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Interview with The Health Professional

Introduction to Stress Management at The Workplace

Communication skills take the role of effective skills, level, and styles of communication between at least two entities (Motter, & Santos, 2017). I was fortunate to be appointed as an interviewer for my research submissions where I had to interview a health professional for the motive of identifying and understanding the needs and importance of communication skills and their effectiveness in the workplace in terms of health, safety, and maintenance of relationships.

During the interview, I was able to utilize a self-assessment on the required skills of communication and recognize the attributes and skills of communication inherited by me during the conduct. The communication and interviewee catalyzed the conclusive assessment of the subject topic as well as self-awareness and reflect with the help of the interviewee.

Analysis of Communication Skills

Communication Skills Employed

The current situation of the global pandemic led to conducting the interview via the utilization of online mode of communication using Skype as a common mode of video communication. To create a sense of realism and connectedness, I put to use both the verbal and non-verbal skill set of communication to practice. Involvement of verbal and non-verbal cues of communication are equally significant in the development of a robust communication between entities, emotional connectivity development, and even message receptiveness and mentality (Schrage et al., 2020).

Examples from The Interview

As proposed by the health professional in the interview that positive thinking, confidence, etc. in addition to the verbal skills like listening, speaking, etc. and non-verbal skills like kinesics, proxemics, oculesics, etc. (Burgoon, 2016) have similar importance in the overall process of communication. I reflected and analyzed my utility of these communication skills in the meanwhile in accordance to understand their use and viability.

For example, the communication established via interview reflected the utilization of various skills that catalyzed the expression of the communication system such as maintenance of a systematic body posture, prompt modulation of voice attributes, and positivity in the speaking techniques helped the communication to a par level by removal of space for misinterpretation.

Reflect on Which Communication Skills Worked

The personal, real-time assessment of communication cues led me towards understanding which skills worked or do not worked in the interview. I was able to find that the non-verbal aspects of communication have a high level of concentration in any type of communication. The non-verbal cues of communication such as nodding your head, reflecting positivity and harmony through expressions, using appropriate eye gestures, etc. impact the gain of attentiveness and attraction of the receiver towards the forefront as supported by Matsumoto, (2016).

Discussion on Self-Awareness with Reference to Johari Window

How Do You Feel Conducting the Interview?

While interviewing with the health professional, I felt a sense of confidence in myself and also in the communication pattern. To spot my level of awareness in the Johari Window, my confidence was well reflected in the professional as well as myself, and hence an open-self window can be confined to depict my level of self-awareness.

Also, the interview made me feel confident about the process because the inhabitation of confidence in communication skills assesses the incarnation of personal behavioral skills and development as reviewed by Martin, (2016).

What Were Your Strengths and Limitations?

As described by Unsal (2019), strengths and limitations act as a complementary topology in a way that strengths provide one with the ease of conveying one’s thought to other whereas limitations provide the platform for the understanding of the changes to be aimed to develop the communication.

The interview method aids me to assess the strengths in the communication pattern, which has been observed to be successful in the allowance for face-to-face communication, building a sense of trust and transparency in interpersonal communication, an enhanced level of confidence in the same.

Moreover, the interview mode assessed a list of my limitations in communication such as the involvement of hesitations and wimpy words, the ambiguity of words utilization, and misinterpretation.

Discuss the Values You Held Going Into the Interview and Any Values Which You Needed to Reconcile Before, During, or After the Interview?

While moving forward for the conduct of the interview, I believed to create the most value on the expression of positive attitude and time management as both the points of considerations can benefit the management and timely precision of the communication process in the interview.

Initially, before the reconciliation of the interview, I assumed to manage the time as a valuable resource in the process of communication for the sake of efficient management of the process in a timely order. Whereas during the interview, as analyzed by Bansal (2018), I was able to recognize the need for the increment in the time allocation for overall knowledge of the valuable insights from the same.

Discuss the Views Held by The Person You Interviewed- Are They as You Had Expected?

The interview held with the health professional aided not merely in the understanding of the aimed objects but also for the self-analysis. I asked the interviewee for a variety of questions about communication and health in the workplace.

The interviewee’s point of view provided the outlining conclusion that the adoption and inducement of soft skills in integration to the non-verbal communication such as positivity in communication attitude, interaction, attentiveness, and timely management of communication.

Do You Agree with What They Said? Why/why Not?

As an interviewer, I agree with the statements and answers by the interviewee. The interviewee concluded the interviewee in a very productive and constructive manner by providing useful insights that have a practical approach in workplace communication.

The views held by the interviewee were lucrative and beneficial enough to be implemented easily in the work field. The concepts viewed were obtained to be at the expected level and hence provided the constructive outcomes to the practicality of the skills.

Reflect on Your Communication Style with Reference to The 4 Quadrants of The Johari Window.

According to Tran (2016), the Johari Window is a management and psychological model consisting of a four celled matrix applied the most for the analysis and understanding of self-awareness, personal development, and improvements in the field of communication and behavior.

With reference to these four quadrants represented, I reflect on my style of communication and found the following insights of Open Self that represents the friendly and energetic in communication and relationship development, positive and energetic, Blindspot i.e. the quadrant for effective spontaneous expression of non-verbal cues, observant, the hidden facets that reveals trustworthiness and responsible for task management, and finally the unknown quadrant articulating and initiating communication and feedback, quick interpretation ability.

References for Stress Management at The Workplace

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