20+ Economics Assignment Topics For College Students

20+ Economics Assignment Topics For College Students
June 27, 2022

20+ Economics Assignment Topics For College Students

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20+ Economics Assignment Topics For College Students

The ultimate objective of economic research is to raise people's standards of living. Economists research the best ways to use the limited resources that are now available to maximize value and hence earnings. Today's economics is mostly concerned with opportunity cost, consumption and production, borrowing, saving and investing, jobs and employment, trade markets, pricing, and how people behave while making financial decisions.

Many economics students struggle to select the best economic area of study for their undergraduate degree program, master's thesis, or dissertation due to the wide range of societal concerns that economics addresses today and the abundance of research studies that have been conducted in the literature. The pace of change and globalization has accelerated due to technological development, opening up new areas of economics that merit investigation. Therefore, making effective use of your time as you write your research work is up to the students. Economics assignment help services are helpful in times of such needs, and statistics assignment help experts have jotted down some important economics topics. With their contributions, it would be useful to take note of major economic research fields that might be useful in the right direction.

You can utilize the list of economics research paper themes our economists have compiled to choose the ideal topic for your paper.

Important Economics Research Fields Which You Must Know

Research Topics in Microeconomics

Microeconomics examines how people, households, businesses, and entire industries behave economically on a small scale. Markets and their essential components, such as supply and demand, are studied by macro-economists, who also assess markets and choose the cost of goods and services that most efficiently distribute the limited resources at their disposal. The following are some of the top microeconomics study topics suggested by our economics assignment help experts which you can employ for your dissertation or thesis:

  • Changes in income's impact on consumer choices
  • A comparison of the impact of labour participation rate on the economy and the budget
  • A case study of [your country's] economy's labour force mix and marital status
  • The shift in [your country's] purchasing mindset during the past ten years: A critical review of trends in consumer behaviour
  • The association in [your country] between pay rates and "economic convergence"?
  • Examine wage disparities in [your nation] and the factors contributing to them.
  • Trends in consumer behaviour in [your country's] consumption over the past ten years.
  • The Gini index's dynamics as a representation of the issue of income inequality
  • The effect of demonetization on small and medium-sized companies in the cashless economy
  • Privatization of Public Enterprises: Effects on Economic Development and Policy

Research areas in Macroeconomics

  • The connection between the impact of economic growth under unemployment conditions 
  • The causes and effects of the world recession.
  • The effect of government spending on [country's] economic growth
  • A comparison of Kenya, India, and Nigeria's developing economies' responses to corporate income tax revenue
  • The association between inflation and the price of common stocks in [your nation]
  • The link between government spending and inflation in [your country's] economy.
  • A case study of a few multinational corporations in [your country] and the impact of currency depreciation on small and medium-sized businesses
  • The connection between internet access and office productivity
  • The causes and effects of the stock market's development in [your country]

International Trade Research Topics

  • The connection between markets and global trade 
  • How much does a currency union affect trade? The example of the US
  • What benefits and drawbacks of global trade for developing nations?
  • Determinants and effects of foreign direct investment in the United States
  • The impact of the banana crisis on the economy of Jamaica and the United Kingdom
  • How Brexit would affect UK small and medium-sized enterprises
  • A comparison of earnings in the USA and China and the impact of foreign direct investment
  • The functions of the currency rate and the regime of exchange rates in US export
  • The significance of global trade for an underdeveloped nation
  • To what extent are the benefits of trade liberalization for less-developed nations

Research paper themes in development economics include: 

  • How income distribution in advanced markets is affected by globalization
  • Examining how immigration and socioeconomic economics are related.
  • Low-income people's financial planning and decision-making in emerging economies
  • Examining the connection between changes in the workforce, income, and family planning
  • How natural disasters affect the growth of emerging economies
  • An overview of India's economic development and the effects of population growth
  • The factors that emerge as high-performing institutions in developing nations
  • Economic comparisons between Virginian settlements
  • An assessment of aid and developing economies' economic growth loped countries overstated?

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Behavioural economics research paper topics

The psychology of economic behaviour and decision-making is examined by behavioural economics. It investigates the flaw in the presumption that people are normal. Rational choice, irrational exuberance, and choice design are a few examples of good behavioural economics themes.

  • How businesses bury consumers in a blizzard of options causes choice paralysis
  • Amazon Case Study: The Psychological Economics of Discounting
  • How businesses 'nudge' customers to spend more money through marketing and the decoy impact
  • The impact of big data on behavioural economics
  • An examination of how behavioural economics theory benefited the American market
  • How has the context of the real world been affected by behavioural economics? An example of online shopping habits

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