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Apply Structural Principles to Residential Low Rise Constructions

1.Determine whether this floor system set-out is structurally compliant with AS1684-2010. Identify any areas where it does not meet compliance and explain why
2.Provide a sketch with proposed changes in line with your findings

AS 1684 stipulates standards, design and construction of timber structures.

Bearer 2x90x45 MGP12 spanning 12000mm for floor ,loads only are designed in accordance with table 5 for MGP 12 softwood in AS 1684.2.

Bearer 2x90x45 MGP12 Max Span 1200 mm at 1900mm cts for load Bearing Walls and a floor load width of 1200mm. These bearers are designed in accordance with TABLE 1 MGP12 seasoned softwood bearers for single or upper storey buildings i8n AS 1684.2 for floor load width of 1200mm and a span of 1200mm.

Floor joists are also in accordance with TABLE 6 for MGP12 softwood in AS 1684.2.

The timber members are therefore compliant with the DESIGN requirements outlined in AS 1684. However, the design and layout of the floor grid is not flawless as there floor section with long spans that lack stumps and bearers as indicted in the sketched drawing

3.Provide an alternative bearer and joist system from engineered timber products that would meet the requirements of this layout and improve the sustainability of the construction

SMARTLVL 19 is an engineered wood product that can be used as an alternative bearer and joist system for this floor grid. Its design is in accordance with AS 1720.1 as required. This is a structural laminated veneer lumber product that is engineered for better performance. In order to achieve better sustainability, this product is engineered to enhance the following characteristics:

  1. - SmartLVL 19 is manufactured from Natural Durability timber veneers (class 3). In addition to this, the timber is glue line treated to prolong its durability.
  2. Joint strength group- SmartLVL 19 possesses a joint strength group for screws, bolts and nails when subjected to tests in accordance with AS 1649.
  3. Moisture resistance- This timber system is incorporated with a biocide which is a moisture repellant enhancing its water resistance capability.

4.In providing a platform floor sheeting system for this frame, determine and describe:
a.what sheeting would be used and reasons for the selection
method of set-out and laying of the floor system

The yellow floor sheet tongue system (3600x800x19) is used for this grid. This primary the yellow tongue floor sheeting is preferred and common in domestic dwellings. In addition to this, yellow tongue floor sheets are easy to install and are flexible and can therefore accommodate alterations of the floor system in future. The flooring sheet will be installed continuously on top of joist before wall and roof framings are erected.

The following procedure will be used to set-out and lay out the floor system:


  1. A string line will be set to the extreme end of the floor and at right angles to the joists.
  2. The first sheet with the tongued edge will be positioned to the string One end will be set flush back to the outside edge of the perimeter joist while the opposite end will be located centrally above a joist.
  3. Butt joints shall be cut square and butt-joined tightly together over floor joists. Joints inadjoining boards shall be staggered. The board length shall be at least the equivalent of two joist spacings.


  1. Tongues shall be fitted into grooves and boards cramped together, ensuring that the boards are bedded firmly on floor joists. Boards shall be in contact with the joists at the time of nailing.
  2. All cut ends will be fitted with an adhesive before fixing the sheet.
  3. Boards up to 85 mm cover width shall be fixed by face-nailing with one or two nails or shall be secret-nailed with one nail at each joist
  4. The minimum edge distance for nailing at butt joints or board ends shall be 12 mm.
  5. All nails shall be punched a minimum of 3 mm below the top surface of the sheet to fix them firmly into position
  6. After the first row is complete, fix remaining rows by mating using tongues and grooves and fix them to joists through nailing.
  7. After fixing is complete, trim all ends flush with joists at floor perimeter to obtain an aesthetic finish.

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