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Abstract on Procrastination

The term procrastination is associated with various learning institutions because of the rise in the demand for numerous activities. This leads the students to procrastinate more about their particular tasks. Various researches have concluded upon the fact that many students are over-pressurized when it comes to meeting with their work deadlines. The pressure of providing better performance increases the load of work upon the children. All of these elements collectively trigger and society in the students which results in procrastination. On the other hand, there are various other cases where the students are maladaptive professionalism because they fear their failure. Therefore it can be said that in the society of performing better and avoiding failure triggers the role of procrastination which will be analyzed in the paper.

Role of Anxiety in Academic Procrastination

Academic schedules of the students can sometimes create unnecessary burdens upon their shoulders as they are likely to expose to the various task at a single time which automatically creates a negative impact upon their ability to excel in their assessments (Klassen, 2016). In a normal course of time, students in academic institutions are pre-planned for their upcoming academic schedules but on the other hand, at times when they face multiple tasks at a single time, they tend to postpone some of the tasks for the future to minimize their anxiety (Azure, 2011). The main cause of procrastination under such a situation is intentional as well as the unintentional postponement of multiple tasks from the end of the students.

This procrastination leads to several negative consequences to the students in the academic environment. Unintentionally the feeling of procrastination maximizes the level of anxiety amongst the students when they are exposed to several tasks that need to be completed on a single time (Chang, 2014). There are two basic elements attached to procrastination which trigger the tendency of postponement of the task in the learning institution and search procrastination for the leads to anxiety in the student.

Every coin has two sides and similarly, some scholars have contended that flexibility regarding the submission of assignments to encourage procrastination but on the other hand there is a consensus which refers that students in the institution are deliberately avoiding the submission of their assignments on time (Chang, 2014). Having desired abilities triggers the ends it as tested under the procrastination tendencies.

Procrastination can be associated with any person irrespective of their age but it is widely experienced amongst the students in various academic institutions. This set of the group has to make important decisions regarding their career choices and thus there are more prone to procrastination (Klassen, 2016). The complexities and confusion regarding choosing a career trigger anxiety and procrastination among students. This is the reason why the performance is hindered when it is associated with providing desired results in their assignments and other examinations. Appropriate and high expectations from parents, teachers, friends, and the student himself are the major reasons for the increase in anxiety at the school level (Mazmanian, 2018).

The students are emotionally loaded with the fear of failing in the assignments for doing poorly in their presentations; this leads them to not able to deliver good results and makes them under confident which ultimately leads to anxiety in them. The sense of inadequacy and ability to perform well when compared to their friends leads to a negative psychological impact and this creates and triggers the tendency of procrastination among students (Zhang, 2019). It must be noted that every student is not trained to handle high pressure that comes from the academic institution.

The fact cannot be denied that students are overloaded with both the co-curricular activities and academic pressures. This is the reason why students in the academic institutions are not well prepared for the demanding task during their life and hence they fall under the trap of anxiety. There are very few institutions that provide adequate seminars to build skills or train the students to cope up with their academic and social life and this is the reason why students get frustrated and do not perform well in their exams (Chang, 2019). Various academic institutions do not provide an adequate period of holidays to reduce the inside of the students and provides a lack of adequate learning advancements and environment.

Therefore the students developed the tendencies of procrastination unconsciously as they cannot cope up with the unjustified workload from their professors (Chang, 2019). It can be seen that many academic institutions do not provide adequate learning material which increases the workload of the student to meet their deadlines which leads them to suffer from anxiety. The curriculum policies of the institutions are not well built and formulated to meet the demands of students to achieve good results. The fear of penalties leads to figure the infinity in the learners. It is not only the psychological stress but also the emotional one which are the essential elements of triggering in society and procrastination in the student.

Moreover, the perception of learners also plays a significant role in maximizing their level of intensity in their academic life. Various results have suggested that students face static in the society which leads to procrastination who is studying research methods and statistical courses. The complexity of a particular subject and course plays an important role in determining the level and gravity of procrastination experience by a student (Klassen, 2016). Research shows that many learners delete their process of enrolling for their research methods and courses related to statistics as they develop a higher level of procrastination due to the complexity of their course.

The result shows that 80% of the learners experience a high level of statistical anxiety which results from helplessness, panic, and their apprehensions as to what will happen when they are exposed to the statistical on mathematical problems for which they are not prepared. it is not only the postgraduate level where anxiety or procrastination can be experienced by the students but even at the level of undergraduate, procrastination is experienced by the learners (Mazmanian, 2018).

Respective of the level of education, whenever a student is exposed to Complex learning assessments they are prone to develop a feeling of anxiety which results in less confidence and low self-esteem in them (Weiss, 2014). Therefore it can be concluded that procrastination is the road which leads to anxiety and vice versa. Maladaptive professionalism is also associated with anxiety which ultimately results in procrastination.

It must be noticed that the feeling of self-doubt and self-criticism are suffered by some learners. High expectations of a brilliant performance in the examinations lead learners to face a high level of anxiety which stimulates the self-doubt and lower self-esteem in the student. The fear of failure increases the chance of mistakes. Therefore the student must avoid anxiety to avoid procrastination.

Procrastination can be associated with a coping strategy that must be used by the learners to avoid getting exposed to the feeling of anxiety in academic institutions. it is better than the learners must opt for procrastination than anxiety which is derived from there complex assessment schedules. Various studies have found that there is very near proximity between the relationship of anxiety and academic procrastination. It can be understood that academic procrastination is positively related to the state and society because the deadlines of the assignments become very proximal (Jerkunkova, 2018).

The multidimensional statistics in a society which triggers because of the fear of interpretation of statistical data can also be associated with developing procrastination by the students. This is the reason why our relationship was developed between the trait anxiety and measures of developing procrastination by the students. It is important to understand that under the conditions of low trait anxiety there is no effect of professionalism as individuals who do not develop a trait of anxiety are less likely to move towards procrastination (Qazi, 2018).

Therefore it can be concluded that anxiety is a major element that triggers academic procrastination as the same has been concluded through various studies. Unnecessary and overburdening expectations associated with the performance of the student from the professors, parents, friends, and student himself increases the chance of pressure and nervousness in the students which maximizes the level of anxiety during the academic course. Before entering into the academic institutions the students are not well prepared to handle the overburdening complex assessments and examinations.

The situations when they are not provided with adequate training at the institution level so creates a chance of exposing the students to a higher level of anxiety. When the negative impact of anxiety and procrastination is compared then it can be understood that it is better if the student goes for procrastination by reducing the level of anxiety in them. Complex courses and confusing statistics also triggered the level of anxiety in the student and push them towards procrastination. Apart from this maladaptive professionalism also maximizes the panic and fear of failure in the mind of the students which develops in society in the daily quotes of life of a student.

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