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Photography Business Management

Kristi Brooks wants to update your business from film Era to Digital Photography. She wants to develop for business and expand it to wedding and event photography that would require a huge amount of data storage as well as sharing devices. Right now, she doesn't have the proper equipment to transform her business. I need to provide the sum of the recommendations that would help her to develop our business according to her requirements. She needs a computer that will be reliable to store and manage all these can send photos as well as documentation that will include digital scanning a computer to learn Photoshop that will be tied with the server to manage all the business records as well as Data integrity that will include the backup. Moreover, a method to secure unwanted visitors that will allow people to have access to selected photos.

It is recommended to use Windows Server 2019 which will help Kristi To use it to configure her server for business as well as it will be used as an operating system to handle the file server. For this system, It would require around two gigahertz 64-bit processors which will include 6gb of Ram including 1TB of the hard disk. For networks, it is required to have gigabit Ethernet adapters. With optical storage with a DVD drive that will be handy for any installation of operating systems from DVD media. For video super VGA with higher resolution is required, including input devices like keyboard and mouse and high internet connectivity it will be suitable if the business has broadband access. To install Windows Server 2019 it is required to have the hyperactive V 2016 option. First, it is required to name the VM as well as specify the location to install hyper V Virtual Machine into the hard disks. Second, it is required to choose the generic version which generation would be better, and it is suggested to select the second generation. Once it has been done, it is required to specify how much memory you need to assign to create the virtual machine. The fourth step is to choose the networking setup of what kind of connection is required to create a virtual machine (PONGSRISOMCHAI, and NGAMSURIYAROJ, 2019). The fifth step is to choose the use of an existing virtual hard disk.

At last, it is required to finish off the new Virtual Machine wizard by clicking finish. After clicking on the finish button, the hyper-v virtual machine will boot the system and the technical preview run the Server Core. Use of Windows Server 2019 will provide GUI for the server, including projects, which is a server management tool that helps to manage GUI and GUI less Windows. Moreover, it provides built-in security functionality to help to address expect breach model for any security management. 

For other uses, it is recommended to use ACER XC 885 which is the best budget desktop PC for the photographers that includes Intel core i5 8400 processor including 8GB of RAM including 1TB of hard text as well as it will help the connectivity with gigabit Ethernet including 802.11 AC Wi-Fi. It is recommended to use Windows 10 as an operating system Because it provides excellent protection from the virus as well as it has direct x 12 that help many creators to develop various types of photographs as well as it will provide full control over the Windows 10 including it is much lighter and faster.

First, it is required to use a firewall, which will help to create a barrier between the user information and the outside world. After it helps to defend the system from various sources that threaten the operating system, moreover, it is suggested to use Complex password that will help to protect the user from any manual access system breach. next step is to keep all the operating system applications and browsers up to date to get maximum security to prevent hackers from accessing and exploiting the data. Moreover, it ignores All the emails from unknown parties or clicking or downloading any attachment along with them. The last step is to backup all the data from the Cloud server or in any hardware store in case of any data breach (Yuanyuan, 2018).

It is recommended to implement the 3-2-1 backup strategy In which three copies of the data has to be made where II first copy will be the original file, and two copies will remain as a backup. The second is to save local copies on different storage types. It is required to save one copy on to the internal drives and rest two copies will be saved on service or in the cloud. Also, one is the backup side in which services like Backblaze, CrashPlan that provide full of side backup which means all the backup will be located on the different locations which will be safe from any data breaches (Khandelwal et al. 2016). 

It is suggested to use Google Drive like cloud services that will provide storage of various photos as well as it can be used as sharing the photographs with their clients. By sharing the link, the user can set the priorities to download, which help the user to provide essential files and pictures to their clients without permission to edit anything.

Reference for Kristi Brooks Case Study

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