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Management, People and Teams



Review of the Presentation.

Consideration of relevant theories and concepts and their applications to the issues raised.

People Training and Development

Gender diversity in the international HRM practices.

Intelligent hiring and recruitment

Integration of concepts and appreciation of their implications.

Appreciation of Training and Development

Gender discrimination.

Intelligent hiring and employment

Communication style and effectiveness.

Strengths of the presentation.

Areas of development


Introduction to Training and Development in Organizations

Managing people or human resources in the organization is a critical task involving intervention with different perspectives at distinct levels as an organization’s success factor can not be measured in view of avoidance of the efficient human resources or organizational people linked into the same (Macke & Generi, 2018).

People management, also interchangeably known as human resource management, in the framework of managing the people and their actions and knowledge in the workplace for the achievement of the individual as well as organizational goals (Brewster, 2017).

The preview of people management and its emerging concepts in the workplace and area has been demonstrated effectively by the student in the video presentation based on which an overall assessment and critical analysis of implementing activities of the same have been detailed below.

Review of the Presentation

As discussed by part A video of another student provided, the understanding and thoughtful analysis of certain theories and concepts effectively in the organization and processes have been identified and inferred. The student has discussed and focused on, in the video, the concept of utilization of training and development practices in the organization, and international human resource management practices, especially the gender diversity in the workplace.

Consideration of Relevant Theories and Concepts and Their Applications to The Issues Raised

The student in the video focuses on explaining the various cues of people or human management in the organization in correspondence to the internationalization of human resources management practices.

People Training and Development

The speaker conveys the aspects of the need for training and development among people in the workplace. As analyzed by Ferreira (2016), the concept of training and development of individuals in the workplace is paramount for the potential growth and improvement of both individuals and organizations.

Gender diversity in international HRM practices

Neilson et al. (2017) has conceptualized the theory of gender diversity in the areas of international management of human resource specifying the significance of robust outcomes achievable such as knowledge management, innovation capabilities, and achievement of opportunistic areas.

The author has discussed the magnitude of gender diversified workforce in the workplace to create a flexible, robust, manifested, and candid style of workforce management leading to certain merits.

Intelligent hiring and recruitment

The concept of Intelligent recruitment system, as conceptualized by Haraty (2007), has gained a rapid acceleration in the arena of globalization. There has been tremendous innovation in the field of people recruitment and hiring in organizations with the introduction of Information Technology (IT) for the sake of improved skills and knowledge acquisition.

Integration of Concepts and Appreciation of Their Implications

The video discussion of the student provided derives certain challenging elements and their implications in respect of human resources or people management as an integrative perspective.

Appreciation of Training and Development

The speaker in the video describes the need for a robust training provided to employees in the workplace since training develops an overall knowledge of the practices to act on in the organization.

Buckley & Caple (2010) have supported the claim that training is the systematic process of organizational learning in order to gain and develop knowledge, skills, and abilities whereas development generalizes the enhancement of skills and abilities through conscious acknowledgment.

The video illustrates the robust need and implication for the training and development of individuals and has also assessed the list of efforts in the same.

Gender discrimination

Krivkovich (2017) has revealed the underrepresentation of women section of the society and their representativeness in the workplace. It has been overlooked by around a great sample of the global population that women are less prone to business and professional management as that of the men.

Similar implementation has been raised by the speaker in the video that women as a leader are less likely to achieve the overall goals than men. However, in a positive sense, this statement of the speaker provides for an extensive scope of encouragement to women section towards taking up effective actions and reveal the potential in the workplace.

Intelligent hiring and employment

As discussed by Haraty (2007), the consideration of technological advances has flourished in the areas of recruitment and various such time-consuming procedures of human resources application.

The speaker also discusses the implementation of effective and robust practices in the orbit of hiring, staffing, and employment of individuals in a way to attract and gain the most competent and lucrative personnel to generate more profitability.

Moreover, this can be implemented by the use of practices like the use of artificial intelligence, digital innovations, IT- assistance devices, etc. in the prospering of the system of HR.

Communication Style and Effectiveness

The speaker took into the communication pattern as a serious and structured mode of conveying and communicating the subjective ideas of people management and their implications in the workplace. As demonstrated by Morgan et al. (2016), the verbal aspects of communication are a beneficial and most leveraging source and the element of communication practices in the workplace as it creates a clear and coherent meaning of the communication part and meaning of the same.

Additionally, the non-verbal cues of communication are the aids for the fostering of the verbal communication and message retrieved. The communication style and pattern used to take into account the concept of 7Cs of effective communication i.e. clarity, conciseness, coherence, correctness, completeness, courteousness, and concreteness.

Moreover, the speaker has been observed to effectively play upon these Cs of communication, however limiting the scope for few. To explain, the speaker has been observed to less likely to perform on the platforms of concrete and conciseness of the subject.

Also, the limited-expression for non-verbal cues of communication was observed such as the absence of variation in gestures and monotonous modulations, less effluent cue of chronemics, etc.

Strengths of the presentation

The presentation provided seems to be strengthened in the view of providing the listeners with the effective and overall knowledge of the information and message aimed to be delivered by the speaker.

The presentation provided has seen to be potential in terms of attracting the prospects (Okoro, 2018), and providing knowledgeable insights related to the organizational practices in an easy way.

Areas of Development

In addition to this, the study as a presentation by the speaker also seems to generate positive focus scopes by providing a list of practices that require to be worked on and enhanced in order to create an overall organizational propensity and advantageous positioning in the global and target domain.

The presentation provides the assessment of gaps in the organizational activities and workflows, specifically the area of people or human resource management like global workforce diversity, intelligent and IT-supported human resource practices.

Conclusion on Training and Development in Organizations

To conclude, the presentation synthesizes the scope of certain analysis of theories and concepts into practice in the field of people management. It has been concluded from the study that inherited the emerging tactics of people management and global practices along with the strengths and weaknesses in the domain. Additionally, the presentation by the speaker student assisted the analysis in knowing the focus of the needs of employees in the organization, the drivers and barriers to the practice in the workplace, and appreciations in the same.

The study and critical evaluation assisted the acknowledgment of various areas of emergent development in the field of managing the people of different cultures and backgrounds and also the prevailing strengths and positives of the people management practices in the alike. Hence, the overall evaluation has been a successful operational activity to assess and seek out the patterns in managing people and suggestive scope of their radical development.

References for Training and Development in Organizations

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