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Principles of Nursing: Contexts of Ageing

Introduction to Cognitive Health and Older Adults

According to Evans et al. (2018), cognitive health means the ability to think, speak, learn, and memorize properly and effectively. It is a very important factor in brain health in older adults that often get affected by age or injury.

Impact on Older Adults

According to LaMonica et al. (2017), due to the accumulation of lipofuscin, reduced blood flow in cerebral regions, degenerative or morphological changes in the brain or cerebral tissue, or others lead to affect the cognitive health of the older adults. It impacts their memory, attention or concentration, auditory or visual abilities, sensations, perceptions, learning, and few other impacts. They might also suffer from cognitive skill disorders (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2020).

Health Promotion Messages

The 2 messages are ‘healthy food to healthy aging’ and ‘better lifestyle leads to improved functioning’. There is a need for the promotion of healthy diet and physical health in older adults for healthy aging with no or reduced cognitive issues in old age.

SMART Goal and Actions

The SMART goal is to focus on personal health daily.

According to the National Institute of Aging (2017), taking complete care of physical health and eating a healthy diet can result in improving cognitive health. The regular health screenings, proper sleep, daily physical activities, no intake of alcohol or smoking, and intake of healthy whole-grain, low-fat diet can health in improving cognitive health with a healthy body. 

More information

NIA Alzheimer’s and related Dementias Education and Referral (ADEAR) Center
800-438-4380 (toll-free)


Narre Warren: (03) 9705-2216
Mentone: (03) 9585-1881

Conclusion on Cognitive Health and Older Adults

Cognitive health is of great significance which can be improved with the health if a healthy diet and focus on physical health. If left unmanaged then it can impact memory, listening, sensation, and other important functions of the older adults. 

References for Cognitive Health and Older Adults

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