What are Good Research Topics in Economics?

What are Good Research Topics in Economics
April 13, 2022

What are Good Research Topics in Economics?

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What are Good Research Topics in Economics?

Economic inquiries in universities are conducted to study various decision-making factors related to scarcity and the use of resources. For Anderholm (2019), economical research is imperative in multiple ways and includes topics related to wealth, finance and allocation of natural resources. The financial concepts evaluated through research are further analyzed among social, political and cultural contexts. However, several broad disciplines of economics help us comprehend historical trends, interpret global and contemporary headlines, and pursue predictions about the upcoming years. This vast inquiry covers a vast spectrum of inquiries ranging from the individual level (microeconomics) to the study of the whole economy (macroeconomics).

When students are often faced with the burden of submitting timely academic work, time management seems like a myth that can never be achieved. For Elizabeth Gritter, a PhD student in the Economics Department of the University of North Carolina, time management is a continuous challenge in the life of an academician. According to a Cambridge Report (2014), economic inquiries have become one of the key determinants of an extremely demanding career prospect in solving world issues. Therefore, as students, the world of writing good economics research papers must be developed through various important topics which need to develop alongside parallel lines of empirical studies.

Writing good research papers are important passage towards your career. The fact that students can write impressionable research skills is an indicator of a marked successful degree, with capabilities of executing a research degree. Therefore, making effective use of your time as you write your research work is up to the students themselves. Economics assignment help services are helpful in times of such needs, and assignment writing experts have jotted down some important economics topics. With their contributions, it would be useful to take note of major economical research fields that might be useful in the right direction.

8 Important Economics Research Topics Which You Must Know

  • Applied Microeconomics: The field of applied microeconomics is essentially an outward-looking economics department. It considers economic theories and methodologies in real-life terms to apply them to individual behaviour and social outcomes. Research interests in microeconomics lie in the area where microeconomic data and theory intersect. Ranging from labour economics, industrial organization, family economics, consumer behaviour and public economics, applied microeconomics covers a variety of research scopes.
  • Behavioural and experimental economics: In traditional economics, inquiries are made by calculating and unemotional utility-maximizing individuals. Behavioural economics combines conceptual theories from economics and psychology and correlates various disciplines like sociology, philosophy and neurosciences. Research interests in the field of behavioural and experimental economics.
  • Decision Theory: This economic research group emphasizes the decisions that individuals or economic interests make in various situations. In this process, the decisions are not consistent with standard models of rationality, and hence the outcomes are put into research inquiry. Further, the research in this department investigates judgements under risk conditions, uncertainty and ambiguity in financial decision making, including behavioural game theories and the psychology of taxation. Other research prospects in this department include the outcome of choices, thus offering a plethora of empirical investigations for economic enthusiasts.
  • Development economics: Under this inquiry, forces contributing to economic development, particularly in areas of scarcity or lesser developed nations, are analyzed. It considers the decisions made by households, firms and governments and analyzes the effects of development aid policies and consequences of rising incomes in emerging economies.
  • Environmental, Resource and Energy Economics: Research in Resource and Energy Economics provides a platform for high-level economic analysis of utilization processes and development of natural resource allocations. The subject matter and research prospects include questions of optimal production and consumption of resources affected by natural and industry effects, including an analysis of firm and industry behaviour. The investigations require research methodologies in terms of environmental and public policy formation. Researchers consider several journal work that publishes high-quality papers for a global audience. It further includes research topics like innovative energy, resource and environmental analyses under its empirical and theoretical models.
  • Financial economics: This branch of economics relates to analyzing the use and distribution of market resources. Future financial decisions are taken into account in research inquiries to predict future events related to individual stocks, portfolios or the market. Researchers must familiarize themselves with heavy financial analyses while writing their scholarly inquiries.
  • Industrial Organization- This field of economics deals with the strategic behaviour of firms, regulatory policy, antitrust policy and market competition related to industrial areas and organizations. By examining and researching the structure of firms and markets, and firms, the industrial organization aims to be the field of building structures of economical inquiry.
  • Labour economics- It involves the study of the labour force in the construction of production processes. It comprises labour resources that are working for services that require labour work. Research inquiries in this field are taken out to investigate solutions to labour issues. Several factors like class struggle and economic shocks caused by recessions become determinants of economics research topics.

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