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Project Management Q&A

Q1- The project is taken as West Gate Tunnel and the strategy for getting supplier that will lower the environmental risk. As part of the West Gate Tunnel project environmental analysis for ecology and landscape project report is required, another supplier would minimize the risk. The supplier will help in getting necessary approval due to diverse experience for use if proposed disposal sites for timely completion of the project by year 2022 (West gate tunnel project, 2020).

Negotiating is the field of knowledge that focus on gaining approval/favours of other party.

  • Using principled style outcome approach – Developing the supplier list and a definite proposal for focusing on the interest and invitation for meeting with Victoria State government.
  • Determine criteria for acceptable agreement and developing argument on the negotiating party’ s conduct
  • Describing the objectives with benefit of overall stakeholders and project time and impact of supplier on boarding to reduce risk for the underway project. Develop strong rapport while confidently listing the project change plan post the supplier involvement would be, providing the financial and qualitative informational pre-deal and pros and cons for the same. Using communication skills to articulate the argument and plan proposed for the sponsor and government to understand the viewpoint.
  • Discussing the key problem and provide the best solution to reduce the impact as in the case risk by supplier on boarding. Providing best alternative for agreement with supplier report, work ethics, projected cost benefit analysis of the project. Explaining the rationale by cost benefits analysis and fish bone diagram for developmental opportunities of overall project and resource and compliance that has been mapped post the successful deal.
  • Using negotiation for collaborative problem skills for understanding the cost and value to be added by the supplier and developing project charter and scope on estimating change and timelines that will be impact to negotiate supplier for the project. Using persuasiveness for project initiation and consensus building for implementation of proposed suggestion. Emphasizing on the alternative for the key benefits for West Gate tunnel ecological risk and delay
  • Describe the assessment results and estimated benefits. Create action plan and timeline and present with the sponsor. Providing details of risk feasibility and understanding apprehensions and using soft power to convince the stakeholders for approval of supplier. Calmly addressing the view points and allowing the stakeholder’s time to observe and put forth question by patiently listening to view points with soft power. Separating personalities from position while providing alternative.
  • Reiterate key benefits and actively listen to all parties allowing time to seek answers, focus on mutual gain regarding ecological and environmental impact that will fast pace the project and reduce the operational burden for approval.
  • Developing common ground on shared interest for discussion on project scope and economic feasibility of the outcome. Use of subtle behavior and addressing concerns before final documentation and review the suggestions on the counter if any.
  • Last stage is closure and implementation. Proceed with written agreement and signature on development of strategies and negotiation as process for supplier all parties’ approval on the significant change proposed (Meredith, 2015).

Q2- Scope Creep relate to additional features and function in the requirements that includes the work authorized or is beyond the scope (Kerzner, 2015). Adding to the change in model of exit gate model of West Gate Freeway to create free noise wall expansion is example of scope creep situation as the project is underway and scheduled change will detail the project. The tunneling machine have been sitting idle due to large amount of toxic soil that has required underground construction and tunnel and boring to be redefined for upgrade cost for Victorian landfill site (The age, 2020).

Change Management Plan for This Situation

  • Underlining specification in contract terms for delivery and developing change control process and use of common interface for communication to schedule contingencies. Developing overview and meeting with project manager to understand the requirements and developing operational strategy as per the plan consulted to minimize any changes
  • Communicating plan through team meeting and incorporating changes in Work break down structure to all concerned stakeholders. Setting budget requirements on contract basis and any deviation to be lied in project for avoiding any retraction from supplier, technological aspect for implementation
  • Developing centralized system for requested changes based on business and outcome measuring for tracking large activities and limitations. Creating project timelines and separate record keeping in the contingency matrix to optimize any change
  • Incorporate all changes through formal communication and consent for safety and addressing the protocol in all transaction with vendor in West Gate tunnel project..
  • Creating action plan for implementing change process and stakeholder evaluation. Identification of alternative changes and evaluate the cost benefit changes
  • Using cost control measure such Go/No Go control and Critical ration control charts - This will undertake the contingencies and any impact of scope creep that might delay project and lead to budget overhead (Meredith, 2017). Extra milestone will be inserted to review that project is delivered on time.
  • Approved project changes will be assessed through risk identification and analysis studies to assess the complete impact of change. Controlled and change request will be added through software as redesigning of Work break structure for relevant project team
  • Changes will be approved on writing by the government and the West Gate Tunnel parties as well as the partnership unit and government advisory board. Assigning standard communication panel and design of work on technological platform familiarity between staff to understand the supplier risk and procedures for functioning.
  • All updated and approved changes will be implemented in the master plan as reflection of amended changes. Conducting risk assessment for project lifecycle for cost control measure and avoiding requirements on project scope and Work break down structure
  • Risk identification and analysis for approval by management through the master plan for assessment of the project and budget deployed.
  • Communicating the changes to all parties and ensure they are implemented properly and developing configuration management system for system development change process.
  • Listing monthly reports to summarize the changes and their further project impact to sponsors, CPB contactors for monitoring and record keeping.

Reference List for Strategic Managerial Approach

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Meredith, R.J., Shafer, M.S., Mantel, J.S. (2017). Project Management: A strategic managerial approach.10th ed. Wiley & sons

The age. (2020). West gate tunnel boring machine to sit idle for another six months. Retrieved from. https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/west-gate-tunnel-boring-machines-to-sit-idle-for-another-six-months-20200120-p53t1w.html

West gate tunnel project. (2020). About project. Retrieved from https://westgatetunnelproject.vic.gov.au/

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