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Portfolio Assignment

Table of Contents

Issue brief to manager

Email for IT colleagues

Web content for the users



Issue Brief to Manager

Organizations are facing several issues in the operations and communications with the COVID-10 pandemic (Fidler 2020). The lives of individuals affected by this pandemic which raises a critical situation for the whole world. It becomes difficult to manage the physical activities in the organization as all individuals are working from home. With the use of technology, individuals have opted for a safer and effective technique to fulfil their responsibilities. It requires resourceful planning to promote the operations and manage the accessibility for all the employees (Australian Government n.d.).

Remote working and social distance practices lead to adopting new practices for work. It leads to several cybersecurity issues that can affect the employees and the organization. Cyber threats are a major concern for the security of the organization while through work from home practice, this issue is increasing day by day. Working through personal computers or laptops can mislead the employees through confidential information. Privacy of the organizations and related applications can lead to security issues (Fidler 2020). Some of the applications downloaded by the employees resulted in phishing attacks and gathering confidential data. Employees use video calling for discussing the matter and company's information while some of the applications gather the confidential data of the companies and misuse it for their benefits.

Virtual meetings raise the issue of confidentiality (Segal 2020). Data breach increases with the new practices of work from home. Unfamiliar ways of contacting other employees and communicating with others can lead to sharing private data with other companies that are working as security threats. Some mails for the updates regarding coronavirus and related keywords consider the phishing emails. It also uses the names of trusted global organizations. Cybercriminals are hungry for confidential information and through exploiting the information through target mails and applications; it impacts the business operations of the companies (Deloitte 2019).

It becomes difficult for companies to manage their confidential information and communicate through a safe procedure. To access the resources of the organization is a difficult task for the employees as the cybercriminals can attack the resource and misuse the data. Cybersecurity is a major concern for all the companies in the issue of COVID-19 pandemic (Ramanujam 2020).

With the use of new technology, new issues arise that can affect the functioning of the organization. Ethical and security concerns are necessary to be handled by the Information Technology (IT) department to maintain effective information. Data transfer and sharing require a safe and authentic mode to promote protection towards the organization (Fidler 2020). The risk for security requires smart acts to use laptops and computer systems for office work. Additional layers of security are required to connect the employees through a trusted network and manage effectively in the work. Endpoint security can be ensured by the organization through IT policy and authentic network (Segal 2020).

Email for IT Colleagues

From: abc@ymail.com To: xyz@ymail.comyzz@ymail.comzyx@ymail.com Cc: IT_manger@ymail.com

Subject: Issue of cyber security

Dear colleagues,

I hope you all are doing well!

In the situation of COVID-19, we are facing several issues related to daily activities and working from home. However, I have identified that the major issue for the company is related to cybersecurity in this scenario. It can affect all the employees including the confidential data. Additional security is necessary for the organization to develop the first line of defence. A trusted connection for the employees and organization can be developed through Virtual Private Network (VPN). It can add a layer of security by encrypting the data transfer and hide the IP address of the users including the location. Accessibility of corporate networks becomes easy for the employees and provides multi-level authentication benefits. For the effective functioning of the organization, we need to update the IT policy and maintain complex configurations to remain vigilant and improve the system of cybersecurity.

You can share your product solutions to protect the data of the organization and managing the corporate networks. I need your opinions within 2 days for further discussion and managing an appropriate solution.

Thanks & Regards


Web Content for the Users

Cybersecurity refers to the form of processes, technologies, and practices that are designed to protect the programs, networks, data, and devices from unauthorized access, damage, or attack (Abomhara 2015). It prevents the organization from hacking, spamming, ransomware, phishing, malware, spoofing, and denial of service attack (Ramanujam 2020). To protect the organization from cyber threats in the time of COVID-19 pandemic, contingency planning for proactive strategies is necessary that addresses the cyber threats to provide effective cybersecurity measures (Fidler 2020). Most of the employees are working from home that raises the remote accessibility. It requires vigilant practices and increased security layers to ensure efficient use of organizational information (Segal 2020).

To ensure effective measures of cybersecurity, some of the proactive strategies are necessary that ensure a review of the continuity plans and procedures for the business.

  • Virtual Private Networks and firewalls are necessary to be included in the system that meets the recent security patches and provides guidance for the effectiveness of the system (Australian Government n.d.).
  • The high demand for remote access technologies can be increased through cybersecurity measures. A review of the access points with the test ensures effectiveness.
  • For a secure network, the remote desktop client can be used to maintain a good cybersecurity system (Australian Government n.d.).
  • Protection against Denial of Service (DoS) threats promotes the efficiency of cybersecurity measures. It promotes the proactive strategies that implement a multi-factor authentication system to ensure the fruitful operations of work devices (Australian Government n.d.).
  • Physical security measures need to be ensured by the individuals to avoid the risks and access the information without authorization (Fidler 2020).

Virtual Private networks ensure the protection of unauthorized access and maintain a secure system. Cybersecurity practices promote informed and educated stakeholders that ensure the protection of Denial of Service threats (Deloitte 2019).

Reflection of Portfolio Assignment

The explanation to the manager explains the cybersecurity issue that can significantly impact the operations of the organization. To describe the issue to the manager, I have used non-technical language to make the situation as easily understandable and promote reader-centeredness. With the description of the issue, the manager can understand the cyber threats and key risks for the organization. Persuasiveness and usefulness are the center points of the issues that make the communication effective and ensures that the manager and colleagues have understood the situation. IT terms are used for the IT colleagues not with the manager as it would be difficult for an individual to understand the key terms with a non-technical background. To enhance reader-centeredness, the explanation of the key issue needs to be explained in simple and easy terms that grab the attention of the reader.

I have explained all the key issues related to employees and data sharing that can impact the organization through data breach risk. With the understanding of data breach issues and its proactive strategies, an individual can apply the information for their benefits and ensures cybersecurity. Discussion about benefits and minimizing the risks of a data breach and unauthorized access, individuals can get appropriate and suitable information that can benefit them for their future. It provides information as persuasive and useful for all the organizations and individuals. Understanding of cyber-attacks and the need for security creates awareness by promoting suitable strategies. I have discussed all the relevant information to maintain effectiveness and promoting the solution. Protection against Denial of Service (DoS) threats is also understandable by the individual that enhances the usefulness and make it reader-centered. The major objective of cybersecurity is based on availability, integrity, and confidentiality which is ensured by the proposed strategies.

References for Portfolio Assignment

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