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CO4514 Digital Forensic Technology Assessment Answer

CO4514 Digital Forensic Technology Assessment Answer
June 10, 2020

CO4514 Digital Forensic Technology Assessment Answer

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Students interested in learning or already admitted to the study of Digital Forensic Technology courses, you might be aware of the assignment under the unit, CO4514 Digital Forensic Technology. This assignment is designed for candidates interested in or wants to work in Digital Forensic areas. There could be several complexities in writing these assignments. If you too face difficulties, then do avail our services to get a complete CO4514 Digital Forensic Technology assessment answer. We have been assisting students over 10 years in terms of writing, proofreading, editing, etc. Now, we have built a team of dedicated assignment writing experts providing computer science assignment help to university students. In today’s blog, our subject-matter experts providing CO4514 Digital Forensic technology assessment answers have discussed the entire vital information that can be helpful in preparing a high-quality CO4514 assessment answer. 

CO4514 Assessment Synopsis

The CO4514 assignment is comprised of two different parts. Our experts providing CO4514 Digital Forensic Technology assessment answer have listed both the assignment parts. Let’s have a look:

  • Multiple-Choice Questions and 
  • Short Report

Assessment 1: Multiple-Choice Questions 

The multiple-choice quiz assessment should be completed on Blackboard. In this section, there are 20 questions related to evidence, evidence acquisitions and evidence handling. These questions should be completed within a limited time period. Such questions are formulated to ensure that you have preferably understood different concerns related to digital evidence.

Our experts providing CO4514 Digital Forensic Technology Assessment answer have knowledge of:

  • Standards 
  • Theory 
  • Practice 

Assessment 2: Short Report

The report should exceed 600 words. To write a report, you must research and discuss the ways to attain evidence from a digital device. Also, you may use the below given “CO4514 Assignment sample” to write your report.

CO4514 assignment sample

Approaches To Writing Co4514 Assessment Short Report

If you are unable to write assignments because of any circumstances then follow the below-defined approaches by our computer science professionals offering best CO4514 Digital Forensic Technology Assessment Answer to students. 

Step 1: You must include an outline for the device you have been asked to focus on. You are required to focus on hardware capabilities and recapitulate the essential parts to an evidence acquisition.

Step 2: Determine the type of acquisition you will perform and back it up with in-depth research on any one of:

  • Full physical
  • Part-image
  • Logical
  • Manual

Step 3: After this, you must state the reasons behind how acquisition technique is most relevant for the device. Include a well-researched material to support your answer. 

Step 4: Determine and explain the tools you will be used in obtaining a piece of evidence from a digital device.

Step 5: Now, explain the ways in which you uphold the ACPO guide principles and good practice. You must tell how you have will apply the ACPO practices and guidelines rather than repeating the principles. 

Step 6: Find out artefacts obtained through the digital device.

Step 7: In the end, you are required to explain why and how obtained artefacts will be used in accusing a crime. 

In addition to this, you may also follow the template as given in the below snippet.

CO4514 assignment answer

Our computer science assignment writing experts follow the exact template to write CO4514 assessment answer. In case, if you need a new or complete solution file for your digital forensic technology assessment, then do get in touch with us. We, at Online Assignment Expert, are available round-the-clock to assist you in every possible manner. But before that, there are few important points to remember while drafting CO4514 Digital Forensic Technology Assessment answer. The points are – 

  • Include a critical evaluation of hardware and software that you have used while inspecting the digital crime
  • Make a list of the techniques, tools and other related issues which are used to recuperate the digital evidence.
  • You may use a different technical vocabulary in order to cooperate with the personnel involved in the assignment.
  • You may use the Harvard reference style to give credibility to entire information that you have collected from textbooks, online textbooks, online journals, articles, or any other source. 

If you need someone to assist you in writing the CO4514 Digital Forensic Technology assessment answer, then you may contact us!

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