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Leadership and Effecting Change in Public Health

Introduction to Public Health Professionals Analysis

In 2011 the "Leadership for Sustainability of Health" National Dialog on health workers' priorities was a prelude to the effort to develop a national health leadership structure (Shannon & Sebastian 2018). Health Workforce Australia has taken the lead in making the negotiated national health leadership framework the foundation for improving leadership skills across the Australian health system. Health Workforce Australia The product is Health LEADS Australia (Health Workforce Australia, 2013) and an Australian Health Control System. Helen's leadership attributes are measured using this method, mainly by evaluating her strengths and then the shortcomings of her leadership approach. In addition, I will evaluate my leadership and style, using the same structure but complemented with other research tools, and finally, evaluate how I will be able to respond in this situation.

Assessment of The Leadership Qualities of Helen in Line with The Australian Health Leadership System

LEADS framework in the Caring Environment Context reflects five main areas of leadership action that involve leadership at all levels of the health care system. The process can be used to show leaders how to transfer people-centered treatment from theory to policy, vocabulary, and conduct. We offer a guide to help people-centered health leaders, drawing on five dimensions and 20 capabilities.

In the situation of Helen, the implementation of the LEADS system proved that she is a professional leader. Helen’s strength is self-management, her capacity to involve others and push creativity. However, Helen reveals shortcomings in leadership and generating performance in the areas of forming processes. In the LEADS system there is a scale of five components, where 0 = not in the least; 1 = to a certain degree; 2 = to some extent; 3 = to a moderate degree; 4 = to a considerable degree and 5 = to a very large extent.

Lead Self

Leaders' work is still underway. Leaders recognize their position and constraints and are committed to self-reflection. You are aware of yourself, self-regulation, inspiration, empathy, and social skills. They show honesty and tolerance to daunting circumstances in their position and context (Aarons, Ehrhart, Torres, Finn, & Roesch, 2016).

By integrating and controlling the influence of her history, beliefs, and behaviors, Helen shows, to a very large degree, the potential of self-leadership. In immunization and early cancer screening services, she has already proved effective. Even in a remote and multicultural place, this doesn't stop her from being brave and resilient. She is solution-oriented and advocates new care approaches such as electronic health records to improve health in the local community in circumstances in which she is not specialized. This shows her dedication to learning and growth. Helen was helped by her altruism, strong values in integrity, and a commitment to the world until she started to lead others.

Engage Others

Leaders encourage people to participate in a vision or mission through complexity-sensory stories and explanations. It is approachable, it listens well, it offers specific suggestions and concerns, and engages with modesty and respect in tough discussions with customers and colleagues. They enable others to exchange ideas and information, to take advantage of expanding and leading opportunities.

Again from the situation, Helen demonstrates the attributes of approaching others well enough. While she is a doctor, she is indeed not responsible for the welfare of residents in the area but she is working to better the lives of the community to create a prosperous and healthier world simpler for them during activism. It goes without saying that the success of all these initiatives in a multicultural world proves that it values diversity and models cultural responsiveness with modesty and reverence (Torres et al., 2018).

However, it may be an initial challenge to her complete success in involving her assistants since she was introverted, has not interacted with many stakeholders, or has not controlled or led many subordinates. The local government representatives, senior citizens, and municipal officials are therefore not persuaded that her new position will succeed.

Achieve Outcomes

Health officials are committed to impacting the system's efficiency and sustainability. You are taking an exciting and motivating path, and you will achieve with energy and effort. Leaders are people who work and keep an eye on the target. They are focused and oriented towards their target. Monitors and enhances constantly.

It is clear that with a good immunization scheme and advanced cancer treatment, Helen has achieved results. In addition, to engaging in healthcare initiatives including community gardens and running tracks, significance of leadership can be addressed in healhtcare. The reality is that in the region where she is a doctor there is an elevated mortality rate that should not be ignored. All this is due to the lack of experts, but the reality is it just considers the possibilities and does not pursue operations shows that it does not have a determination to make choices, and to accomplish true objectives. There is also no indication in the given model that she continuously monitors and enhances, commends successes, and takes responsibility for individual and group outcomes as well as for others.

Drives Innovation

Health innovation is just not a new feature alone. It requires significant business changes and treatment models in order to provide quality service focused on people. Passionate leadership without which the status quo cannot be questioned is a crucial factor for effective innovation. Innovation and improvement require leaders are more likely to succeed (DeCorby-Watson et al., 2018).

Helen pushes creativity and progress in this culture, without any doubt. This is known for its programs for public health, but also the dedication to progress in a sustainable climate. It is obvious to develop the momentum for change and to look with their colleagues at the issue of lack of specialists and to pursue a creative solution. Helen's greatest achievement, however, should be regarded as one of Australia's most creative areas for harvesting electronic record keeping options. However, exploring these possibilities does not mean changing the culture. She has the initiative, but she has taken no steps yet.

Shapes Systems

Health is a dynamic mechanism of evolution, where all elements are intertwined, including programs, regulations, and financing. One part of a shift affects the whole. Experts say leaders who understand patterns of interdependence can explain trends and promote strategies that optimize benefits and minimize unintentional harm and negative consequences. Descriptors grasp systems thinking and apply them.

No strong evidence has been found to date that Helen forms Warnambool's structures. To some extent, it can be inferred that it recognizes and implements processes that think about socially responsible programs aim at improving the health of the local community. Facts also suggest it fosters understanding, respect, and trust among various social classes, but no evidence suggests that it facilitates successful cooperation, improves communication, and minimizes unintended impacts. But once again, she did not engage in urban development and thus began to create alliances. This is because Helen has joined the leadership maze, where young women leaders still do not trust the general public entirely.

Evaluating Self-Leadership Quality: Strengths and Weaknesses

I have evaluated myself over the foundation of the self-evaluation method that has demonstrated the prominence of leadership potential in me and therefore I have thoroughly comprehended myself and how successful I am. I have shown, under the guidance of that the strengths in me are mainly my communication skills. Communication skills are an important part of a larger variety of regions. From now on I always pay attention wherever I am to the fact that I offer my knowledge and information well. In addition, I always ensure that the people I work with express their views and opinions. That would allow a two-way communication mechanism and, under any circumstances, successful decisions to be made. According to the test results, I have seen a strong problem-solving potential in me. This is because I engage in conversation and besides speaking; I also emphasize listening skills. In addition, I largely agree with the test result. This is because I can function very quickly and peacefully in difficult circumstances. This is also a key feature of a leader's actions. I have been inspired by (Boehm, Baumgärtner & Kreissner, 2016). So that as a result of carrying out the test, I have understood that I have such leadership skills. This would lead to the achievement of my organization’s objectives. In addition, I have also been witness to the significance of the realization of the goals and objectives of the company I work for. I believe that the advancement of me is critical and I concentrate more on improving and expanding the organization I am associated with to fulfil the organization's overall objectives. In addition, it should be remembered that leaders should always emphasize their organization's priorities and objectives. In addition, the presence of ethics and fairness is another essential aspect of leadership in me (Giri, Aylott, & Kilner, 2017). I'm really excited to see that every time I work with some people, customers, and colleagues alike, I give them importance, and they have a chance to share their views and ideas as I do.

In comparison, the result showed me a lot more positive than negative. Even if my ethical and leadership conduct had such negative aspects, it would help me reinforce some steps towards resolving them and improve my professional conduct. I'd like to concentrate more on implementing my positive career when working for a public health agency. From now on, the management style I adopt is ethical alignment and value for people (Bean, 2020). I never tried to be a social butterfly, but I don't have any scruples when it comes to a professional contact. I always try to help, direct, and show people the way. The test on personality reinforces my style of leadership and aims for consistency without authoritative or framing distinctions. Due to my moderate narcissism, it is possible to use myself, but the emotional intelligence and conscious and non-abusive charm weigh this down (Van Hala et al., 2018).

My Responses in Helen’s Situation

I would have performed differently if I would play Helen's role. Firstly, I will use the mortality and morbidity rates to enhance competitiveness throughout this city as a statistical reference. The idea of telemedicine is excellent, but I would introduce it. You are now in a superior role simply because you are a doctor. This must be taken into consideration when trying to ensure the success of public health. I also want to collaborate with prominent people in order to help me achieve my goals. Such favoritism definitely leads to failure, but not every person, in particular my patients, can in any case be overlooked. They are the ones who can support me most in the creation of the tsunami to boost the community's needs. Gender will not influence how the world perceives you if you set yourself a specific objective or picture. It should also not be an excuse for failure in any case.

I saw that the strengths in me are basically my skill in communication. The ability to communicate is an important element in a greater range of fields. From then on, wherever I am, the fact of transmitting my data and information continues to be taken into account. In addition, as Till et al. (2016) have shared their view, I always guarantee that the people I work with profit-oriented opportunities to share their sees and conclude. The most critical thing to calculate, therefore, is that I submit when my communication skills are in comparative circumstances. I will strive to achieve certainty and the positive impact of our partners under the same circumstances. Therefore, I will carry out more effectively my interpersonal expertise and organize my speaking skills and skills tuning. This would allow for two-way communication which would allow for compelling decisions in any circumstances. I have witnessed according to the results of the exam that I struggle with great problems.

Usually because of my liberality into the conversation and separated from talking; I also concentrated on tuning skills. In addition, decision-making and problem-solving are other critical aspects of a leader's behavioral angle. I will also apply my dilemma to assess the opportunity to moderate some of the challenges encountered by my fellow Members and shoppers. Furthermore, I will also stress that I work in teams (Yaghi, 2017). Innovation is one of the core components of a leader's behavior, and thus I ensure that I always include team members when making important company decisions in order to contribute equally to the creative and specific decision-making process. There is still space for improvement, so I can suggest with myself that my leadership position can be obstructed and focused on a need for achievement. For one thing, I am sure-without sudden realization, I would never make a state of affairs and apply ideas.

Conclusion on Public Health Professionals Analysis

Based on the results and debates of established studies, leadership is among the key factors upon which fellow human-being and efficacy of an organization is based. It can be inferred. Communication, which is the key aspect, is the essential leadership features. Such essential considerations are the resolution of problems, cooperation and communication, decision-making, transparency, and others. This will still favor the public health agency concerned for the long-term improvement and thereby lead to their long-term survival, which will favor them in terms of long-term competitiveness.

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