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BSBMGT616: Develop and Implement Strategic Plans Assessment Answers

Develop and Implement Strategic Plans Assessment Answers

BSBMGT616: Develop and Implement Strategic Plans Assessment Answers

The BSBMGT616: Develop and implement strategic plans assessment is not an easy task and we completely understand. BSBMGT616 is a vast subject and involves a lot of in-depth know-how and practical experience also, sometimes. In case you are trapped and have become a prey to the BSBMGT616 assessment, don’t worry, whizzes at Online Assignment Expert will bring you out of this and that too along with achieving HD grades.

Whether you have queries with a topic such as PEST analysis, steps in developing organisational values or you need assistance in stakeholder’s role in providing support for the strategic planning process or SWOT analysis, you can get it all from our PhD experts who know university guidelines and in framing that high-quality BSBMGT616 assessment answer. In this blog, I will be discussing some of the major topics that are asked in BSBMGT616 assessment and after knowing those topics, it would be easy for you to pen down the BSBMGT616: Develop and implement strategic plans - Strategic Planning assessment solution. 

What is PEST Analysis? What Are Its Benefits?

PEST analysis of any firm is the amalgamation of the political, economic, social and technological factors, which are significant for any company. The PEST analysis defines macro-environmental aspects, which would be utilised for scanning the environment. This is considered as one of the significant mechanisms of tactical planning of the company. Below are the benefits of PEST Analysis is as follows:

  • PEST Analysis helps in notifying businesses regarding both internal as well as external factors that affect the success or failure of the company. 
  • Helps in informing the crux of the current position of a business.
  • It helps in envisaging the prospects and projects the current situation. 
  • Calculates the business setting in which business is flourishing and let’s articulate the strategic directions, accordingly. 
  • Delivers companies with a reality check about its current loopholes and performance. 
  • It safeguards future failures and improves a framework for acquiring incessant accomplishment.
  • Helps in enabling firms to comprehend the market and economy and expand, at the same time. 

What are the 6 steps in developing organisational values?

Before writing BSBMGT616: Develop and implement strategic plans Assessment Answers, it is imperative to know six steps in developing organisational values. These steps are important for the organization's mission and value, as the making of the new strategic plan would help the organization to increase their productivity and meet their targets. Below is the answer that will help you frame a decent BSBMGT616 Assessment Answer:

  • Calculating the present culture of the company - It is very significant for a firm to create a standard culture that exists presently and to execute the same, it is vital to determine its position. At the same time, it is important to know the viewpoints of the clients, employees and interview vendors. 
  • Swotting all the strategic business tactics that are created within the company - In here, it is vital to plan the future of the company. It is also important to understand in which direction they are headed on the process of value. All of this can be discussed in a meeting organised along with planning out the growth, revenue, expansion and production.  
  • The willpower of the culture that is needed to acquire administrative goalmouths - After the previous step, there will be a clear vision of the prevailing organisational environment. The strategic plan is to be reviewed and needs to understand the requirement of organisational culture for reaching a certain point.
  • If required, make the necessary alterations in the values - By now the company will be having the needed talent and culture, and hence, the set values can be finalised. If any changes required, those can be made.
  • Defining the value to the target customers - An organisational value is needed to be exact about the procedure to display by the employees. In the end, define the same to the target customers.  
  • Indulging those values in the administrative procedures - Finally, the last step is to indulge those proposed values in the administrative procedures.

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