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BSBMGT502: Manage People Performance Assessment Answer

BSBMGT502: Manage People Performance Assessment Answer
November 26, 2020

BSBMGT502: Manage People Performance Assessment Answer

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BSBMGT502: Manage People Performance Assessment Answer

Several qualifications and training packages include the BSBMGT502 unit. Some of the highlights of courses that include BSBMGT502 unit are Diploma of Personal Injury and Disability Insurance Management, Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management, Diploma of Public Safety (Fire fighting Management), Diploma of Automotive Management, and more. During these qualifications, you may also be asked to deal with several assessments, and writing assessment answers cannot be easy. Therefore, we (Online Assignment Exert) are assisting in designing the BSBMGT502 assessment answer.

Dealing with BSBMGT502 assessment can be easy if you have ample knowledge and skills to manage staff performance, develop key results, timely and regular training, and feedback, etc. In case, if you lack this knowledge or skills and need assignment help for your assignment then get in touch with us. Here, you will find excellent customer support and the best academic assistance at the most reasonable price. 

Introduction to BSBMGT502 Manage People Performance Assessment

BSSMGT502 assessment is offered by several Australian universities such as Victoria University and Open University Australia. The assignments covered under this unit are discussed below by our experts providing management assignment help in Australia.


Assessment 1

If you are writing the BSBMGT502: Manage People Performance Assessment Solution on your own, then you may adhere to the below-given instructions - 

  • Read and understand the assessment carefully
  • Collect and evaluate sources you have identified for the issues you are going to address
  • Acknowledge the ways in which you will draw in the phrases and/or ideas
  • Adhere to plagiarism policies

Moreover, you are required to play the role of manager and focus on the following things - 

  • Discuss the expectations and needs for the employees to fill the position with the following resource:
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of a particular position
  • Collect employee's aptitude
  • Collect feedback and know-how closely they have worked to close knowledge gaps, skills, or performance

In case of queries or doubts, feel free to get help from our management assignment help experts. 

Assessment 2

Assessment task 2 ask you to do the following -

  • Make possible amendments that can be made concerning performance management system 
  • Prepare a plan for a short training session discussing the key features of the existing performance management system and amendments you have addressed. 

Few Important Sections to be included

To effectively complete assessment task 2, you are required to discuss the following sections:

1) Introduction

Introduce the performance management system features including:

  • Performance measurement processes
  • Goal setting
  • Informal and formal feedback
  • Performance appraisals
  • Monitoring development and training

2) Discuss the amendments

you are willing to make to the existing system. It may include focusing on developing potential development options instead of recognising and altering performance weaknesses.

3) Answer the questions based on your amendments. It may include 

  • Purpose of the system
  • What sorts of problems does it address?
  • How the amended system should be made to attain that purpose?

In the end, you are required to provide a 15-20 minutes training session. Here, you may discuss the support and argue concern to the amended system.

Apart from these, there are 2 more assessment tasks you must deal with to complete this assessment. In assessment task 3, you will be required to take part in a 15-minutes role play where may conduct a training session discussing performance expectations and the effective ways to measure and control it.

In assessment task 4, you will be given a scenario, and based on that, you will be asked to answer a set of questions. This assessment requires you to outline awards and certificates, unlawful dismissal rules, consumer protection, environmental issues, OHS/WHS, etc. 

How to effectively write BSBMGT502: Manage Employee Performance Assessment Answer?

Composing an impressive Bsbmgt502: Manage People Performance Assessment Solution cannot be easy. There could be several issues encountered in terms of finding information, organising information, understanding the assignment's requirements, writing, etc. However, our experts are available online to deal with all your concerns and provide the best BSBMGT502 assessment answer.

However, here are a few points that can help you in doing your assignment.

Performance Evidence Here, you must showcase the ability to:

  • Get in touch with stakeholders in order to determine performance standards and work requirements
  • Create a work plan and assign tasks accordingly to attain the desired results efficiently 
  • Monitoring, examining, evaluating, and providing feedback 
  • Get continuous feedback and recognition for excellent performance 
  • Make documentation or keep records for the performance management system of an organisation.

Knowledge Evidence

  • Discuss the related regulatory and legislative requirements
  • Make a list of related certified agreements and awards
  • Discuss the performance management systems that are required by the organisation
  • Discuss the due processes and unlawful dismissal rules 
  • Describe staff information and development options

Assessment Conditions To complete the assessment, you are required to adhere to the university's guidelines and academic integrity. Moreover, you may access:

  • workplace resources and documentation 
  • Appropriate case studies and journal articles 
  • relevant legislation
  • interaction with others

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