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CHCCCS023 Support Independence and Wellbeing Assessment Answer

CHCCCS023 Support Independence and Wellbeing Assessment Answer

CHCCCS023 Support Independence and Wellbeing Assessment Answer

Community Services Training Packages is comprised of several units, and CHCCCS023 is one of them. This unit consists of several qualifications – Certificate III in Active Volunteering, Certificate IV in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care Practice, Certificate IV in Indigenous Environmental Health, Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance, Certificate III in Indigenous Environmental Health, etc. In addition to this, students also learn the following skillsets –

  • Chronic Condition Self-management   
  • Chronic Disease Self-Management

During this study, you are required to deal with the CHCCCS023 Support Independence and Wellbeing assessment answer. The assessment requires you to discuss the knowledge and skills that help provide individualized support and services and emotional and physical wellbeing.

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Brief Details to CHCCCS023 Unit and its Assessments

This unit of community services training package includes three types of assessment items. For example –

chcccs023 assessment

Let’s understand the tasks covered in these assessment tasks under the supervision of nursing assignment experts.

chcccs023 assessment sample


Assessment 1: Underpinning Knowledge Questions

This task should be either completed individually or in a group. In this task, you are provided with a set of questions. For example –

chcccs023 assessment example

Like the above, you must answer a few questions based on the below-case scenario.

chcccs023 assignment scenario

Now, if you have completely understood the given scenario, try answering the below questions.

chcccs023 assignment question

Similarly, there are several questions to be answered accurately as per the requirements given by the supervisor. Also, you must follow academic integrity and university standards. Few essential details are provided below by our experts delivering assignment writing help in Australia.

Points to be kept in mind while writing CHCCCS023 Support Independence and Wellbeing Assessment Answer

Before we dig into the CHCCCS023 assessment, it is essential to know about the few important points to be taken into account. These points cannot be the rocket-science to draft the CHCCCS023 assessment answer, but yes, they can be quite helpful if you find any difficulties in this assignment. Generally, it would be best to focus on performance evidence and knowledge evidence to complete the task effectively. Let’s understand this!

Performance Evidence

Here, you must highlight that you can effectively complete the performance criteria and elements' tasks. Moreover, you must be able to manage contingencies and manage tasks as well. However, the evidence to be taken care of in this section is -

  • safely provide support to a minimum of 3 people to improve the wellbeing and independence of an individual
  • Complete the activities that are mentioned in the element and performance criteria of the CHCCCS023 unit

Once you are done with the performance evidence presentation, you will be required to focus on the knowledge evidence. Details about the knowledge evidence are discussed below by our experts providing online assignment help in Australia.

Knowledge Evidence

Being a student, you should showcase that you have the skills and knowledge needed to complete the assessment tasks effectively. The knowledge evidence is comprised of the following:

Elementary human requirement/ needs:

  • psychological
  • physical
  • sexual
  • cultural
  • spiritual

Self-actualization aspects 

Human development
Wellbeing, such as:
  • psychological
  • physical
  • spiritual
  • social
  • financial
  • cultural
  • career/occupation

Discuss the preference, needs, and requirements of an individual, and discuss how these can be interrelated and affect provided services and support 

Fundamental needs for high-quality health may include:

  • nutrition and hydration
  • mental health
  • lifestyle
  • hygiene
  • oral health
  • exercise

Mental health risks factors and protective factors

Signs of abuse or neglect:

  • psychological
  • sexual
  • physical
  • financial

Ethical and legal requirements and the best ways to apply them within the individual and organization’s practice, including:

  • dignity of risk
  • duty of care
  • discrimination
  • human rights
  • confidentiality, privacy, and disclosure
  • mandatory reporting
  • work role limitations

Once you are done with the writing tasks, it is essential to ensure that you have successfully demonstrated the above-discussed pieces of evidence. If you are unable to present them, you may get in touch with experts providing academic help in CHCCCS023 Support Independence and Wellbeing assessment answer.

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