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INF30020 Information Systems Risk & Security Assignment Answer

INF30020 Information Systems Risk & Security Assignment Answer
January 13, 2020

INF30020 Information Systems Risk & Security Assignment Answer

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According to QS World University Rankings 2019, Swinburne is ranked in the world’s top 400 universities. This Australian university is best-known for research, job opportunities, connects technology and science with community and business. It is advanced in solar sciences and produces sustainable technologies. Hence, several students prefer to pursue Information Systems Risk and Security or Information Technology related courses from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia. One of the key unit codes covered under this study is INF30020 Information Systems Risk and Security which is mainly studied in 2nd semester every year. 

Additionally, the university asks students to write an accurate report which must carry out an organisation’s information management practices risk assessment. Your report should be a formal business report based on the below-given case study.

INF30020 Information Systems Risk & Security Case Study

Requirements for INF30020 Information Systems Risk and Security Case Study Assessment

Your task is to submit a 2500 words business report including a few essential components. To do so, produce your report as per the given method:


  • Clearly and precisely evaluate CoM’s value creation activities along with strategic context to suggest a risk weakness and risk tolerance level


In the case study, you will come to see that the City of Melbourne is exploring the ways in which digital technology can assist keep Melbourne as a great place in terms of work, play, and home in the 21st century. As per the Annual Budget 2012-13, a huge $110 million investment has been made in infrastructure and $365 million in community services. Thus, it is important to evaluate the value creation activities of the City of Melbourne and the strategic context as well. Feeling confused? Take a look at the sample attached below:

INF30020 Information Systems Risk & Security Case Study Assignment Sample


  • Find out the major roles and responsibilities of individuals as well as departments within the council pertaining to risk assessment


You must identify the roles and responsibilities of employees as well as different departments that involve risk management. As per our risk management assignment writing experts, your answer may be in the following way:


From the employee’s point of view, the role and responsibility within the council concerned with the mitigation process and risk management that includes financial analysis. In addition to this, employees must set loopholes in few areas of operations that aggravate and endures risks. 

Sales Departments

If we talk about the sales department of CoM, you will come to analyse that it has the capabilities to produce transaction records with CCIOP which can also minimise the number of risks associated with forged sales records. Our assignment help experts also say that the organisation is totally relying on the partners for the sales record and the sales department covers the unrealistic risks. 

Senior Management

During your course, you have studied that the key role of senior management is to estimate, plan, evaluate, and implement ideas that resist the difficulties of risks. In the given case study, CoM assures that cash and other resources know that where the donated resources are utilized. The reliability factors should be established and reformed. 

Moreover, you can define the significant business approaches and information concerned with risk management. In case, if you find any sort of difficulties, refer to the given figure:

senior management case study

There could be several threats, risks, and vulnerabilities possessed by the City of Melbourne are risk related to communication, risk of funds, a risk to use own devices, etc. These risks have been explained by our assignment help experts. 

Risk of Miscommunication – There is a huge chance of miscommunication in the field of operations. The City of Melbourne operates digital technology operations in different countries. The employees are connected from each other through mobiles. Therefore, operating in several countries with a different legislative system and rules is done by enabling a predefined action course but the alteration should be made as per the requirement and situations. In such situations the risk of miscommunication mostly takes place and to alter such risks CoM invests in a well-integrated and systematic communication system. 

Risk of Funds - The funds collected from different donors are wide open to uncertainties. The donators are not much aware of the areas where the donation is more and whether its optimal use is being made or not. Therefore, the risk takes place that the benefactor can feel discouraged because of low accountability and transparency. 

Risk of Data Loss – In the City of Melbourne case study, you will analyse that the CoM has rapidly switched from CoM-ONE to cloud-based technique and SAAS. Now, they have a strong and secure strategy for data backup. But in the field of networking and information technology, no strategy can make sure the data loss. Hence, still, there is a risk for loss of data loss even though CoM is using one of the best measures and tools to retrieve data. 

Apart from these, there are few other risks such as the risk of using own devices, risk of forged sales record, etc. So, it is necessary to explain all the risks associated with CoM.


  • Create a likelihood and impact analyses for the risks identified. Also, prioritise the most compelling CoM risks and give details in a risk assessment table.


To prioritise the important CoM risks, you will have to prepare a risk assessment table. Your table will look like:

important CoM risks

The likelihood and adversities or impact of the risks are the two parameters of the risk matrix. Here, our networking assignment experts have categorised likelihood in very likely, possible, likely, unlikely, very unlikely whereas the impact has 5 different variants such as negligible, minor, significant, moderate, and severe. As per the CoM case study, we come to find that the risk of forged sales records is a type of risk that is very likely to occur and its impact is significant. In the same way, the risk of funds comes under the likely which has a moderate impact in nature. 

In the end, you need to conclude your essay by summarising all the key points of the report followed by the Harvard referencing style. Moreover, you will have to include relevant appendices and reference lists. In case, if you need further information or help in INF30020 Information Systems Risk and Security assessments, do get in touch with Online Assignment Expert. 

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