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Week 14: Evaluating Australia’s IR System

The 2020 Enterprise Industrial Relations Survey was conducted in which some 263 people participated of which 127 people were full time employees, 55 people were casual employees, and 43 people were permanent part-time workers. The maximum number of participants were females about 68.8%. About 40% of the participants were employed in the private sector and about 30% participants worked in public sector. Maximum number of workers were employed in retail sector and education sector.

Some questions which should have been stated in a different manner are:

  • During 2019, do you think that your earnings increased faster or slower than the increase in the cost of living? Tick one option below.

Instead: this question could have been written as: “Has the increase in the earnings been faster or slower than the cost of living in 2019?”

  • With regard to earnings from your job, if you had a choice, to what extent would you prefer your earnings to be based on your performance in your job, rather than the classification of your job?

Instead this question could have been written as: “To what extent would you prefer your earnings to be based on your job performance?” and “Would you prefer your job earnings to be solely dependent on the classification of the type of job?”

  • Rate your knowledge of your rights under National Employment Standards and Modern Awards

Instead this question could have been written as: “Are you aware of yourn rights under the National Employment Standards and Modern Awards?”

  • Tick the box that best describes your trade union membership status

Instead this question could have been written as: “What is your membership status with the trade union?”

Fair work Ombudsman, trade unions, fair work commission, employer association, IR and HR managers would be interested in knowing the work0life preferences of the workers, the views of the workforce about the junior wage rate, views on the penalty rates, parity between the trade union members and the union leaders, unemployment rate, and how important do the workers feel the trade unions are.

Additionally, it is important to understand that the employees may not be fully aware of the reasons behind the surveys. And the answers provided by the participants may be biased and may not provide correct or true responses because of the lack of knowledge and awareness about the subject, or may perceive the surveys to be boring and click on any response. Also, it is important to note that the validity of the closed-ended questions may be lower and the other questions. Thus, this would result to data errors and responses may be flawed causing the entire purpose of the survey to be flawed. Furthermore, it is unfortunate that the survey research has a major problem, the respondents selected for the survey could be biased towards the survey responses and may provide the answers which the researcher is looking for the participants for the surveys are always self-selected. It is also important to note that the respondents who receive the questionnaire may not answer the survey no matter the number of times they are reminded or are offered interesting incentives. Another important limitation of the survey research is that the researcher will not be able to ensure that the sample selected for the research are error and assumptions free.

Some things to avoid while formulating the survey questions are the following: leading questions, loaded questions, double-barrelled questions, unclear language, ambiguous or questions which would cause confusions. Additionally, when making the surveys the introductions should not be skipped and the participants should be clearly told about the purpose and the objective of the survey. It is not important to include the demographics in the surveys if the questions are not related to them. It is also not advisable to have a lot of open-ended questions as they would lead to vague or brief responses or perhaps no responses at all. Lastly, it is true for the surveys the larger the sample size the better the accuracy, however, this is not true for all the possible surveys. Additionally, collecting the responses from the correct participants is important for ensuring that the responses add value to the survey.

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