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Principles Of Nursing: Contexts Of Ageing

Introduction to Osteoporosis in Older People

Hello everyone. My name is …..bones have a porous structure and with increasing age, the tiny pores start to increase in size and the outer layer of the bones starts to become thin causing osteoporosis. Other than aging, it can be caused due to post-menopausal effect, decrease in bone mineral density, and deficiency of vitamin D or calcium. But it has become a common problem among aged people hampering their quality of life. So, in this poster, I will be highlighting the pathophysiology of osteoporosis and the impact of it on older people. Then, I will be discussing the measures that can be used to prevent it and can be defined as long term goals.


In osteoporosis, the mass density of bones decreases causing the bones to lose its structural integrity and making them fragile. Structural changes and fragility of the bones can lead to fracture.

Effect in Older People

The fracture can affect the older people by enhancing their dependability on others and restricting their movement. It will ultimately affect their quality of life. Normally, damaged bones are healed by the body but the process of bone repair becomes slow in older people as the tiny holes in bones become big along with the loss of the outer strong layer with time.


Osteoporosis can be prevented by taking calcium and Vitamin D. Maintaining an adequate level of vitamin D in the body helps in the absorption of calcium preventing osteoporosis. Another effective method of prevention is exercising. It has been established that exercising helps the body in developing new bone tissue providing strength to the bones and maintaining bone mineral density.

Long Term Goal

Resistance exercise can be used as a long-term goal to prevent osteoporosis. The resistance training involving low load and high load is equally effective on older people. So, low load resistance training can be effectively practiced for the prevention of osteoporosis for a long duration of time.

Conclusion on Osteoporosis in Older People

In conclusion osteoporosis of the hip is most common among older people and it needs to be considered as a problem as it can lead to fracture which adversely affects the quality of life and increases the dependability of older people on others. It can be prevented by practicing low load resistance training.

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