CHCAGE001 Facilitate The Empowerment Of Older People Assessment Answers

CHCAGE001 Assessment Answers from PhD Experts
July 07, 2022

CHCAGE001 Facilitate The Empowerment Of Older People Assessment Answers

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CHCAGE001 Facilitate The Empowerment Of Older People Assessment Answers

Students studying community services-related courses like Certificate IV in Fitness, Diploma of Community Services, Diploma of Community Development, Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance, etc., are required to deal with numerous unit codes, and CHCAGE001 is one of them. This unit code deals with facilitating the empowerment of older people. Under this unit, you are required to tackle different assignments. We understand that CHCAGE001 assessments may be challenging; therefore, our experts have discussed some essential information that can help you write CHCAGE001 assessment answers.

The skills and knowledge that felt the need to respond to the dreams and ambitions of elderly adults and provide endorsed services that concentrate on enhancing health and wellbeing outcomes using a person-centred approach are described in this unit, according to our experts providing CHCAGE001 assignment help. Support personnel working in residential or community settings are covered under this unit.

Further details about the CHCAGE001 assessment and its answers are discussed below by our professional writers.

What Are The Different Types of Assessment Tasks?

The Community Services study can be challenging as it involves several types of assignments. Some of them are –

  • Assessment 1 - Case Study
  • Assessment 2 - Role Play-Meet With Brenda
  • Assessment 3 - Project-Safety Check
  • Assessment 4 - Project-Plan and Implement an Activity
  • Assessment 5 - Supervisor Report

No need to worry because our experts delivering CHCAGE001 assignment answers have discussed these assignments in detail. Let's have a look at the details discussed under.

Assessment 1 – Case Study

Students are typically needed to assess problems and challenges in a scenario, illustrate their growing knowledge of theory and research and professional policies, and make recommendations depending on these to either solve the issues or prevent them. These tasks are typical of case study assignments.

In a case study, you must evaluate the problem, consider potential solutions, and recommend the best course of action with supporting evidence. Writing a thesis paper is comparable to writing a case study assignment.

However, the case study questions involved with the CHCAGE001 are as discussed below –

Case Study Questions of CHCAGE001

Hints to Write Case Study Question Answers

To answer the above case study questions, you must know the following.

  • Be realistic well about the case study's goals
  • Pick an interesting case study approach
  • Prove your argument study applicable to EVERY potential client
  • Keep your case study's story relevant.
  • In your case study, provide facts to support your main claims.
  • Use your firm as a supporting figure
  • Let your clients share their narratives


The second assignment task is role play meet with Brenda. In this assignment, you must deal with a scenario based on it; you will be required to answer certain verbal questions.

Case Study Verbal Questions of CHCAGE001

Our experts have also answered the questions in the above snippet. Apart from these, several other questions must be answered to complete assessment task 2. However, if you need any help, reach out to us and avail the best assignment help in Australia.

To know more about the CHCAGE001 Facilitate the Empowerment of Older People and its assignment, connect to Online Assignment Expert. Here the experts will provide a complete guide to assist you in writing CHCAGE001 assessment answers. However, we will discuss the features and services available with us, but before that, we will discuss the tips for writing the CHCAGE001 assessment answer.

  • Advocate for the rights of senior citizens
    • Assist the elderly person in understanding their entitlements and the organization's complaint procedures
    • Provide services that uphold the rights of senior citizens 3.3 Recognize violations of human rights and take appropriate action
    • Recognize the warning indications of elder economic, mental, or emotional abuse or neglect and disclose it to the proper party.
    • As needed, assist the individual in gaining access to alternative support services and grievance procedures.
  • Establish connections with senior citizens
    • Conduct interpersonal interactions in a way that encourages empowerment, upholds and fosters kindness.
    • Recognize and appreciate older people's social, economic, and spiritual diversity.
    • Uphold the person's anonymity and safety by organization policies and processes
    • Work with the individual to determine the physical and social barriers influencing health outcomes and patient satisfaction.
    • To improve the person's health outcomes, encourage them to take collective responsibility for their assistance.
  • Offer senior citizens' services
    • Describe and identify the services that provide elderly people more control.
    • Encourage the seniors to express their personality and interests without imposing one's own beliefs or way of thinking.
    • Tailor services to the requirements of the elderly adult and offer them by their choices.
    • Deliver services by the organization's rules, practises, and duty of care obligations.
  • Encourage the health and re-capability of seniors
    • Help the elderly person understand the impact that changes brought on by the ageing process may have on their activities of daily life and facilitate them in recognizing this impact.
    • Help the elderly person understand the impact that changes brought on by ageing have on their daily living.
    • Recognize strategies and possibilities that optimize interaction and inspire healthy lifestyle practices.
    • Identify and use supports and adjustments that support individual aptitudes and capabilities to help older people live independently in their surroundings.
    • Discuss instances of age-related danger or prospective risk.

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