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Project Execution and Control

Introduction to Change Management Communication

Change management is a crucial aspect of the business process or project management (Shafiq et al., 2018). Change management is the discipline concerning the organizational and business frameworks that guide the plan towards development, equipping, and by-standing the successful adoption and implementation of the processes. Nevertheless, it must not be avoided that managing the change is a challenging task as the phenomenon is inclusive of various internal and external factors that can be controllable and uncontrollable but have the most influence on transformational initiatives (Jan & Veronika, 2017).

The case study provided depicts the sense of change management applied in the management of a project of the Victoria police and crime sector. The case study illustrates that the Victoria Police is in the requirement of an effective yet potential change in the ICT sectors of its operations to standardize and structured maintenance of the records, data, and all necessary information. The target organization seeks to replace its software and technological database LEAP, a computer-based crime information system by the other technological upgradation LINK for the sake of a more flourished management of the project and activities.

Issues in Change Management of A Project

In the meanwhile, the organization experienced certain issues and discrepancies in the management of change.

Finance and Capital Issues

Implementation of change and its management has a vital dependence on the cost, finance, and capital scenarios of the organization and project management aims (Alexandrova et al., 2017). In the case provided, Victoria Police seeks to upgrade its software database for the effective transformation in the working system finds the shift from LEAP to LINK, the ICT upgradation of business.

However, the firm has been observed to fail in the management of cost factors in the change management process. The organization, in the process of change, find its insufficiency in funding and finance management and suffered millions of blowout.

Inefficient Planning and Understanding

A thorough understanding of the change management and the changes to be assessed from the process is elemental in the analysis of overall outcomes generated in the process (Rosenberg, 2018).

The target case study finds that the firm appointed authorities for the project and change management, in the view of which the lack of planning effectiveness and lack of change understanding lead the overall disrupt of the succession.


Time duration also becomes an issue in the change management process in the case of non-effective management (Ahmed et al., 2016). The case study finds the need for timeframe extension for effective development, hence increasing the elapsed time and cost.

Strategies to Be Adopted

Outcome-Based Management Practices

According to Borgonovi et al. (2018), to strategically manage the change process, a keen focus on outcome-based practices must be assessed. Focusing the outcome-based achievements help the strategic management and success of the firm, especially to be focused in the provided case study.

Cross-Functional Communication and Collaboration

The Victoria Police analyzed the gap in the communication domain in the process of recruitment of new personnel for change management. Enforcement of cross-functional and collaborative communication and flexible work system is quite elemental for the strategic accomplishment of the project management (Neil, 2018).

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