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Asian Cinemas

  1. Teo, S.2013. The Asian cinema experience: Styles, spaces, theory. Routledge

The main concern of this article is to speak about the entire Asian cinema, its styles, cultures, and more. Further, it suggests that national cinema rests an authentic concern as compared with the Asian cinema. Additionally, it speaks that the notion of Asian films is relative to the notion of national cinema, however; operates as an inconsistency as it sustains nationwide but also includes the logic of superiority over the nation. Besides, the aim is to study the Asian cinema as a theory. It aims to assess Asian cinema less subjectively and with more opinion about its values, and settlements that can be requested as exclusive but provide a shared practice of the sphere from an Asian viewpoint.

This article is of great relevance for the study of the concerned topic as the scholar can understand the Asian cinema, its origins, its culture, styles, and so on. Moreover, it shows the facts that how Asian cinema is distinctive than others by showcasing certain theoretical conceptions. The conclusion to this article reflects that the opinions, and moods of Asian movies, their stories, and the elegances of expressing them, solidify this cinema an exclusive object in itself that justifies more profound hypothetical inspection and examination.

  1. Dissanayake, W. 2009. Asian Cinema and the Social Imaginary. Educational perspectives, 42, pp.10-14.

This study puts forward the major view that there is growing interest by campuses and schools in comprehending the cultures and societies of Asia. It states that this much of interest is being productive via the imaginative usage of cinema. Moreover, the main aim of this article is to focus on the relationship between the social imaginary and the Asian cinema.

This article is written in the form of an essay and hence there is only the use of secondary data collection via using books and other relevant material.

This article is relevant to the concerned research about the Asian cinemas and the film “In the mood for love” as it provides the usual credible information as to the fact the social imaginary not just shows nationwide individuality but also how imaginative filmmakers can utilize film to challenge those insights of nationwide individuality. This finds that Asian cinemas are formed in respect of nationhood and they endure to be assumed in respect of nationhood.

  1. Rahman, K. 2013. Life imitating art: Asian romance movies as a social mirror. Pacific Journalism Review, 19(2), 107-120

The article studies the shames and penalties represented in certain of the Asian movies and assessing the impact of this may have on the accessible audience and their performers. It states that the romantic movies of Asia capture societal changes in national values of their times, from the alteration of their ironic foreign inheritance to their emergent worldwide ethnic movement.

This article also speaks of media integrities that creators of media content must sensibly show their target viewers’ socio-cultural practice. Moreover, it suggests that the scandals represented in Asian romantic films entail challenges related to the region, national identity, culture, collectivist society, and role of the family. 

This article is useful to the concerned study as it talks about moral values, cultural, nationwide identity, sense of religion, and so on. It reflects how significant the Asian cinema to be concerned about these issues is. Furthermore, it is relevant because it reflects the idea that there is a higher interrelationship between media, actors, and the public as it can be said that a superstar requires a media to develop optimistic experience and public interest.

  1. Craven, A. 2018. Where East-meets-West meets Asianization: Aesthetics, regionality, and Frank Capra's Lost Horizon. Asian Cinema, 29(2), pp.175-187.

This article is taken from a book that aims to focus on the concept of aesthetics in the Asian cinema. Further, it is to examine how Asian cinema is noticeable by numerous main characteristics that signify not just native or nationwide identity, but also regionalities that make it identifiable to overseas audiences as part of the film of others. The main features it suggests entail language, shade, sound, and give themselves to an aesthetic that also helps to offer an ontological relation for Asian viewers by the illustration on specific cultural vicinities.

The article is of great relevance for the concerned study as the Asian film “In the mood for love” too uses the aesthetics in the form of visual culture., and traditional colours. This article speaks of the automatic reproduction of an image in a film or a photographic background. Moreover, it reflects the idea that the meaning of the picture is made at each stage in the film, even when fragmented down into a movie’s specific components. Additionally, it furnishes the basic reliable information on the use of traditional colours in the creation of an Asian aesthetic. It is due to that there is a diverse choice of traditions of cultures in respect of colour.

  1. Schrader, P. 2018. Transcendental Style in Film: Ozu, Bresson, Dreyer. Univ of California Press.

This article is generally talking about the styles followed in the films of Yasujiro Ozu. It suggests that the style followed is original; commercially fruitful, and natural as per the culture of Japan. It further shows that transcendental style is being followed in the films of Ozu. Moreover, it is concerned with the Zen art in motion pictures. Besides, it is emphasized on the steps of transcendental style named 'every day', 'disparity', and 'stasis'.

This is another helpful and relevant article for studying the Asian cinema “in the mood for love” as a similar style has been followed in the making of the above Asian film a year ago. Additionally, by using this article, it has been cleared that what are differences in east and west film making style in respect of transcendental style.

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