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Manage Self in The Engineering Environment

The study aims to focus on the industry and the relevant environmental policies and procedures related to the occupational health and safety of the organisation. The study will identify the occupational hazards and demonstrate environmental work requirements and professional development in order to enhance the performance of the organisation. The study also focuses on OHS policies and procedure that must be followed in the workplace and also the safe Victoria guidelines which should be used by the organisation (Aguiar, et al., 2018). The study will identify five workplace hazards that highly impact the organisation as well as its performance. The study also highlights the suggestions for improvement to environmental work practices and work plan. Apart from this, a short report is also provided with the photos of the sides which will demonstrate the description of the rationale behind the control measures that will be chosen in the study. The other parts of this study also demonstrate a self-management technique that is used to perform this survey activity that helps to manage time and learning resources. The study also discusses the strategies used in the survey which helps to overcome the challenges and competing demands in completing this assignment.

Background of Bulla Dairy Foods

Bulla Dairy Foods is one of the most recognised and most trusted organisations in Australia which manufactures a large range of ice cream, table cream, yoghurt, cottage cheese, sour cream and other various dairy products. The organisation was established in the year 1910 and subsequently became a partnership among three interrelated families which are continuing to own and operate the business (Van Asselt, et al., 2008). The organisation is serving for around a hundred years in Australia and acquired immense recognition and position in the market. Various workplace hazards highly impact the organisation as well as the organisation performance.

There are various hazards which are related to the Food Industry. The food products can cause foodborne illness in the quality of milk and also affect factors as a pathogen and contamination growth chemical additives nutrient degradation and environmental pollution. It is difficult for the organisation to deal with the food products because there is a specific expiry date of each product and organisation used to manufacture the product that can resist the growth of microorganism and the durability of the product should be for a very long time. Apart from this, there are various hazardous which are related to food safety.


Chemical hazard is considered as the unintentionally introduced hazard in the milk or the Milk products. It makes the milk unsafe and unsuitable for consumption. The Other causes of contamination of milk can be inadequate control of equipment’s, inappropriate source of storage etc. The storage is one of the most important factors that ultimately impact the quality of milk products (King & Bedale, 2017). It is very important to store the milk products at a cool place because if the temperature exceeds after certain level then the growth of microorganism started in the milk products which is a biggest hazardous for the company.

Hazardous form animals are one of the major factors through which disease can be transmitted between the vertebrate animals and humans. Zoonosis infection is the most common infection which is associated with the consumption of milk products and milk are tuberculosis, listeriosis etc. This hazard is caused due to the transmission of disease from animals to human. This is transmitted because when an animal is infected and the milk which is given by the animal is not up to the standard then it may impact the health of the human who is consuming the milk products which is manufactured by the milk from that animal (Allata, Valero & Benhadja, 2017). This is transmitted to animals to humans is very difficult to extract as all the milk from different cows are gathered at one place and they are mixed that if any cow is infected then it may lead to contaminate the entire milk and the food products which are manufactured from that milk. Therefore the hazards from the animal are very dangerous and it leads to harmful health effects to humans.

The next hazard which highly impacts the organisation and the products are the improper packagings. If the packaging of the products is not up to the mark then it will surely impact the quality of the products. In case of liquid products, the quality of packaging must be at a certain standard because of the leakage or any kind of external environment can lead to impact the product then it was spoil or contaminate the entire product. Therefore packaging plays a very important role in making the product to reach perfectly to the customers. The packaging of the product should make a certain standard as it may not be affected by the external environment, sunlight and resist it at a certain temperature (Gawai & Sreeja, 2019). The packaging should sustain for a very long time and it should maintain the quality of the product until it reaches to the customer from its expiry date.

Hygiene is very important in any production company because if the hygiene is maintained then the product is also manufactured with the highest quality. To get clean and safe milk production in the dairy farm the condition of milking animals should be properly maintained. The milking animal should be properly clean time by time and the food that is given to the cow should also be very hygienic so that it may not impact their health and they will give the best quality of milk. Personal hygiene is very important as the person which is involving in milking process should have proper hygiene so that the process will be conducted perfectly (Rajpradeesh, Venkumar, Hariraja, Nagarjun & Manikandan, 2019). Rules and regulation related to the hygiene must be followed by the organisation as there are various rules and regulation created by the government in order to provide a hygienic workplace condition so that the product will be served with high quality. The hygiene is very as it eradicates the development of microorganism.

The waste management of the organisation should be much upgraded and it is very important to eliminate the waste product which is generated from milk processing. This is because if a small quantity of expired milk product gets added with the new manufacturing product then it will spoil the entire milk products which will prepare from those raw materials. Therefore the organisation needs to have separate waste management so that the waste product of the expired product may not get added with the products which will the manufactured. It is very important for all the organisation to maintained the waste management system as there are certain rules and regulation which must be followed by every organisation as these rules and regulations are created by the government so that the production of milk product should be done with proper method.

Regulations that Need to Be Followed

The organisation needs to maintain the rules and regulation and follow it as a priority. Various food standards need to be followed by the organisation such as the Dairy act 2000, food act 1984, code of practice for dairy, food safety, food standard code, user guidelines for safety validation and verification of heat treatment equipment and processes, minimum sampling guidance for dairy products and export control orders 2005. These are some legislation which needs to be followed by organisations to maintain the quality of the product and the product will be manufactured with the best quality. There are various products which are exported from Australia therefore to maintain the quality of this standard will meet the requirement and support the export requirement of the department of agriculture and export control 2005.

Recommendations on Individual Worksite Assessment

The recommendation to eradicate the hazard is as follows.

To eradicate the packaging related issue the organisation is to check the quality of packaging material before assembling it and packing the product. There is a various standard that an organisation can follow before packing any product. As the products are liquid-solid as well as neutral therefore the packaging for each material should be different and the organisation should see the quality of packaging required for each kind of material. Apart from this, the material should be resistance to UV light and can stand at a high temperature for some point in time.

In order to eradicate the chemical hazard, an organisation needs to collect the best quality of milk and collect it in the appropriate containers. The milk is collected from different cows which have different milk quality factors, therefore, the organisation needs to collect all the milk together and then treated it at the same scale (Zacharski, Southern, Ryan & Adley, 2018). Therefore the treatment of the product should be very accurate and precise so that all the amount of milk collected from different cows can be treated equally and on the same scale. However, different steps need to be undertaken by the organisation to suggest checking the quality of milk before taking it to the organisation and treating.

The organisation should focus on waste management practices because improper waste management leads to various problems in the manufacturing process as well as in storage. The organisation should collect the milk products which are not up to the quality and the waste which is generated from the raw material processing (Cavalheiro et al., 2020). If any particle of rejected material from processing gets added into the raw material then it will degrade the quality of food and make it improper for eating after some time. The organisation needs to plan a proper procedure of waste management and its raw material storage processing and form a team that can manage this process perfectly.

In order to maintain hygiene, the organisation needs to train all the employees and make them aware of the importance of hygiene and make them aware of the practices that the organisation is following. The training sessions must be conducted by the organisation time by time and also writes the workers how to maintain the hygiene and how to enhance the practices time by time. The organisation must check the storage section and clean it time by time and also clean the equipment after some time. The equipment must be washed timely as the milk particles can remain in the tanks after some processes therefore the cleaning of equipment is also important which needs to be done by the organisation.

In order to eradicate the hazard from animals, the organization lays to amend various steps. The disease which causes this is known as the zoonosis in which disease can be transmitted between the vertebrate animals and humans (Bilska & Ko?o?yn-Krajewska, 2019). Zoonosis infection is the most common infection which is associated with the consumption of milk products and milk are tuberculosis listeriosis etc. The organisation must check the health of animals and take proper precautions if any health issues found in animals. Also, the milk of those cows must be separated and should not be included in the processing because it may affect the quality of products.

References for Individual Worksite Assessment

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