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BSBLDR501 Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence Assessment Answer

BSBLDR501 Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence Assessment Answer
May 27, 2020

BSBLDR501 Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence Assessment Answer

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The students pursuing management, business, or leadership-related courses from Wall Street College, Australia are required to deal with BSBLDR501 assessments. This assessment is based on developing and using emotional intelligence.  Under this assessment, you are given three different tasks, i.e., assessment task 1, 2, and 3. The purpose of writing the BSBLDR501: develop and use emotional intelligence assessment answer is to develop and use emotional intelligence to enhance self-management, relationship management, self-awareness, and social awareness in the milieu of the workplace. 

While writing the BSBLDR501 develop and use emotional intelligence assessment answers, you may determine the effect of one's emotions on others, stimulating emotional intelligence development in others, identifying and valuing the emotional weaknesses and strengths of others, and developing emotional intelligence within the workplace to enhance team performance. In this blog, you will find a detailed description of each assessment task, how to solve them, and the best platform to hire experts in case any issue occurs while writing an assessment.

Detailed Description of BSBLDR501 Assessment Tasks

As we have discussed that students are required to cover three different tasks during the study of BSBLDR501: Diploma of Leadership and Management. Our management assignment writing experts have described these tasks in detail. Thus, let's have a look.

Assessment Task 1

In this section, your task is to determine your own emotional weaknesses and strengths and reflect on the behaviour at the workplace. You may have to draft a reflection and present supporting documentation. The purpose of this task is to check the knowledge and skills required in identifying the effect of an individual's emotion on others in the workplace.

BSBLDR501 assessment sample

Hints To Write the Bsbldr501 Reflection Report

Writing a reflection includes the use of analysis methods such as PEST or PESTLE, and/or SWOT. However, while writing a reflection for BSBLDR501 assessment, you may follow the below-given points. 

  • Your reflection should demonstrate your personal traits, contemplation of its effect on others and changes in your approach to managing development
  • Identify the effect of your emotions (negative as well as positive) on others including emotional weaknesses, strengths, emotional states, stressors, gathering feedback, and triggers from others
  • Include examples and description of your behaviours that exhibit management of emotions
  • Explain the strategies and principles of emotional intelligence 
  • Include appropriate supporting documentation like emails, worksheets, or screenshots in order to deliver suggestions of measures that have been used to collect information of your own emotional intelligence.

Assessment Task 2

In this assessment, you will be given a case study. Based on that, you are required to write a BSBLDR501 assessment answer task 2. This task is assigned to develop the knowledge and skills essential in appreciating and recognising other's emotional strengths within the workplace. Further details are described below.

Bsbldr501 reflection report assessment sample

Bsbldr501 assessment task 2

To solve the assessment task 2, you will be acting as a new general operation manager. Answer the questions considering the above case study.

develop and use emotional intelligence assessment

Your written answers must demonstrate the following:

  • You may know the ways to communicate in different work areas varying in terms of cultural expressions 
  • Show the ability to apply strategies and principles of emotional intelligence 
  • Describe the steps you would like to adapt your communication style to build trust, model behaviours, develop positive work relationships, and build indulgent of emotional intelligence
  • Include evidence to prove your ability to determine and answer against the other's emotion
  • You must be well-versed with regulations, legislation, procedures, policies, and guidelines concerned with management practices

BSBLDR501 assignment question

Based on the above scenario, you may answer the following questions:

  • Describe the minimum of two possible examples for misapprehensions of behaviour and expressions that may be related to a diverse workforce.
  • Explain the ways you will follow to make an employee understand who have issues with cultural expressions may be misinterpreted. 
  • Discuss the useful steps that can raise cultural expression awareness among teams and stimulate effective communication to eliminate misunderstanding.

bsbldr501 develop and use emotional intelligence assessment question

  • Explain the ways you will follow to set aside your emotion and concentrate on knowing how an employee feels. 
  • Discuss how knowledge concerned with personality types, learning styles, or communication styles can help you to know your employee better.
  • Describe how awareness of your feelings and those of your employee will help in adapting response.

In case, if you find any issue while writing, develop and use an emotional intelligence assessment answer, contact us at Online Assignment Expert or refer to related emotional intelligence principles. 

Assessment Task 3

Under this task, you will answer to an imitated workplace scenario by participating and planning in the workplace. You will come to highlight the knowledge and skills required to stimulate the emotional intelligence development and make use of others' emotional weaknesses and strengths to enhance workplace outcomes.

BSBLDR501 assessment answer

In this assessment, you will be given a case scenario. Here, you will need to arbitrate to write bsbldr501 develop and use emotional intelligence assessment answers. Also, you must plan and conduct coaching and training sessions. 

Additional Tips for Solving the BSBLDR501 Assessment

  • You may explain GROW Coaching Model including Goal, Reality, Options, and Will
  • Find out your own emotions affect others within a workplace
  • Determine and value the emotional weaknesses and strengths of others
  • Promote the progress of emotional intelligence 
  • Use emotional intelligence to enhance team resultant
  • You may be well-versed with the research, writing, learning, oral communication, and interact with others. 

Hopefully, the above-given information will be quite helpful for students pursuing Diploma in Leadership and Management for Wall Street College of Australia. In case, if you still find issues, then reach out to Online Assignment Expert immediately. 

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