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5 Tips for Writing an Impressive Literature Review

5 Tips for Writing an Impressive Literature Review
August 20, 2020

5 Tips for Writing an Impressive Literature Review

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Charlie, a research student at James Cook University Australia, has just a few days left to submit his doctoral dissertation. He is named amongst the bright students of his section. He is done with writing all the components in his research work, but somehow feels that the literature review he has written lacks something. It hasn’t turned out to be that compelling. Now, he is contemplating to take help from an expert.           

Do you too relate to Charlie’s story? Are you also unable to zero down on the literature review section of your dissertation? It is a task; we must say and we completely understand. Taking expert advice and getting literature review writing service online is not a bad idea, rather it brings benefits to the student. In fact, you must consider yourself a lucky one just like Charlie to have stumbled upon Online Assignment Expert. 

We have a pool of zealous subject matter experts who have acquired their PhD degrees from respectful universities all over the globe. They strive to work in compliance with the University guidelines and will help you in acquiring HD grades and no less than that. But in case you want to write the literature review on your own, keep reading further! In this blog, I have mentioned a few tips, which will help you achieve that perfect literature review in no time. Without further ado, let’s start!

What is a literature review?

A literature review is the examination or assessment of scholarly sources, which offer a gestalt of a specific topic. Literature reviews are often executed to base an all-inclusive look at what has been already discussed on the topic and by whom. Below are the basic components of a literature review:

  • a description of the journal
  • a summary of the journal’s main points
  • a confab of gaps in research
  • an assessment of the journal’s contribution to the topic

If you are thinking as to what are the main objectives of a literature review format, then; read below-mentioned pointers:

  • A literature review helps in fathoming the topic of study you have chosen
  • A literature review mingles and merges the literature data of the previously conducted researches into a short and to-the-point summary.
  • A literature review is a methodical way of representing the literature. 
  • A literature review is also such kind of writing that critically calculates the gathered research, along with identifying the gaps, by telling what the existing theories are lacking and how the further research can be carried out for good. 

What is the purpose of the literature review?

This is yet another question that hovers over the mind of students regarding what is the purpose of writing a literature review. Here is the answer:

  • To offer underpinning and establishment of gen on the chosen topic
  • To mention the scope of earlier erudition to avert the duplication by also giving due credit to other researchers
  • To also identify the inconstancies and conflicts in the previously conducted research, 
  • To justify the requirement of additional research as to why your research is being conducted 
  • To also mention the connection of works in the milieu of its involvement to the topic 
  • To place your research within based on the existing literature, thereby, substantiating the case as to why further study is required.

Tips for writing a literature review

You might have decided the topic on which your literature review is going to be based on. So, now the most important thing which comes to the forefront is to review the literature on that specific chosen topic. Here, in this section, I have mentioned a few tips that you can inculcate to write the literature review. Here you go!

Tip#1: Mention the goal of your literature review then and there. Lets’ say, for instance, you are writing a literature review on scientific theory. So, in this case, you can mention your goal by creating a hypothesis to do your assessment. 

Tip#2: Maximise the research area of your topic. Now, here it is imperative to talk about the topic in detail. Mention all the texts written by scholars, pertaining to your topic of research. 

Tip#3: What is the relevance of your research? After covering both the aforementioned points, now it’s time to highlight the relevance of your research. Give thesis, hypothesis, or project statement by fusing the prominence of the journal. 

Tip#4: Logical review is the need of the hour! What were the ideas that are marked until now? What impact they have? How did all those ideas advance in the academic conversation? You have to answer all these questions as a part of the logical review.

Tip#5: Citing all the reference is vital. By following the citation style guidelines of your University, such as APA, MLA, or Chicago style, you have to mention all the references. Since it is a literature review, it is but of course mandatory to put all the names of the authors whose work and researches you have talked about along with the year of their publication. 

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