How To Tackle Social Inequalities and Mental Health Problems?

How to Tackle Social Inequalities and Mental Health Problems
September 21, 2022

How To Tackle Social Inequalities and Mental Health Problems?

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How To Tackle Social Inequalities and Mental Health Problems?

Our mental health is the most important thing for us to live. If you are physically injured and don't have the energy to get up, but you have strong willpower, and you believe that one day you'll surely get up from the bed, then you can achieve the same; all you need to do is to be brave mentally. There have been many cases where people were hurt badly and were spending their entire life resting on the bed; with a positive mindset, they could attain good health. You can see several examples around you where someone doesn't have hands or legs, yet they don't feel incomplete. But with a strong mentality, they believe in doing all those things that a completely abled person can do. Being disabled or hurt has nothing to do as long as you have strong control over your mental health and know you can do it.

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The Academic's Failure topped with Taunts

The constant bullishness or taunts by society harms your mental peace, and that also affects your mental health. Suppose you get fewer grades on your assignments, your professor, friends, family, and everyone will try their best to humiliate you; if you are a strong person who can cope with this pressure, you'll be fine. However, even if, for once, you let those harsh words let you down, then it will affect your mental health. Whatever you'll do, you'll doubt each step of yours.

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The Impact of Social Inequalities on Mental Health

Have you heard about the term psychotherapist? If you are a college-going student in the nursing field, you must be aware of this term. Do you know what the need is for a psychotherapist? What is the urge to visit another human being, pay them, and tell them what you are feeling and what has happened to you? Sometimes you don't understand the necessity but visiting a therapist is a blessing. For things that are bothering you, you might not share them with your family or friends, but you can share them with a therapist without being judged.

There is no specific age for facing social inequality and having the urge to visit a therapist. If, as a child, someone bullied you, it can impact your mental health. If you are in your 20s and still unemployed, the taunts by people around you can cause some severe damage to your mind's peace. Also, if you are in your 60s and there is no partner to spend the rest of your life with, or your children no longer live with you, the chances of getting bored with life and overthinking can disturb your mental peace. There is no specific age group to listen to people's taunts or harsh words; as long as you know how to tackle the same, you are on the right track. Moreover, some of the reasons for social inequalities' substantial impact on mental health are mentioned below.


One of the biggest reasons you are targeted is your appearance and where you come from. Racism is one of the issues that impact mental health. No matter how brilliant you are in your studies, how well-mannered and well-behaved you are, or how respectfully you treat others. If you are fat, black, immigrant, or poor, some people will keep on discriminating against you as if you belong to another planet. The uniqueness that makes you different from others is seen as nothing but a chance of discrimination. If you are poor at studies and great at artistic things, it is always the bad side that leads you to take aged care assignment help that will be targeted and not the fact of appreciation that you deserve. The constant disgrace and unpleasant words affect your mental health, and no matter how much you try to be better, as long as you are in a degrading company, the harm to your mental health will remain the same.

Bullying and Violence

As a child, if you have been bullied because of your size, shape, or physical appearance, you can feel the impact it has on you. Suppose you are fat and you know that you look different from others; your body is a little stout. It won't affect you until someone pokes you daily by calling you fat. The constant bullying based on your physical appearance can negatively impact you. As if you don't know that you are overweight or as if you are eating another's portion of food, and that is why they are calling you so. No. It is just a habit of some to tease others without caring that their words could haunt someone for life. If you are determined or their words have done severe damage, then you'll surely do something about your looks or else, the chances of getting depressed are higher. The bullishness is not sustained by physical appearance but by your gender. If you let that affect you, it will impact your mental health badly.

Signs of Mental Illness

These taunting or harsh words are silent killers; you'll keep getting attacked by such reckless words, and slowly you'll wish to live in a shell away from people. This is when you'll realise that others' company is affecting your mental health. Cutting your connections with others won't be very much of help, and the minute you start hating others' presence will be the time your mental state has been affected the most.

Nine signs of mental health issues are mentioned below, and if you are facing any of them, consulting a therapist is never a bad option.

  • Feeling anxious or worried
  • Feeling depressed or unhappy
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Sleep problems
  • Quiet or withdrawn
  • Substance abuse
  • Feeling guilty or worthless
  • Changes in behaviour or feelings

All these conditions are a sign that you are not mentally fit. There won't be drastic changes, but you'll feel a healthy distance from the world. However, in order to save yourself from social inequality, you push yourself to stay alone, and the loneliness harms your confidence, communication skills, and overall personality. To ask for help, whether Australia assignment help or help from a therapist for your mental health, you have to communicate. So, if you are seeing even smaller changes in yourself, then consulting a therapist is a good option. Now you must wonder why to pay someone to hear you. Again, talking to a stranger won't make you control yourself. And you can express your emotions freely.

To Wrap It Up

Mental health in most parts of the world isn't taken seriously, but if we had to state, over 92% of employees working shift hours face major mental health issues, but they pretend to be okay. Don't let that happen to you. If there is some social inequality bothering you, and you are unable to concentrate, then taking help from a therapist is highly recommended. Taking a deep breath to calm your tension might be a temporary solution, but if your assignments are making you nervous or there is tension in the air, then taking aged care assignment help from Online Assignment Expert is a sensible option.

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