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Ethical Issues and Human Rights in the Human Services

The UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) is an important document in the entire history of the rights provided to humans or human rights for every individual. It is drafted and represented by different representatives with different legal, cultural, and social backgrounds from the entire regions of the world. This paper discusses the Human Rights of the children and, further analyzes the provided Articles and provided rules and regulations in the convention of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Australia was one of the founding members of the UN and played an important role in the negotiation of the Charter of UN in 1945. Australia was also a nation out of eight other nations that were involved in drafting in framing the Universal Declaration (UN peace, dignity, and equality on a healthy planet). This paper further discusses the involvement of Australia and its current role in international human rights, especially covering the Children of society. Exploitation and child labor have been the main issue of society. Australia has always remained a supporter of human rights and protection of human rights throughout every international treaty or conferences of negotiation. In the year 2008 the federal government of Australia took few and major steps towards protecting and improving the human rights of Australia by including certain conventions related to disability and rights of the indigenous people.

Australia plays an important role in providing the United Legislation the requirements regarding parties to educate the children and the young person about their rights especially about human rights with the help of the concept of human rights for the humans. The United Nations General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child in November 1989. The convention on the rights of the child came into force on 2nd September 1990 (The Australian). According to the Report of 2019, it says that every child has their rights since birth and those rights shall be protected by the state and the authority. The story of the In Their Own Right tells about how well the rights of the children are protected in Australia and how are the authorities dealing with any kind of exploitation against children in society.

The report of Children's Rights covers the basic needs and rights which are easily accessible by the children to do well, like a right of having a family and home, having rights to education, rights against exploitation, to access the good and quality health care and being safe in whichever place they are living, protection from the social harm and having a voice which can be raised when any wrong is done to them or to the society which also clearly means to have right to speech and expression. Australia is the safest place to live for children regarding health, environment, and the surrounding. There are groups in society which look after the children and protect their rights also actually the rights which are adequately protected, which negatively impact on their ability. This also includes people and children from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, those children with disorder or disability, or from culturally diverse backgrounds and children from other communities which include gay, lesbian, bisexual, intersex, and Trans. It is intended to say and help the Australian government to manage for working for children, for their present and future (Tobin, 2013).

The report of 2017 says the national commissioner provides reports and data which are child friendly and acceptable by society as well. Such reports are easy to access and read. Also, the report focuses on the rights and requirements of children and their young parents. The report also depicts the situation of parents when it comes to the education of their children especially when it comes to the education of the children. The recent research has shown that the outcomes are only and particularly for the families which are backward or are poor for such group are highly vulnerable. Young parents need help and access to protect and prevent affordable and accessible early childhood services. Some parents are at the edge of risk to take care of their children and remove them from the illicit activities of the society.

The convention also states that the rights and duties of the children should be protected and given preference, the Articles provided in the convention also talk about the duties of the authorities to prevent any kind of exploitation and violation of rights against the children of the society. The state has the privilege to take action against such activities in society (Rice, 2011). Early age learning frames the curriculum of Australia, conveying the message to the children on how, where, and when they can apply and can claim for the rights as the holders along with the rights for education. Knowledge is all about achieving success and building up a bright future, it is very important to have an education until the child attains the age of majority.

The Preamble of UDHR recognizes the essentials of the education and protection of the rights of children, whereas the main motive is to maintain peace and security among the nations of the world regarding every relation and connection with the convention done under UDHR. In the year 2019 Australia raised its voice and appeared before the committee of United Nations which was based on the Rights of the Child Committee and was held to answer the working in the advancement of the children and their future preparations (Melbourne Age, 2018). The committee provided the list of recommendations that carried the observations to improve the work performance in context to the relation to the children and their rights. The observation of 2019 which was also known as the Concluding Observation 2019 was called for the immediate and urgent measures that were to be taken to prevent and protect the rights of children from getting exploited. The points that were covered under the observation were: in alternative care, concerning the mental health, from environment damages and client change, people those who are a refugee and are seeking for asylum and also are in the situation of migration and the justice administration system.

The ANZCCG (Australian and New Zealand Children’s Commissioners and Guardians) took place in Brisbane on 11-12th November 2019. ANZCCG aimed to promote and take the safety measures toward the young people of Australia and New Zealand (Sydney Morning Herald, 2019). It promotes the rights of the young people and children which also includes the participation of their rights and decision relating activities which are directly concerning them. The convention also measures the interest of the children and which are considered as the development of the programs and the policies further, it gives vocals to the young people and children to stand for their rights and raise voice if exploited (Commissioners and guardians Communique, 2019). The foundation of the rights of children remain theoretical also the conception of the rights under the convention held on the rights of the children and protection of rights from violation is a sensitive, inclusive and dynamic conception that provided the remedies of many problems and deficiencies in the society associated with the human rights and the wellbeing (Justifying Children’s Rights, 2013).

In conclusion, human rights and health care are nearly linked and both are doable by the society itself. Each one of them provides valuable and unique guidance for taking action against the wrong in society. Children and their rights are to be protected and amended from time to time as they grow and learn more about the legal system of the country. UDHR has provided the facilities to the children who are unaware of their rights and duties for the society also are from the poor background or belong to the backward area or class of the society. The most important duty of the authorities is to get every child educated even if the families are unable to bear the expenses and cost of the education of their child. Even the parents which also include the young parents should be made aware of their responsibilities towards the education system and the education of their child. Health is also the main concern and the child has all the rights to enjoy the rights provided to him as in the frame of the right to education and right to have good quality health care which is already provided by the government.

Good health shall lead the child in building up the interest in the curriculum and in the education sector which again is for its benefit and uses. Good knowledge shall also lead to the enlightenment of the child and the related people. More children shall be attracted to the policy and shall come forward to utilize their rights for education and health care. Protection of the rights of child and prevention from exploitation is the prior duty of the state to look after and take some preventive steps regarding the same.

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