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Justice and Change in A Global World 

Shared Responsibility for The Common Good

The challenge that had been highlighted under assignment 2, is the risk of maintaining the cyber securities nowadays since the cyber hacks have got increased at a higher amount. Some of the cyber security principles have got highlighted, however, the concept of common good got neglected concerning the human dignity (Katharine, 2020). Common good states that every individual should be having sufficient accessibility to goods and resources based on which they can lead their life happily ever after. In this context, the human dignity highlights the individual rights on the personal possessions where the community resources need to be balanced well with the needs of disadvantaged and the dispossessed so that the common good can get enhanced (Mariarosaria, 2019).

However, in the modern era, the common good is getting neglected with the enhancement of digital technologies. It has been critically analyzed by some of the researchers, that the cyber security should be made a public good where the cost of the public good should be shared equally among all the relevant stakeholders within the society that is the problem that needs to be shared by everyone (Richard, 2020). The cost in the contest of standards as well as the verification of the procedures should be equally distributed among the public which is getting avoided daily. Hence it can be stated that the fostering of active collaboration and participation is getting highly neglected.

In the digital era, the cybersecurity is not becoming the systematic approach and this is the reason, it is avoiding the fact “common good” and the human dignity where the focus on the interdependencies between the individuals is ultimately getting neglected (Richard, 2020). The information-sharing regarding the cybersecurity vulnerabilities among the individuals is getting avoided and this is the reason, the capacity building initiatives, as well as the procedures, are getting delayed. All the individuals in the society are committed to securing the digital transformation through which the society will be getting prospered and along with this, the overall societies' securities will also be improved at the time of maintenance of the stabilities by focusing on the public interest (caritas.org, 2020).

Proposing Ways to Addressing the Challenges

According to Catholic social teaching, in this context, every human being has created himself an image of the God and it is their right to be getting served in a better way. The ways that could be proposed in order to address the problem on common good is to teach all the individuals to participate in the decision making process with the help of which they can lead their life happily (i-scoop, 2019). The common good can be reached only when the individuals will work together and at the same time should plan for some cyber security technologies based on which the wellbeing of the people can get readily achieved and at the same time there should also be an active involvement of certain resources, planning and actions across the agencies and the organizations for the mass betterment.

There should be present certain economic justices and the well-framed demographic structure based on which the human dignity within the society can get secured (Mariarosaria, 2019). Here it is the responsibility of different organizations in Australia to frame certain programs through which the development of the entire individual can be achieved through the enhancement in the community wellbeing. Based on this, after the safeguarding of the life of the individual, the peacefulness among the individuals can get equally promoted through which the people freedom and justice will get protected.

Based on the economic theory, the cyber security needs to be treated as the public good which is both non-rivalries and non-exclusive by nature (Katharine, 2020). The security information needs to be equally distributed among the common people, so that none of them can get affected and can acquire the goodness. The different techniques as being highlighted in the other assignment that is the different cyber security software’s and at the same time certain intrusion-detection systems needs to be purchased and also need to be bought and sold among the private sector actors (caritas.org, 2020).

The nature of the cyber-security needs to be consistent with certain macro-economic understanding so that the system related vulnerabilities and the threats can be avoided. The self-regulations by the individuals turns out to be important where the policy on “net neutrality” can be easily followed and also can be well discussed. It is basically of the interest of the society to foster their creation along with the distribution, otherwise, there will exist certain policy dissonance (i-scoop, 2019). Hence the information sharing needed to be transferred to the private sector through which the principal barriers between the individuals can be minimized.

This will ultimately help in enhanced information sharing. Again, in every community, there need to be effective engagements between the governmental as well as non-governmental organizations in the context of rights and ethics related to cyber security. Again the network of researchers along with the policymakers and the interested practitioners needed to be developed in the area of ethics and rights so that the further debates in the research areas can gets controlled (Katharine, 2020).

There are certain principles on cyber security like govern, protect, detect, and respond. Here the risks needs to be identified and managed by the concerned individuals where they should implement certain security controls so that the security risks can get reduced. Again responding means the individuals that are the common people for their betterment and goodness should design and deploy as well as managing the availability of the requirements s that the attack surface can be reduced and at the same time also can be configured well.

In this section, the incorporation of the maturity model turns out to be effective and important where the deliberate focus of the individuals will be on the optimization and also on the continual improvement so that the secured principles can be well maintained throughout the community for the betterment of the common people (Paul, 2019). In the context of the medical guidance’s, some of the development of the cyber-security technologies are n process where it will be the responsibility for the society as a whole to make an identification of certain medical devices through the cyber security maturity assessment based on which the areas of improvement can be well prioritized and based on this, the lifestyle security of the individuals can also get enhanced well.

This way the functional safety, as well as the safety-related risks, can easily be tackled through which the assessment schemes can be easily stipulated through which the collaborative journey can be recognized properly. The training programs also need to be developed through which the stronger culture on cyber-security can be getting developed so that certain applications and the operating systems need to be ensured well (Mariarosaria, 2019).

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