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English Assignment - Answer 1

The sunlight peeks in to make a date with the dancing dust as I unlatched the creaky door of my farmhouse after ages to catch a sight of my scummy hideout. My eyes popped open along with my mouth as I saw my disgusting room full of mess. Cobwebs and spiders had designed their province in this poisonous jungle. Unwashed and dirty fabrics full of oil stains lay on the bed moaning to get out of this noxious room. The closet's condition made me dumbstruck because it was entirely empty. The cupboards filled with my shattered childhood toys, many of which were in bits and pieces. Most of them were rusted and in worse of their condition. The grubby and rugged walls seemed tidier than the rest of the place. Spiders wandered all over the place as if they weren't afraid of me at all. The hook which was supposed to have a childhood photo draping on it had my shits and my lost pant over it. The flowers in the yellow clay pots had almost died and their fragrance was already taken over by a musky one. My books were scattered all over the floor and the study table had a few gadgets over it. I found my old badminton racket preserved under this old feathery bed. God! I would surely get my mother to see this miserable condition of the room which surely had my lost treasure hidden somewhere inside it.

English Assignment - Answer 2

The waves acknowledged its presence to us and tickled our toes as we scrambled up the large grey rock. Gazing back over the beach, the vast coastline reminded me, once again, of how insignificant all of this really was. “So?” she asked, “You want to talk about it?”

Though it may seem strange but I didn’t, but there was no other way I could put it off any longer. She was about to be ditched though, given the state our relationship was in, it would surely come as no surprise to her. “You know as well as I do what I want to talk about,” I set about anxiously discerning her face for a response but she remained cold-faced like always. “So this is it, huh?” And before I could bob my head yes, she said, “Remember that first time we went racing?” Of course, I did.

For the next few hours, we recollected memory after memory. I felt pleased – we were already babbling just as old friends, aiding each other with the process of mending. Our countless differences, our unsuccessful relationship would not be a total loss after all until she casually stated how suicidal she had felt, coming here today. “You don’t plan to harm yourself, do you?” I shrieked in fear.

“No Longer,” she said, and her tranquil voice lulled me a little, “When I called you here, the intent was to make it a quick goodbye and send you off. Then I would have waited for the tide to come in and take me with it but not anymore. With that, she jumped off the rock and into the water. I was about to lose my life after seeing this but thank god, the only thing I remembered in this relationship was, she is a surfer.

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