualized marketing for companies to engage with customers in one to one communication by branding products.

Research Methodology of Impact of Mobile-Based Shopping in Online Purchase and Shopping Experience

The research methodology is the procedure that is employed for selecting and determine the information for the research topic. It is a major aspect in ensuring that research is performed through key concepts. The research methodology would specify the sampling method and research design that will be used for the study. Rahman (2018) indicated high spenders are engaged in inconvenient shopping as mobile-based shopping has additional touchpoints that deeply engage users through the collective campaign on the digital device. The research approach through qualitative research has interpreted the fundamental meaning attached to understanding the consumption pattern and shopping experience. The secondary research had been used and this has availed meeting the research objectives.

The research is based primarily on the basis of garnering information mainly from the already published journal articles and peer reviewed articles. In addition to this, a proper set of information for the affects generated from the impact of mobile based shopping and how it impacts the mobile-based shopping in online purchasing has been discussed along with holding the shopping experience of the consumers. This will record the first-hand experience. The secondary data relates to the peer-reviewed article for the study conducted with data source from open platform.

 The usage of the secondary data will be done and the article will focus on collecting data which has been already studied in the previous researches.

Research Paradigm: The use of interpretivism research paradigm has been used and this has been considered useful for highlighting social factors and human interests. This has proved to be effective in qualitative analysis. The sampling technique is related to the research methodology for the selection of the sample from the population. The use of grounded theory will be used for the outcome-based solution (Flick, 2015). The historical data will not be used for a preliminary examination in the research design process. A timeline will be undertaken by the researcher to ensure that the findings are accurately applied to the data collection and research methodology. The growing data from consumer browsing and individual willingness to pay helps the company to identify pricing measures for purchase through automated algorithms (Boone, 2019).

Research Design: The research design mainly refers to the strategy which has been chosen in order to integrate the components which are different for the study having logic coherent and in a logical way. This also ensures that the effective addressing of the research problem must be done. The research design for this particular kind of research is that of exploratory research design.

Data collection: The data is collected on the basis of searching for the keywords which are considered as most relevant for this research. The articles used for the collection of the data for this particular research were collected in a given time frame strictly from the year 2014-2020. All the research articles that have been cited were in the English language. The main focus issue has been that of analysing how the impact for mobile based shopping in online purchasing and shopping experience has changed over the past years and how it has changed the behaviour of shopping among the consumers.

Research Approach: The research approach is a plan and procedure which mainly consists of the steps which are related to the broad assumptions and with the detailed methods of the data collection. In this research, the research approach that has been followed is that of the inductive research approach.

Findings of Impact of Mobile-Based Shopping in Online Purchase and Shopping Experience

The evolution and the tremendous usage of the Internet owing to the advent of technology can be implied with the help of the research tools that adopts as Internet as the marketing tools. This has as well affected the marketers in the application of their skills so as to force and acquire the new skills altogether. The development for the influence which generates the adoption and their relevance which is highly driven by the information and communication technology is being studied. According to Durgabhayanj & Krishnan (2019), the mobile retailing and its experience is something that is kind of a new experience to the consumer, this also makes sure that the consumers focus on the increasing attention for the investigation of the consumption which is as related to sampling new technologies and the other retail setting. (Lim et al., 2016), says that the mobile marketing is seen as the evolution which is related with the evolution of the Internet-based marketing that can inadvertently used along with the e-commerce scenario for it to move along the emerging trends of the consumers. The author also added that this type of emerging trend for the consumers who tend to lose interest in the traditional marketing must be made in such a way that there should be questioning for enabling the consumers in the completion of more tasks, that can also exploit the preferences which must be based on accessing consumers and their information for owning the services provided by the e-commerce section. There is no denying that innovativeness basically represents the consumer and their personal attitudes towards shopping. There are some other factors as well which play an important role in the processing of the psychological state such as involving the positive expectation for the outcome and the behavior for enhancing the consideration of mobile device as one of the most important trustable resource. There are various different smartphones which are seen to have witnessed a different kind of growth when it comes to purchasing through e-commerce websites. There are now many options out there, whether it is social media or ads popping up in different kinds of apps that we use. Online shopping is now just restricted to only specific apps made solely for the purpose of online shopping, but it is just more than that. There is a store-based purchasing which has physically associated along with the expansion and retailers having a hybrid model that increases the relevance in market having evolution of digital media. There are some of the other consumer experience which arises from shopping relevant functionality that arises with the enjoyment of the digital purchasing of the online medium. There is no denying that the growing penetration generated from the mobile devices has altered the way we function and it alters the behavior about how generally we live and also work. There are various communication devices and developments happening in the smartphone technology. The smartphone and its dependency are now a global trend. The process of digitalization has significantly impacted a lot of businesses and their landscapes about the managers for them to become interested in developing new strategies which can improve the profitability of the technological innovations (Kanjer & Bhatia, 2018). According to Rajan (2020), the mobile technologies has impacted and improved the quality for the consumer choices and there are some of the other experiences as well which damage the lives for the individuals in terms of visual and cognitive impairments. The decision-making process along with the grocery retailing influences the pre-shopping preparation for the several roles which comes into picture for sale of the consumers and their decisions (Lim et al., 2016). One must also concern with the retail setting and which can also create a distraction causing it impossible for leading a less efficient communication which the mobile devices play with the consumer decisions so as to make it extremely interesting. In short, the impact which is generated with the help of the mobile devices must also lead to a fewer unplanned purchases. The mobile devices have impacted in unplanned purchases, owing to the ease and the flexibility to order things sitting at the comfort of our homes. The probability for the mobile devices provides the customers a convenient and proliferation must also compare the differences between the online and the offline channels (Yan, 2018).

One must theorize the mobile devices which gives an effective platform for the customers so as to develop an interaction which is habitual and which reinforces the psychological customers and effective platform so as to provide their customers with an experiential stage for being in relationship with the firm (Jiang, Yang & Jun, 2013). There are various interactions which causes the mobile application for seeking the interaction with the customers in the process of front accessibility and revenues.

Discussion on Impact of Mobile-Based Shopping in Online Purchase and Shopping Experience

The consumer shopping and their habits have changed in a way which is very drastic and which has also changed over the last few years along with the explosion of eCommerce. One of the biggest impacts which have been implemented with the consumer shopping habits is the simple fact that the consumers now have the flexibility to shop from anywhere and anytime. This ability to research and shop online has been taken over by the eCommerce into next level because now the shoppers have the option to use any device at any point during the cycle of sales. It is no fact that this kind of rise for the mobile shopping experience has blurred the lines between the physical store and there are some other experiences of online shopping as well (Pappas et al., 2016). There are some companies which are not able to create an experience as seamless between the online and the offline shopping. Some of the other companies have made the transition between the apps which are created and other optimization of the eCommerce stores which are now selling the products with the help of other social media channels (Gautam, 2018). The advent of this kind of technology has resulted in creating a rather more personalized experience for the customers as now there is consistency between the stages of buying the processes which must as well recognized with the personalized experience. Shopping is now also a social activity, thanks to the digital marketing which is being facilitated and its ability to be able to experience it along with others (Sramova & Pavelka, 2019). According to one of the surveys conducted by (Ahmadi & Heydari, 2017), there are nearly 65 percent of people who actually take into consideration about the reviews before making any kind of purchase. Hence, it can be inferred that the customer feedback survey does play an imperative role. It is safe to say that people are not concerned about how the reviews are not from the people they actually know in real life and are actually from complete strangers. The retailers actually recognize the power from the channels which allows us with the accessibility to shape the opinions of the shoppers (Dekimpe, Geyskens & Gielens, 2019).

Conclusion on Impact of Mobile-Based Shopping in Online Purchase and Shopping Experience

 The impact of ecommerce is by far one of the most changing effects along with a ripple effect for creating everything starting from small businesses to the global enterprises in the world. There are larger retailers now who are forced to sell online and the growth of ecommerce has assisted in the expansion of the benefits for their reach and creating a positive impact for their bottom lines.

There are retailers who fall into the middle grounds when it comes to discussing about the fierce competition being managed with indicating the type of retailer in particular for the major impact that rises from ecommerce and the other department stores. The eCommerce has also helped the small businesses to sell directly to their customers and its adoption has always been a slow process. Slowly it can be seen that there are some of the businesses which are small and which can also be launched with the stores of eCommerce and can prominently diversify the offerings that reach along with the customers by providing them with an accommodating their customers with the preference of online shopping. Shopping can now be seen as a way where it is one of the great experiences for shopping. Digital marketing has facilitated the training and sharing of the social activity for relying with the opinions of others to guide them along with the decisions of purchasing and having an immediate access for those who wish to review the same. The fact that people need to kind of degree to be an influencer on social media has opened a lot of opportunities for the brands to open word-of-mouth kind of advertising with the help of the product reviews. Not just this, this has also caused the retailers to recognize the power of the channels to shape and share the shoppers with their opinions and have also resulted in engaging the customers on social media and other online platform related reviews. This social media and its engagement have played a big role in the facilitation before making the purchase as a side effect for the engagement of the consumers. This can prove to be a drawback up to some extent as consumers are now more informed than ever before even trying the product due to their reliance on the reviews about the products which they are buying and the companies in which they are being provided with the option of giving money to.

The viewing experience and simulation show through demographics shape the consumer shopping experience. The areas which require change are the ones which are available with keeping up with the research objectives. In this assessment the usage of secondary data has been done. In regard to this, the mobile experience and the shopping experience will be made in such a way that it generates and ascertains with the help of peer reviewed journals and customer surveys of researches done in some of the other studies or in other peer reviewed articles. The data collection will be second hand data, in layman terms. In short, the secondary qualitative data will be used as it will be more accurate and a little less cumbersome than the primary qualitative data.

Reference List for Impact of Mobile-Based Shopping in Online Purchase and Shopping Experience

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