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Exam Comprehension - Question 1 Part A

The Theory of Comparative Advantage

These bases of the theory associated with the course of comparative advantage are assessed to be aligned in the measure of evaluating the concepts of the business in the stance of production. These are the different developments which are aligned with the domains of measurement of the efficiency and the correspondence which is to be carried out in the distinctions of operations. In this manner the savoring of costs is carried out where there is a need to maintain the bases of production of goods or deliver y of services of goods which are integral in the course of efficient output. The theory of comparative advantage expands emphasis on the potential world production which is increased by the reduction in the constraints of free trade. The increment in the domains of provided bases associated with the course of Multinational enterprises are evaluated in the modern context as gaining strong grip on the course of production and reducing the production of efficient goods and services.

Exam Comprehension - Question 2 Part A


Central Banks




The basic motive of operation for the central bank in the course of operations associated with the alignment of reserve build is the basic motive of operation.

The motives of the dealers as the banks and non bank financial institutions in the dealing of financial market are the build of currency and that is traded by the participation of dealers.

The motives of serving as the principal executer in the international market is established by the brokers. These are the establishments which are carried out in the course of maintaining the bases of stance associated with the establishment of appropriate target market recognition.


The measure of operation is expanded as building reserves or providing stability f the exchange rate to the bank. There are certain banks which are responsible in the providing of stability to the home country.

The build of operations by the dealers is carried out in the course of maintaining the stance associated with the bid, quote, and exchanges commenced in the foreign market.

The operations of the brokers are associated as the elaboration of arrangement in the course of expanding the arrangements of transactions for appropriate representation, documentation, and physical distribution of parties.

 Exam Comprehension - Question 2 Part B

The direct invention in the foreign exchange market is the assessment which is associated with the consideration maintained in the course of providing the bases of increment in the profit in the onset but appropriate guidance and planning is necessary in the long run. The maintaining of the development in the course of remaining unaffected by the bound of other propensities is aligned in the course of operations and development. Therefore it is not recommendable neither always effective to implement direct invention at the initial stage in the foreign market.

Exam Comprehension - Question 3 Part B

The evaluations maintained between the spot exchange rate and the forward exchange rate is maintained as per the analysis of differential compared as per the interest rate differential of the two different countries in the comparative. The theory is quite useful to the investors of an enterprise regulating at the multinational level as it provides the course of guidance to be maintained in the different domains of operations.

Exam Comprehension - Question 3 Part C



Currency board arrangement

The establishment of the dollarization is the course of phenomenon which is associated with the build of dynamics in which the allocation is being reprised with respect to the reserve currency. The expansions of an explicit measure of adaptation of a currency board are termed as Dollarized country.

The course of actions which are aligned in the understanding and maintaining of a currency board policy are termed as the arrangements of currency board.


The implications of dollar adaptation as currency board is exemplified in the different countries as US, Zimbabwe, etc

The maintenance of a fixed exchange rate at a country is an example of currency board arrangement.

Exam Comprehension - Question 4 Part B


Cross-currency swaps

Parallel loans strategies


Provides the measure of capital control

Establishes the stance of market growth


Differentiation in the cash flow of simple interest

Provides stance of counterparties and risk examination

Exam Comprehension - Question 5 Part A

The measure of the global political risk is hard to assess and manage as the distinctions associated with the alignment of the operations are carried out in the course of management and differentiation. The dictation of the policies in the course of maintaining the stable course of business requires the course of prediction and ease of the measure of operation in the stance of different developments. The alignment maintained in the course of executing the different bases of operations is to be established by the exploration and exposure experienced by the MNEs. These are the different alignments of operations which tend to hinder the growth of an MNE.

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