CLWM4100: Yvonne Merrick - Case Study Assessment Answer Written by Experts

CLWM4100: Yvonne Merrick - Case Study Assessment Answer Written by Experts
July 29, 2021

CLWM4100: Yvonne Merrick - Case Study Assessment Answer Written by Experts

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Law is one of the most studied courses by students in Australia. The law has termed a classification of rules and regulations by which society manages to function harmoniously and efficiently. The legal system generally protects the rules, responsibility, and rights of individuals and groups of individuals and makes sure that economic and social interactions are conducted peacefully and smoothly. Moreover, laws are categorized in different branches such as contract law, criminal law, tort law, administrative law, industrial law, constitutional law, etc. Other types of assignments are covered, in academics, such as essays, dissertations, research papers, case studies, etc. This blog has discussed the CLWM4100: Yvonne Merrick - Case Study assessment answer writing process.

If you are a student and face issues in writing this part of the assessment, you are at the correct place. Here, we are to discuss the CLWM4100 unit and its related assignments. Writing CLWM4100: Yvonne Merrick case study assignment answers cannot be easy to write, and therefore, we are providing case study assignment help to university scholars. Being a student, it is essential to be well-versed with the technicalities that are discussed. However, not to worry, our case study assignment help is available round-the-clock to assist you.

Introduction to CLWM4100: Yvonne Merrick - Case Study Assessment Answer

The CLWM4100: Yvonne Merrick assignment is covered under the taxation law study. In this blog, we will discuss Assessment 3. It is an individual assignment and video presentation.


In this part of the assignment, you are needed to answer a set of questions. Your answer should not exceed 1000 words. However, the tasks included in this assignment are -

  • You must present your assignment individually. You may undergo individual research through different tax resources. Moreover, you may refer to the relevant literature, which also includes decided cases and other resources.
  • You must determine the issues and facts for each question. Additionally, you must find out and apply the concerned case law and legislation in order to get a conclusion.
  • Focus on the research skills and showcase your ability to amalgamate a real piece of work to a particular content requirement. Also, concentrate the communication skills.
  • Draw recommendations and conclusions depending on the research, relevant legislation, and cases.
  • Prepare a short video presentation, which should range between 3 to 5 minutes. This video should summarise the key issues that you have addressed in the question.

Our experts providing case study assignment help in Australia suggest following the marking sheet for each question and ensuring that the university guidelines properly adhere. However, the assessment descriptions are given below –

Requirements –

PART 1 – 

Being a writer, you are required to do the following tasks –

  • Here, you are required to calculate her Australian assessable income for the year 2017/18 and 2018/19.
  • Provide reasons to state the exclusion and inclusion of all the income receipts.
  • Refer to related cases and legislations to determine her residency.

Part 2 – 

  • Help Yvonne in terms of foreign tax paid in the UK during the 2017/18 tax year.
  • Analyse the tax offset amount.

Instructions to write CLWM4100: Yvonne Merrick - Case Study Assessment Answer

The assignment, including the video file and word document, should be submitted electronically on the Student Portal. However, the instructions are as mentioned below –


You may accurately and adequately reference all your materials to avoid plagiarism. You may refer to the university’s official website for more details. Click here to check the Guidelines section for Referencing and Presentation of the Kaplan website.

In?Text and end-text 

All the information sources should be cited correctly both in the body and at the end of the assignment. Failing to do this will have resulted in penalties. Our case study assignment help experts recommend including references for the Annual Report you have created even though it will not have a particular author.

Please note 

If you have copied content from any other student, it will result in a Fail grade for all the concerned students. Thus, it is essential to make sure that your write-up is 100% unique and original. You can also check the assignment through Turnitin before submission. You can get the assignment help in Australia checked on Turnitin with us if you do not have the software.

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