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Business Communication



Description of scenario

Communication concept

The relevance of the concept in respect of scenario

Another concept and its importance in solving issue




Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

It is a fact that the success of any business mainly depends on effective communication. Business communication can be defined as the procedure of exchanging the information from one individual to other individuals either within or outside the corporate environment. It entails diverse aspects such as interpersonal communication, customer relations, verbal and non-verbal communications, social media communication for marketing purposes, and more. Efficient business communication is needed in the organization to increase productivity, build robust customer relationships, powerful business partnerships, more innovation, reducing conflicts, and more (Gramatnikovski, Stoilkovska, and Serafimovic 2015). This essay is set to reflect upon the scenario faced by me at my workplace in respect of ineffective business communications due to the low emotional intelligence of workers. Furthermore, this essay discusses the business communication concept relevant to the scenario and its relevance.

Description of the Scenario

The scenario observed by me at my workplace was that sometimes the clients while meetings are not able to understand my leader in terms of his way of exchanging the messages concerning business dealings. Although he has abundant IQ (Intelligent Quotient) he lacks emotional intelligence that is needed for better leadership and client relationships in business. Moreover, they lack self-awareness, empathy, relationship management, effective communication, and self-management. I was a team member of a team supervised by my leader. While leading the team, my leader has fewer abilities to inspire his team due to his ineffective way of communication etiquette. Due to a lack of emotional intelligence, he was not able to gauge the desires and expectations of my team members as well as the clients of the business. This situation made me feel demotivated from work. In the team, I and my team members were aware of the fact that emotional intelligence is needed at every phase of business especially in making strong relations with the client. However, I could not suggest my leader adopt this approach while communicating with people as he did not allow people to bring their suggestions as he was an autocratic leader.

Communication Concept

The identified business communication concept is the lack of emotional intelligence that is required in business communications. Emotional intelligence is the concept defined as the capability to identify and understand the feelings and their influence on outlooks and behavior. There is no doubt that higher emotional intelligence aids business people to communicate effectively, promote the efforts of the team, and solve the problems whenever take place. Moreover, it assists people to nurture and improve the customer relationships in the business dealings (Tao, Jang and Kwon 2019). There are five domains of emotional intelligence as per the Goleman namely knowing one’s emotions, managing emotions, motivating oneself, identifying emotions in others, and managing relationships. The first domain is “knowing self-emotions" which means self-awareness that refers to the capability to recognize a feeling the moment it exists. The second domain is "managing emotions" which means calming self and governing nervousness, sadness, or resentment. The third domain is “motivating self” means self-control through delaying satisfaction and handling spontaneity that are essentials for success. The fourth domain is "empathy" by recognizing the emotions of others and it is important for building relationships with customers in a business context. The fifth domain is “managing relationships” means social skills that refer to behave with everyone politely and with respect (Maleshkov 2014). According to the Mayer Salovey-Caruso EI test, there are four branches namely perceiving emotions, facilitating thoughts, understanding emotions, and managing emotions.

The Relevance of the Concept Concerning the Scenario

The concept of emotional intelligence is relevant to my experience regarding the ineffective business communication of my leader as he lacks emotional intelligence. In business communication, emotional intelligence (EQ) plays a more essential role than an intelligent quotient (IQ). I observed that my leader wriggled having good associations with employees and clients. His communication skills were not satisfactory and he could not understand the outlooks, individual concerns, and philosophy of others. He was not liked by others and others hated working with him. Numerous struggles occurred daily with various people having unfortunate feelings to one another. There was a lack of group effort and the business development was delayed. Hence, the concept namely emotional intelligence is of great significance in this respect. Emotional intelligence is an important capability for strong and emotional interactive associations, and interpersonal communications. It contributes to clear communication and thereby leading to better associations. A lack of emotional intelligence, especially at the workplace, may lead to less understanding of individual emotions, other’s emotions, and less effective communication of notions and feelings to others. Moreover, it results in incorrect communication connected behavior like an explosion of feeling, oversharing, or failing to convey significant information (Ackerman 2020).

Another Concept and Its Importance in Solving the Issue

Another concept of business communication that can be used to resolve the issue of ineffective business communication as a result of a lack of emotional intelligence is interpersonal communication. It means that my leader must enhance its interpersonal communications to develop its emotional intelligence. This further includes verbal communication, non-verbal communication, and active listening. The verbal form of business communication requires language to exchange information via speaking to people. It is an effective and essential form of business communication as this supports verbal communication with written and non-verbal communication. The relevance of non-verbal communication is that it assists in inaugurating and preserving the interpersonal associations. Usually, the business people use this form of language to convey feelings, and relational approaches and conduct rites like greetings and carry forward the individual's personality. Active listening is another important aspect essential for developing one's emotional intelligence. It allows the individual to listen actively to the other members and understand the needs and desires of the people. The concept of interpersonal relationships could better solve the scenario of ineffective business communications. As the name says interpersonal means people skills. Thus, when my leader could be able to develop these skills in him, he would be better understand the concerns of people and convey his message in the improved manner (Sudantari, Padmadewi and Dewi 2019).

Reflection on Emotional Intelligence

According to my opinion, the issue of ineffective communication is relevant for business communication as this may hinder the productivity of the business by not having robust relations with clients. Therefore, this issue must be managed in such a manner that it will not occur again and enable the organization to thrive for a long period. As per my experience, I learned that a person must have a high EQ (emotional quotient) in the business so that he may be able to consider the outlooks of everyone and listen to each of its team members actively. Moreover, I believe that high Emotional intelligence can enable a person to communicate effectively with the customers and can build relations with them for long.

Conclusion on Emotional Intelligence

From the above reflection of mine, it can be concluded that emotional intelligence plays an important role in business communications. Moreover, a lack of emotional intelligence in a person can lead to ineffective business communication that could further be developed by practicing on interpersonal communication. Interpersonal communication entails the practice of verbal communication, non-verbal communication, and active listening.

References for Emotional Intelligence

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