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Equity Health Policy and Mental Health Care Plan

Table of Contents


Implications and key Policy options.

The Australian Social Equity.

The Mental Health Initiative.

Recommendations for action.

Way the recommendations will address issues.



In this case, the policy brief is essential for summarizing the Equity health policy and mental health care plan that will recommended as the best options.

Implications and Key Strategy Choices

The Australian Societal Equity

The main aim of initiating the Australian Social Equity policies is to build on creating a society capable of overcoming the nation's challenges in the realm of economic growth. The policy targets to engage adolescents, students, and societies in hypothesizing the strategy circles. Framing this policy will help the Australian government overcome the current policy fiascos (Kendig et al., 2016). The policy helps the Aboriginal society receive advanced and increased number of services by the government of Australia.

The Mental Health Initiative

Doctors' mental health problems can be addressed through proper initiation and application of a mental health program. The Australian government holds the primary responsibility of providing mental health disorders treatment via mental health services. A community health worker is usually assigned to provide necessary services for maintaining and controlling mental problems by the officers at the nearest medical institution. The policy is framed to look after the people who suffer a higher prevalence of contracting mental health problems and solving other public issues (Tucker-Drob & Bates, 2016).

Action Recommendations

In this case, the viable recommendations include policies for reducing risks attributed to mental health in children and teenagers, community?based early intervention, scaling up treatment, particularly psychotherapy, mental stimulation, necessary caregiver involvements for dementia, and employment support psychosis (Kirby Wright & Allgar, 2020). The recommendations for action will help Australia's people pull out the main challenges and implement them by taking the support of evidence from research and taking into practical sense. The socioeconomic gaps of current trends should be analyzed by looking after healthcare, social care, and implication systems. Health economics will help in reducing the gap between socioeconomic and psychological burden (Kirby, 2020).

Way the Recommendations Will Address Issues

The recommendations will work by focusing on rapid growth if cost-effectiveness and other related issues that individuals are facing. The areas should be explored, like research will help determine the root cause analysis for the problem and place it with the best possible solution. This will help in attempting a move from economic evidence to taking action on policies framed strategically. The focus should not be limited towards a single outcome; however, the analysis and provision of services should be unambiguous. This will straightaway help in making improvements in different directions (Fong et al., 2019). However, the health sector will be able to decide on the best decision-making techniques. QALY and DALY are the generic methods that should not be missed for making interventions in the mental and economic health field. The policy sectors should be monetized for strategic decision making with the intervention effects. The Return on Investment (ROI) is the best economic factor that people can use to determine practices held subject to decision-making. sMonetary values help in upgrading health outcomes to locate resource allocation to address people's social and economic status. This will help improve cost-effectiveness and cost-utility with the attention of policymaking (Enticott et al., 2016).

References for Mental Disorders and Distress

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