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Leadership for Global Hospitality

Table of Contents


Context of the case study.

Leadership Case Study.

Critical evaluation.



Introduction to Leadership for Global Hospitality

This study aims to emphasize cultural diversity and its importance in the hospitality industry. Due to globalisation hospitality industry highly focused on cultural diversity as it highly impacts the business. This study will discuss the importance of cultural diversity in the hospitality industry. Radisson Hotel Group is one of the organisations that has been a leader in this area (Ora, 2016). This study will focus on the leadership behaviour attitudes and style that has been used by Radisson Hotel and its impact on the business.

Context of The Case Study

Culture diversity refers to a binding wide range of cultures practices into one blended uniform of cultural practices. In hospitality industry culture diversity plays a very significant role because of globalisation and close cross-cultural elements in the industry needs to focus on the needs and requirements of the customer which will accomplish by adding diversity in the operations. Radisson Hotel has the number of branches in most of the countries and to drive smooth business for cultural diversity needs to be maintained by the organisation to fulfil the needs and requirements of the customers (Kyosabira, 2018). Culture diversity in the organisation makes business more profitable and competitive by delivering a wide range of service that meets the demands of the customers.

Radisson Hotel Group is one of the best hotels in the hospitality industry and again immense recognition and trust from the customer all over the world. The organisation delivers a large range of services and beholding culture diversity in all its strategies and operation. The organisation is a leader in the industry adopting culture diversity. Culture diversity help organisations to grab the creamy talent that can enhance the services but it also attracts and retain customers by fulfilling their choices and needs. This organisation is played in many countries therefore culture diversity plays a very important role in the functioning of the organisation. Diversity is considered as a thought which shown breed creativity and drives innovation to solve the existing problem in the organisation. Diversity also helps the organisation to pull talent that retains the best talent for the organisation.

Radisson Hotel Group is one of the most recognised and admired hotels all over the world and has a wide range of branches. The organisation is highly focused on the preservation of good relationships with the partners and stakeholders by adopting culture diversity. The organisation gives the entire credit of success to the organisation cultural beliefs which stand for the respect of each and every individual in the organisation. The core belief of the organisation stands on the slogan that is "we are many minds with one mind-sets”. The organisation is dedicated to the global team of employees that impact the communities where they work and live and fulfil requirements of the customer they serve (Limpitikranon, 2017). There are various initiatives that the organisation taken in order to maintain cultural diversity as most of the employees in organisation are belongs to the diverse culture in order to deliver the services to the customer. The organisation focuses on adopting culture diversity by appointing range of talents from a diverse range of applicants and also celebrates each and every culture where the organisation is located.

Leadership Case Study

Leadership highly impact the practices in the hotel industry and the same is applicable for Radisson Hotel Group. Leadership is one of the important tools that help the organisation to accomplish defined goals (Gheribi, 2018). The leadership style adopted by the organisation is transformational. According to this leadership style, the leaders work together with the team in order to identify the changes and accomplished in creating a vision for the organisation. Transformational leadership style helps the team members to keep motivated and inspire in order to create and accomplish organizational goals. This leadership style is attained by the organisation because the organisation focuses on cultural diversity and culture diversity and needs a transformational leadership style. This is because transformational leadership enables team members to put their thoughts in front of the team leaders and add that recommendation to the strategy for benefit of employees as well as for the customers (Ngugi, 2018). The leadership attributes adopted by the organisation is building trust and creating innovation by encouraging new talents in the organisation. Building trust is one of the most important things in the organisation because trust is the pillar of any firm and without it, the organisation cannot accomplish its goals. The organisation focus on hiring new talents and focus on a diverse workforce which helps in arising innovation and creativity in the work. The main reason behind culture diversity is that the organisation is located in different countries where the polices are different. Cultural diversity helps your organisation to fulfil the needs and demands of the customer located in a specific country. 

These initiatives are communicated to the members through the training sessions because when any employee get appointed in the organisation proper training is given and at that time all the initiatives that organisation taken are communicated to the employees (Gheribi, 2018). However, if there are some changes or some new addition in the policies are taken then all the employees were informed through official mails for a proper meeting is conducted by the organisation heads. The leaders directly communicate with the team members and every hotel has a different communication method as per the requirement.

There are some ethical issues associated with implementation as the organisation always stand on equal opportunities for every applicant therefore if any discrimination has been found then the legal action can be taken by the association or in case the employer will be fired from the hotel. The organisation always stands on cultural diversity and if it does not follow that strict action will be taken by the firm.

Critical Evaluation of Leadership for Global Hospitality

As per the current working of the hotel, the leadership style followed by the organisation is highly suitable that help the firm to accomplish the desired goals. Radisson Hotel Group is one of the best hotels in the world due to its values and services. The organisation attain immense success and achievements. The hotel has the best services and always come up with innovative ideas that can fulfil the needs and demands of the customers. Apart from this, organisation always stands on culture diversity because innovation and creativity come off with cultural diversity. The organisation always focuses on hiring new talents irrespective of caste, culture and religion they belong. Therefore, the organisation needs to make strategies and policies that link with cultural diversity (Ims & Grønhaug, 2018). In the organisation, it is also noted that customer satisfaction is the priority therefore organisation always adopt strategy and approaches that fit with the demand of the customer of different countries. The organisation has a different range of products and services in different countries as per the customer demands. The standard of the organisation is entirely the same in all hotels but the range of services may vary as per the customer demands. The overall strategies of the organisation are perfectly fit with the expectations of the customer but some areas need to change by the organisation. The organisation needs to focus on competition as due to globalisation demand for new services and products are quietly high and competition is rising day by day. Therefore the organisation needs to meet the market demand and apply the theories and approaches that could meet the demand and trends.

Conclusion on Leadership for Global Hospitality

It is concluded from the study that in hospitality industry culture diversity plays a very significant role. Radisson Hotel Group is one of the best chains of hotels in the hospitality industry and again immense recognition and trust from the customer all over the world. The organisation delivers a large range of services and beholding culture diversity in all its strategies and operation. The leadership style followed by the organisation is highly suitable that help the firm to accomplish the desired goals.

References for Leadership for Global Hospitality

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