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1. Identify and Describe the 7 Ps for The Nhm in London.

National History Museum of London has involved innovative ways to engage visitors and promote the active participation of individuals to gain a fun experience and learn science. 7Ps of marketing is based on continuous evaluation of the business activities that focus on product, people, process, physical evidence, place, promotion and price. The description of 7Ps for the National History Museum is as follows:

  1. Product: NHM provides a fun experience for individuals using interactive tools. It is popular for its exhibition and events available for all groups and individuals. Climate change wall, skeleton, T-Rex animatronics attracts tourists to enjoy the infrastructure and artefacts. 80 million natural history specimens in the museum attract visitors to learn and enjoy science.

  2. People: NHM includes 1400 employees wherein more than 500 volunteers are available in the museum, 99 scientists and several interns to promote the visiting experience of tourists in the museum. A large number of visitors are attracted to the museum that leads to long queues.

  3. Process: The process of engaging visitors contains the organization of several events including permanent galleries that provide consistent knowledge. Online process of selection of the activities provides different options to the visitors.

  4. Physical evidence: NHM provides brochures, maps and timetables to the visitors to explore the maximum things and purchase different learning resources, short videos and activities for adults and children. Display of skeleton and provides physical evidence of learning in the museum.

  5. Place: The museum is easily accessible through public transport and is considered as cost-friendly through free entry tickets. All the details of the place and location are available on the website that can help the visitors to reach easily. Colour codes of the museum layout explain different zones distributed over two floors that include different facilities such as faith room, restaurants, learning rooms, picnic area, toilets, cloakroom and Centre for UK Biodiversity.

  6. Promotion: NHM promotes activities and interactive learning through its website and events that attract visitors to different experiences. Online available information on the website and social media promote a fun-loving and intellectual experience to the visitors.

  7. Price: Entry ticket of the museum is free for all visitors whereas through it charges for additional activities and events that occur in the museum. Monthly sleepover activities for children and ‘Dino Snores for Grownups’ are available in the museum with reasonable prices.

2. How Do You Think that ‘Place’ Is Being Used to Give the Nhm a Competitive Advantage?

NHM can attain a competitive advantage through several elements while the most innovative technology in the place and interactive environment promotes effective experiences for the visitors that helps to attract more visitors and maintain a popular position among visitors.

Following points explain the competitive advantage of NHM through ‘place’ element of marketing:

  1. Free entry ticket: NHM provides a free ticket for all the visitors and to access the collections of the museum through digitally. It promotes the active participation of visitors through interactive tools and managing the activities in a learning-friendly environment.

  2. Easy accessibility by public transport: Easy accessibility of the museum through public transport attracts more visitors including families, teachers, adults, precinct, school groups, communities and children. It is also popular as a recognized research centre that promotes visitors with a huge interest in science.

  3. Free digital access of collections: NHM provides the accessibility of its collections to individuals with more than 3.5 million specimens free of cost. It promotes the experiences of individuals in the museum at different levels.

  4. Wide range of activities: Distinguished activities in the museum promotes the interest of children and adults in science and learning new concepts through an interactive process. Several individuals and groups enjoy the visit as per their interest and engagement int6he activities.

  5. Comprehensive website: A digital place to visit NHM is its website that helps the visitors to develop their itinerary before the visit. It allows the visitors to manage their time and avail the benefit of maximum exposure through exhibition, events and activities.

  6. Colour codes for the themes: The rooms available in NHM are based on different colour codes such as red, blue, orange and green to distribute the area into different zones. The importance of each colour can be seen through the learning advantage such as green zone represents the minerals and birds while the red zone represents the evolution of the earth.

  7. Facilities: This place includes different facilities for the individuals including learning rooms, Centre for UK Biodiversity, faith room, picnic area, toilets, cloakroom and restaurants.

Mesmerizing experience of the place of NHM works with high-end technology that enhances the learning process and promotes active engagement of individuals and groups. Innovative ideas and the use of technology in the museum provides a competitive advantage to NHM.

3. Suggest Ways to Improve the Customer Service ‘Processes’ in This Museum.

NHM provides a memorable experience to its customers through the use of high-end technology, social media and specific strategies. Significant events and approaches for the customers promote the brand management of NHM. Distinguished services and infrastructure provides an effective experience that encourages potential visitors. The museum owns a wide variety of collection in the museum that are represented by NHM in innovative ways whereas it can improve the customer service ‘processes’ through different strategies and understanding the needs of different visitors. As it can be noticed that, the visitors face a difficult situation at the time of school holidays. Long queues can impact the popularity of NHM. NHM must promote effective ways that can benefit visitors and resolve the issue of the waiting period. Different strategies for NHM to improve customer service ‘processes’ are as follows:

  1. NHM can promote online tickets for visitors with their entry time. Free availability of the tickets through online mode can promote the customers to enter into the museum on time and gain the most effective experience. It can reduce the chances of long queues and help the visitors to manage their time based on online time availability. A long waiting period of visitors can be minimized by limiting the number of visitors through online mode. It can allow only limited visitors daily that can promote effective customer experience.

  2. NHM can remove the limited time for the customers to enjoy their time in the museum. It can help the visitors to gain a better experience and enjoy till unlimited period.

  3. NHM can use some of the volunteers to guide the visitors to book online tickets and reduce their experience of long queues.

  4. For better customer service, NHM can specify the volunteers for each visitor group so that they get appropriate guidance and attain the fruitful experience by gaining suitable knowledge regarding exhibitions, skeletons and other facilities. It can also help the visitors to manage their time and explore the maximum layouts. The learning experience of visitors promotes customer satisfaction that allows effective management of different activities.

  5. NHM can also allow the feedback facility at the exit for the visitors to monitor the customer experience and maintaining suitable customer service strategies based on the feedback of customers.

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