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Introduction to Implementing Total Quality Management

The hospitality industry is a range of leisure and customer satisfaction-related organizations and services. The fact that it centers on concepts of leisure, experiences, enjoyment, and pleasure, as opposed to providing for essentials and necessary goods, is also a distinguishing characteristic of the hospitality industry (Revfine, n.d.). Hyatt Regency Atlanta commenced its business in 1967. The mission and vision of bringing people together and promoting relations continue which resulted in more than 175 Hyatt Regency hotels and resorts worldwide (Hyatt, n.d.).

Here the theory and strategies behind the success of Hyatt to retain its customer during COVID-19 will be discussed with the help of literature.

Hyatt: An Overview-

Strategies during COVID-19:

For Hyatt, the well-being of clients, guests, and employees is a top concern. Hyatt continues to actively track the condition of the COVID-19, keeping those impacted in its heart, and listening closely to the issues and queries it gets from visitors. Driven by the intent of Hyatt, it cares about individuals so that they can be the finest, and in reply to the complex circumstances of COVID-19, Hyatt's acts during this period include caring for guests, including reservation with trust and travel mobility and detailed measures to introduce new policies, procedures, and practices to recreate the hospitality experience (Hyatt, 2020).

Hyatt to retain its customers and maintain its goodwill has implemented policies of refund for all the customers who booked the rooms in advance and due to COVID-19 couldn’t stay. Providing customers and employees with secure and tidy workplaces has long been a primary concern for Hyatt worldwide, and it stays true to improved standards of hygiene now and in the coming years. It has expanded the termination program, driven by the intent of caring and responding to the customers, to provide more flexibility to help customers make travel plans again (Hyatt, 2020).

The theory behind the success:

Hyatt Regency believes in Total quality management, which is clearly embodied in its mission and vision. Total Quality Management ( TQM) is a management strategy based on the concept that "all personnel are actively refining their ability to provide services and products on order which are of unique advantage to customers" (Lucid Charts, n.d.).

The TQM theory can be rightly contained in its name: the word "total" implies that all employees in the organization are obligated to improve tasks, from development to production to delivery. And "management" suggests that this approach needs to be a concerted endeavor (Lucid Charts, n.d.).

Review of Articles

TQM in the hospitality industry-

Organizations are required to implement innovative management methods in difficult times, one of which is Total Quality Management ( TQM), and many hotels, have also reacted to these difficulties by implementing TQM to attain sustainability and market excellence. Therefore, TQM is also the way of life in the hotel industry to optimize facilities (Lockwood and Ababneh, 2012). In the hospitality industry, TQM has become widespread. It promotes the collaboration and commitment of the employees in support of organizational priorities through an informative, inspiring, and favorably fulfilling partnership between employers and their colleagues (Reay and Godfrey, 1995). Customers which have stayed in the TQM-implemented hotels are more pleased. The difference is evident in terms of guest satisfaction with the level of service in the hotels reported (Kneževi?, Cerovic, Džami?, and Radojevi?, 2017).

Conclusion on Implementing Total Quality Management

In light of the above, it can be concluded that Hyatt has responded well during the difficult times of COVID-19 and due to its strategies and TQM adaptability has still retained its customer base.

References for Implementing Total Quality Management

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