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Introduction to Citizenship and Communication

The purpose of the study is to analyze the major headlines found in a significant space in the contemporary newspaper and has a significant affiliation with a community. Climate change is an issue that has grown up to be an issue on a global scale. Though people and leaders are well-aware of the climate change and its alarming impact on the climate of the world, they remained silent and took only minor steps until Greta Thunderburg roared to awake the generation in a massive way "to awake, arise, or be forever fallen". Her sailing to Zero-emission yacht made headlines in the News of Science and environment. As p[er the consciousness, climate change as a social issue not only influences the current generation but also the succeeding generation. Her protection against climate change made her a leading activist in the area of climate change. The news of 28 February 2020 depicted her passion to prevent the change in the climate and she pointed the finger on the major industrialists to prevent the change in the climate.

The purpose of the essay is to understand how climate change influences the world and how Greta made the world leaders more conscious about climate change with her effective voice.

Discussion on Citizenship and Communication

Climate change has been a burning issue of the day. It has largely adversely influenced society and culture. The industrialist, the drivers of climate change have turned deaf when the issue of climate change is raised (Sparke, 2017). The concept of corporate social responsibility was framed, but it is found to be a way of managing a way out to destroy the climate. Greta Thunderburg emerged as team activities that lead to the movement of climate change globally. She wrestled against the deaf ears of industrialists to listen to the problem of society. She led the entire world community on climate change. She involved the Swiss community in an intensified way. The movement initially influenced the Swiss community, and later it covered the entire world and influenced the world community. Though climate change has an impact on the current generation, Greta Thunderburg sensed the issue will influence the future generation in an adverse way (BBC News, 2020). The civil society did not play emphasis on the issue but the roar of Greta made civic society aware of the changes and adverse consequences emerging out of climate change. Climate change would have affected the community deeply. The movement was named after the Greta effect (Methot, Lepak, Shipp & Boswell, 2017). She has focussed on the change in climate and the alarming impact on the change in the climate that is going to bring some undesirable consequences to the world. 

The United Nations Organization has created a separate department for the issues related to climate change and climate change as a threat is not bearable to the current and succeeding generation. Climate change has become an issue when a wide-ranging impact on the environment is perceived (Methot, Lepak, Shipp & Boswell, 2017). The industrialists especially in developing nations focussed on industrial activities and the rise of the concentration of Co2 and the consequent rise in temperature became inevitable. There are communities and interest groups in Switzerland. These communities and organizations showed their deeper consciousness with the world-class leader Grete to encourage the fight against the change in the climate. Greta's lone stroke over the issue made her a world-class leading activist to manage and control change in the climate. Greta at the age of 15 stopped going to school, and she held onto the issue that adequate attention is not paid on global warming. She felt that the political community intends to focus on personal and industrial gains. They are found to have avoided the issue of climate change, and their avoidance focuses on growth in the industry and the personal gain of the politician is valued more than anything else.

Greta's concern was deeper on the political and industrial communities as they are found to have contaminated the climate without emphasizing the issue of change. Climate change has provided the people a source of the threat, and the industrialists and politicians hardly focus on climate change, and therefore, there is a growing concern over climate change. Despite the efforts made by the world leaders, the change in the rise of the global temperature and concentration of CO2 in the air is not decreasing (Methot, Lepak, Shipp & Boswell, 2017). The global leaders made promises to look after the rise of the CO2 concentration in the air, but there is a hard change in the scenario as the increase in temperature and the impact on human health along with the global warming continue to affect the world community. Climate change has been a potential issue that requires proper attention from the world community along with Great. The political and industrial leaders need to consider the issue more seriously to manage and control the change of climate to prevent. 

It is necessary to analyze the opportunities along the challenges observed within the existing political environment from the perspective of active citizenship. The work of Greta regarding environmental activities has inspired millions of students around the globe and supported her throughout her activities. The climate activist scientist, the Pope, and global leaders have motivated her to continue with her work (BBC News, 2020). The situation of individuals around the world supporting Greta Thunberg implies that people and citizens of several Nations can overcome the international barrier about social movement and generating awareness around the world. Greta is a teenager who has been involved in environmental activities after grabbing the attention of the entire world. Concern towards the environmental issues motivated nearly 20000 students around the globe and from countries including Japan, Belgium, Australia, the USA, and the UK.

The phenomena indicate that all the individuals concerned regarding environmental issues have neglected the difference in nationality and join hands to fight against environmental issues and make Earth a better place to live. The supporters have motivated Greta to present our views regarding the government and businesses around the world. She directly expressed the concern that the influential business forms along with governments of developed countries have not understood the importance of cutting down the carbon emission and holding the great leaders responsible for failing the young generation (BBC News, 2020). She has raised the voice and urged all students around the world to raise similar demands regarding reducing the carbon footprints and establishing private forgets to reduce the negative impacts on the environment.

Demonstrations regarding the opportunities and challenges of the existing legal atmosphere as observed by active citizens consider the value proposition within the activities initiated by individuals regarding solving the issues that are influencing the entire world. From the perspective of moral values possessed by citizens there exists a relationship between the political power and the societal context which influence the citizens to develop mortality within politics (Bergmann &Ossewaarde 2020). It is the responsibility of a good citizen to be respectful towards all the other elements residing on earth. Environmental issues and its concern can be treated as a responsibility of a good citizen and support the strategies identified by the government to enhance the environment as well as solve environmental issues. The citizens must support the activities process within the nation or individuals around the world to raise their concern regarding the social issue. The support received by Greta Thunberg while being a young activist implies the fact that the people around the world have understood the responsibilities and are supporting the individual as well as the group of communities who are establishing strategies to reduce the climatic issues in their respective age and cultural background.

The digital platform is one of the elements that influence the challenges as well as indicating opportunities for active citizenship residing within the existing political environment. The digital social platform has been extremely effective to provide the scope for reaching more people and informing them regarding the concern. Greta was able to motivate several students as well as world leaders while explaining to them her concerns regarding the increase in carbon footprints as well as the environmental issues. The digital media platform not only has a positive impact on environmental activities but also generates scope for the individuals who prefer to mock activists along with denying contribution to the global enhancement of the environment (Veugelers & de Groot 2019). It was observed that the present president of the USA focused on her anger issues and marked her by expressing his concern regarding the management of anger problems. It was also observed that the Russian president identified her as a kind individual who is poorly informed. However, the use of social media platforms is more compared to its disadvantages. It is due to the social media that Greta can reach more people and inform them regarding her concern about environmental issues. The social media platform acts as a connection between the environmental activists around the world from several countries together and would process with protest to grab the attention of the Government and force them to implement strategies for reducing activities that influence the environmental issues such as carbon footprints.

Conclusion on Citizenship and Communication

It is found that Greta became the source of motivation and conciseness to the political communities to embrace change and assume the policy to restructure the industries and other existing systems to reduce the impact of climate change within the globe to prevent the world from undesirable consequence.

References for Citizenship and Communication

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